Winging It F1 Podcast | Biggest F1 2023 Talking Points

New year, a new season of Formula 1 and the return of the Winging It F1 Podcast. Nigel Chiu, Adam Dickinson and Freddie Coates take a look at some of the key talking points to expect


A new year of Formula 1 is ready to rumble with Max Verstappen and Red Bull looking to defend their titles from 2022.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of talking points on and off the track – drama, controversy and debate is guaranteed.

You could say the same thing about the Winging It F1 Podcast which is back for 2023! Nigel Chiu, Adam Dickinson and Freddie Coates delve into some of the storylines to keep an eye on.

If you want to listen to the podcast, check out the links below:

Spotify: F1 Talking Points 2023

Apple: F1 Talking Points 2023


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