Pictures of new Ferrari F1 car leaked

A day ahead of the official launch of the F1-75


With just one day until Ferrari unveil their 2022 Formula 1 car, images of the F1-75 have leaked online. 

We have already seen possible leaked images of the new Mercedes car, and at very least we have a look at the new Ferrari livery for 2022. 

Officially, Ferrari will unveil their 2022 F1 car on Thursday at 13:00 UK time, 14:00 in Italy. 

Notable elements from this leak include a simple black and red livery, which has generated almost universal positivity as the leaked photo went viral, and gone is the green Mission Winnow logo. Also the louvers above the sidepods are similar to those featured on the Aston Martin

A reactive Ferrari

“It is different from the other cars we’ve seen,” Carlos Sainz said of the car. 

“Until last year we drove the best cars in the history of Formula 1. But if you lost control for a moment, you crashed. This [2022] Ferrari seems even more reactive to me. 

“The suspension is more rigid so we will all have to get used to managing it.”


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