Red Bull’s budget gap breach said to be just $1.15m

With all the talk in Singapore dominated by the budget cap, it seems Red Bull are set to avoid a major penalty


After a weekend that saw plenty of talk surrounding Red Bull and the budget cap, new reports state the Milton Keynes outfit only exceeded the 2021 budget cap by $1.1 million.

The results from the process are set to be announced on Wednesday, but the Daily Mail claim the FIA may delay the decision even further in order to ensure all bases are covered.

Previous reports suggested Red Bull may have gone over the $145 million budget cap by as much as $10m, which would be considered a material breach and likely result in a stiff penalty.

However, the British publication says those figures are well off the mark. The amount in question is said to be around the one million pound mark, or around $1.15m.

No sanctions for Red Bull?

One of the issues reportedly still being debated between the FIA and Red Bull is the team keeping on payroll staff who were signed off work through ill-health.

Should the figure be confirmed Red Bull would avoid any penalty, with the figure likely to be deemed a ‘procedural’ breach.


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