Stroll upbeat on Aston Martin hopes for 2023

Lance Stroll has openly expressed his optimism at Aston Martin's upwards trajectory and discussed his excitement at being reunited with Fernando Alonso.


Lance Stroll remains hopeful Aston Martin can return to the form it enjoyed in 2020 as the team looks to rally for the forthcoming season following a disappointing 2022.

It’s a time of change at Aston Martin; the team is already beginning to move into a state-of-the-art factory this year and has welcomed Fernando Alonso to the team to replace the retiring Sebastian Vettel.

Speaking to media including, Stroll openly expressed his excitement about the team’s trajectory. 

“It’s really exciting. The mood is good; a lot of hard work has gone into this car, and a lot of new people joined in the last 12 months that have brought those new ideas”, he said.

“It’s a very exciting time for the team. The objective for us this year is to consistently be fighting for good points every weekend, occasionally for podiums.

“The last couple of years have been difficult for us. But when I think back to 2020, we were in a position to fight for big points, podiums pole positions.

“If we get ourselves into a position like that, I think that would be a successful year for us.”

Delighted to be joined by Alonso

Stroll added he was happy about the team’s upward trajectory, and is delighted to start working with Alonso again, ten years after being together in the Ferrari family.

“I have a lot of memories watching this guy fight for championships against Michael Schumacher. I’m not going to lie. I was cheering for Schumacher,” admits Stroll

“It’s amazing to see him so motivated, and I think just really excited to join the team, and you know, yeah, great to have him in the team. 

“I remember in my younger days when I was racing go-karts. Yeah, I was in the Junior Programme. Fernando was racing for the team then. So we’ve known each other over the years.”


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