Gunther Steiner expects Red Bull advantage to shrink throughout 2023

Red Bull have been dominant so far in 2023 but the Haas team principal doesn't see it lasting.


Gunther Steiner believes Red Bull’s early 2023 advantage will be reeled in as other Formula 1 teams figure out their secrets.

The reigning champions have secured successive one-two finishes in the opening two races of the season, with no car close to matching their pace in the race or qualifying.

Steiner, team principal of Haas, is impressed by their early season form, but anticipates their wind tunnel penalty to take its toll over the year.

“I would say the rule changes have worked,” Steiner told the media ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. “I wouldn’t say they keep that advantage for the next 20 races.

“Everybody will catch up and hopefully we can find out how Red Bull came to have this advantage.

“We have to remember that they have this penalty from last year that means they can’t move ahead as quickly as everyone else.”

Answers needed

Haas secured their first point of the season thanks to Kevin Magnussen in Saudi Arabia, but Steiner’s focus was on the runaway leaders ahead of the Australian GP.

He wants answers as to how Red Bull gained such an advantage over the winter but reaffirmed the rules that state any further regulation changes have to go through a vote between the teams.

“It’s a voting system,” Steiner continued. “You cannot make moves just because you want to make moves because somebody is faster.

“That’s not fair. If they find that something is not legal they can adjust the rules, especially if safety is a concern, but I think we need to find out in the next few races what is going on.

“We shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet.”


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