Latest weather forecast for F1 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort

The Dutch GP is due to be run between September 3-5 at Circuit Zandvoort, and the latest weather forecast shows rains is unlikely.


Circuit Zandvoort is situated on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands which means weather can be extremely changeable, but what will the forecast show for the 2021 Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

The Formula 1 race which was supposed to be run at Spa-Francorchamps turned out to be a damp squib after heavy rain resulted in just three laps behind a safety car and a four hour wait for fans in the pouring rain. 

Fortunately for the 70,000 fans – two thirds capacity – expected at Zandvoort on Sunday, the Dutch GP should see warm weather throughout and sunny skies on Sunday for the race. 


Friday, Practice 1 and 2 Weather

For Friday‚Äôs practice sessions the temperature is expected to be a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius, though it will be cloudy with no chance of rain. 

Saturday, Practice 3 and Qualifying Weather

Saturday should see a slight increase in temperature to 19 degrees Celsius, The morning practice session will be cloudy but the sun will break through in the afternoon for qualifying

Sunday, Dutch GP Race Weather

Sunday sees the weather improve further with mostly sunny conditions expected, coupled with a maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. And of course the main things is the chance of rain is zero. However, watch out for the wind as south-westerly gusts could bring sand over from the nearby beach.  

Circuit Zandvoort, REUTERS/Francois Lenoir
Circuit Zandvoort


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