Bottas feels Formula 1 should be aware of team burnout

Valtteri Bottas believes Formula 1 needs to take notice of the stresses of an expanding calendar has on personnel


Valtteri Bottas feels Formula 1 needs to be aware of the stresses the expanding calendar puts those working for the teams.

From the 2023 F1 season, there will be 29 races overall, with 23 Grand Prix and six Sprints forming the biggest calendar in the sport’s history.

The expanding calendar has caused some to quit the sport and start conversations about the mental health of some in the sport.

“If I was younger, and my approach towards F1 was all about [the sport] and nothing else, then there would be a chance of burnout,” explained Bottas exclusively to Total

“But I think my personal life is in a good balance, so I’m not worried about my energy levels. So I can manage it. 

“It is something that everyone in F1 needs to be aware of now that it is getting more and more stressful physically and mentally for every team member travelling around the world. 

“As a team, we’re already looking into all the details of how we can help people get through [the season]. 

“Increase the wellness and mental health of the personnel during the long season. So that’s becoming more and more topic with many, many F1 teams.”

Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas at the 2023 Alfa Romeo season launch | Alfa Romeo F1 team

Joint venture with girlfriend sees the birth of Oath

In the last few years, F1 drivers have become entrepreneurs away from the track, with Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo dabbling in fashion.

Bottas is no exception launching his own brand of gin called Oath in partnership with pro-cyclist girlfriend, Tiffany Cromwell.

“It was ours together because we both have a bit of a passion for gin,” explained Bottas. “One day we decided, okay, let’s do our own and make a cool brand with quality and passion.

“We’ve been slowly getting there in terms of being able to share it. So now we’re in a few European countries and step by step expanding, but don’t want to take too (many) big jumps.

“It is a pretty competitive industry, and I still want to make sure that we can keep quality as the number one priority. It is growing steadily, and it’s been quite an interesting side project.”

Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas looks on during 2023 F1 Testing in Bahrain | Alfa Romeo F1 Team

No plans to hang up the helmet just yet

When his time in F1 ends, Bottas won’t be slipping into a full-time punditry role anytime soon.

Bottas may decide to try a different category of racing after previously competing in rallies in 2021.

“I will for sure continue racing because it is in my blood,” said Bottas. “It’s something I miss every winter. 

“So yeah, [I will] definitely will [keep] driving. But what is [it] going to be? Could be a bit of everything or just one single category.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet. I go on, follow my passion and see where we end up.”


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