Mercedes and Red Bull have been on a collision course both on and off the track in the last two races at Silverstone and Hungary, yet Nico Rosberg has commended Toto Wolff on his work in the media, suggesting he has turned the situation so Red Bull look like the bad guys. 

Rosberg won one world title under the Mercedes banner, working closely with Wolff, but retired soon afterwards after having achieved his main goal in the sport. 

“He’s really making Red Bull look more and more like the bad guys, the ones who are always protesting,” Rosberg declared to Sky Sports F1. 

“He’s super smart in the media game and also internally, he really encourages everyone to try and win together.” 

Red Bull’s inability to control their emotions in press conferences and television interviews has given some the sense that Mercedes are back in control of the championship, with Rosberg suggesting as much. 

“I would say that Verstappen hasn’t been so smart in the last few days,” Rosberg added. 

“It wasn’t ideal and perhaps the question pushed Max to the outburst, but Christian Horner hasn’t behaved ideally and neither has Max. 

“That really puts you on the backfoot.”