Ryanair make Masi dig after FIA departure

    Safe to say the Irish airline won't miss Michael Masi after his departure from the FIA was made official.


    News of Michael Masi‘s recent departure from the FIA has attracted attention from an unlikely source in the form of Ireland’s biggest airline, Ryanair.

    The Australian remained in limbo at the motor sports governing body in the wake of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy last season, in which Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to the World Championship in controversial circumstances.

    Masi was replaced by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas as race director prior to the start of the 2022 season, though he remained employed by the FIA and was still completing some of his previous tasks away from the circuit.

    However in a statement issued on Tuesday, the FIA confirmed Masi had decided to leave the FIA and relocate to Australia to be closer to his family and take on new challenges.

    The move was met with cheer from Ryanair of all places, as the Irish airline responded to news of Masi‘s departure with a gif of Toto Wolff.

    The Mercedes team boss famously screamed “No Michael, no! This is no not right!” when Verstappen passed Hamilton in Abu Dhabi after Masi sped up the Safety Car procedure to ensure one final lap of racing.

    “Yes Mikey, yes. That was so right,” Ryanair tweeted instead, clearly showing they won’t miss Masi following his return to Australia.

    To cap it off the airline then tweeted a link to the job opportunities page at Red Bull, as they feel the Australian showed favouritism to the Milton Keynes outfit and Verstappen last season.


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