Latest weather forecast for F1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

The Italian GP is due to be run between September 10-12 at Monza, and the latest weather forecast shows sunshine is the order of the day


Monza is located just outside of Milan in the north of Italy, with the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza set in the picturesque Monza Park , but what does the weather forecast show for the 2021 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix?

The F1 race at Zandvoort in the Netherlands turned into one of the calendars best events as almost 70,000 spectators packed the stands to watch Max Verstappen win his home Grand Prix. 

Monza has a maximum capacity of 28,000 seats available each day – the capacity pre-COVID was 100,000 – though there are only expected to be 16,000 fans in attendance on race day with 30 percent of that number coming from the Netherlands in support of Verstappen.


Friday, Practice 1 and Qualifying

Friday’s practice session and qualifying will see the temperature rise to about 28 degrees Celsius, and while it is mostly sunny there is a 10 percent chance we could see some rain.  

Saturday, Practice 2 and Sprint Race

Saturday’s practice session will have temperatures in the mid 20s – before we see a rise to almost 30 degrees Celsius for the sprint qualifying race, during which there will be little to no cloud cover and no chance of any rain. 

Sunday, Italian GP Race Weather

Sunday’s F1 Italian GP will see almost perfect conditions as there will be zero cloud cover, and expected temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius for the race. And of course, zero chance of rain at Monza. Wind speed is expected to be just 8km/h and blowing in a north westerly direction. 


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