Williams unveils new 2024 F1 car and announces partnership with Komatsu

Williams go back to the future as they unveil the FW46 ahead of the 2024 Formula 1 season


In a glamorous unveiling that bridges the past with a hopeful future, Williams Racing took the covers off their 2024 Formula 1 challenger in New York City’s bustling heart. The team introduced a striking new livery for the FW46, set to be piloted by Alex Albon and US sensation Logan Sargeant, signaling a bold step forward in the team’s ambitious journey back to the pinnacle of motorsport.

Hosted at PUMA’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue, the event not only showcased the car’s vibrant new design but also marked the announcement of a principal partnership with Komatsu. This alliance rekindles a historic relationship from the ’80s and ’90s, promising to blend heritage with innovation on the track.

The FW46’s livery is a visual homage to Williams Racing‘s storied legacy, featuring a color transition from Heritage Navy Blue to New Era Williams Blue, accented with a red and white pinstripe – a nod to British excellence. This design reflects the team’s glory days while firmly focusing on a future where Williams aims to reconquer the Formula 1 world.

Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

Komatsu, a giant in the construction and mining equipment sector, is not new to the Williams family. Their previous partnership contributed to the team’s championship successes in the 1996 and 1997 seasons.

This renewed collaboration signifies a shared commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability, aiming to leverage cutting-edge technology for on-track success.

The announcement was not just a corporate affair; it was a fan-centric event, with 46 lucky competition winners meeting Albon and Sargeant. Moreover, the FW46 and the new Williams Racing x PUMA merchandise line will be on display at the PUMA store, allowing fans to connect with the team’s latest chapter.

Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

Under the guidance of Team Principal James Vowles, the FW46 is the first car fully developed with his leadership, marking a new era for Williams. With its debut set for a pre-season promotional event in Bahrain, the team is optimistic about its performance in the upcoming season.

“The FW46 has been the focus of the team for many months and there is still a tremendous effort going in from everyone at Grove to deliver our challenger for this year,” Vowles said in a statement.

“As we look to build on the momentum from last season, we have a driver line-up in Alex and Logan that is capable of consistently fighting for points while helping lead our development for the future. 

James Vowles as Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

“Since joining Williams Racing a year ago, I’ve seen this team pull together to overcome a number of challenges and claim seventh in the Constructors’ Championship, which meant a great deal for everyone involved. We’ve also shown the world that we’re building the foundations for moving forward. 

Williams Racing‘s partnership landscape is expanding, with Komatsu joining other significant collaborators like VAST Data, THG, and PUMA. These partnerships, along with a continued engine supply from Mercedes-Benz, underscore the team’s strategic efforts to enhance its competitive edge.

Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

Pivotal year for Williams in F1

The 2024 season is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Williams. With a promising driver lineup of Albon, who aims to build on a successful 2023 campaign, and Sargeant, ready to make his mark in his second F1 season, the team is poised for progress.

“Coming off the back of a very positive year we’re hoping to build on our progress into 2024, working hard to make some good steps forward in performance,” Albon said.

“We’ve asked a lot of the team and the factory to get this car where it needs to be, and we’ve also slightly changed the philosophy of the car, so I’m interested to see if we can improve some of the characteristics it has historically had. It will require an adjustment in driving style but I’m confident it will be a change for the better.”

Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

The blend of experience, youth, and strategic partnerships hints at a revival of Williams Racing‘s fortunes, drawing on its rich heritage to inspire future successes.

“I’ve had a productive off season that has allowed me to prepare both physically and mentally for the year ahead,” Sargeant said.

“I know my goals this year. I’ll be looking to build on the progress I’ve made since being a part of the Williams Racing family. I intend to help contribute more to the team’s success.”

Alex Albon as Williams launch FW46 for 2024 F1 season | Williams F1 Team

As the team looks forward, investments in infrastructure, personnel, and the Williams Racing Driver Academy underscore a commitment to long-term growth and competitiveness. With Vowles at the helm, Williams Racing is navigating its journey back to the forefront of Formula 1, driven by a blend of tradition and innovation, ambition, and hard work.

The stage is set for an exciting 2024 season as Williams Racing embarks on a quest to create new history, supported by a global fanbase and partnerships that embody a shared vision for success on and off the track.


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