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McLaren legend questions constant changes to Formula 1 format

Former McLaren Formula 1 team coordinator Jo Ramirez has questioned the necessity of constantly changing the format of a Grand Prix weekend. Since the inaugural...

Illustrious paddock figure lambasts current state of Formula 1

Former McLaren team coordinator Jo Ramirez has expressed his disenchantment with the current state of Formula 1 ahead of the 2024 season. Since Liberty Media...

David Coulthard expresses concerns over F1 Madrid Grand Prix plans

David Coulthard questions Formula 1's public transport claims for the 2026 Madrid Spanish Grand Prix, as Madrid gears up to host the event after a 45-year hiatus

‘Max Verstappen is F1’s modern-day Ayrton Senna’

Former McLaren coordinator Jo Ramirez believes Max Verstappen is now F1's modern-day Ayrton Senna with his partnership with Red Bull being almost "unstoppable". The Dutchman...