Latest weather forecast for F1 Russian Grand Prix at Sochi

The Russian GP is due to be run between September 24-26 at Sochi, and the latest weather forecast puts rain in the picture


Sochi is located on the Black Sea in the southwest of Russia, with the Sochi Autodrom set in the Olympic Park of the city , but what does the weather forecast show for the 2021 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix?

The F1 race at Monza in Italy turned into one of the season’s most eventful races as the Temple of Speed saw F1 title rivals Max Versappen and Lewis Hamilton collide at Turn 1. 

Sochi has a maximum capacity of just under 30,000 seats available each day – the capacity pre-COVID was 55,000 – with attendance on race day expected to be a sell out.


Friday, Practice 1 and Practice 2

Practice 1 and Practice 2 on Friday will be cloudy for the most part, though there could be rain in the afternoon. Both sessions are expected to remain dry with a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. There will be a light westerly wind. 

Saturday, Practice 3 and Qualifying

Saturday’s practice session could well see heavy rain which is forecast for the morning, with 20mm expected by mid-afternoon. Conditions are likely to improve with a strong southerly wind and temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius. The rain should ease off a little by the start of Qualifying. 

Sunday, Russian GP Race Weather

Sunday’s F1 Russian GP will be partly cloudy with a dry race expected, but there is a small chance of showers throughout. There will be a moderate southerly wind and expected temperatures of around 21 degrees Celsius for the race. 


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