Mitch Evans compares Formula E vs F1 at Monaco

Mitch Evans says Monaco is more suited to Formula E than Formula 1


Mitch Evans believes the Monaco Circuit layout suits Formula E really well compared to Formula 1.

Formula E have been racing on the full length track since Season 7, when Evans was part of one many believed was the best ever race around the Principality in any form of motorsport.

“Before I even lived here, it was one of my favourite events,” Evans exclusively told “It’s so iconic, the history here. I really enjoyed the layout, I think most drivers do.

“From a Formula E point of view, I think it really fits the layout well. It has a nice balance compared to F1.

“And the added bonus is I live here so I can sleep on my own bed, check into a hotel and not take a flight!

“So it’s a great event. I see the track being built up here the last few months so it’s a special feeling and I enjoy it.

“In terms of the length of the track, the width, how demanding it is, the power that we have got, the speed, I think it’s a nice fit. Our reference is F1 and it’s too small for them but for us it works well.”

Evans had an underwhelming start to the season due to misfortune and other teams understanding their cars better. However, he took back-to-back wins in Sao Paulo and the first race in Berlin.

The Kiwi’s fourth place in the second Berlin E-Prix reduced his championship deficit to 24 points to Pascal Wehrlein.

Evans alluded to some drivers racing against him differently in Berlin and asked whether he would target those near him in the standings, he said: “Hard to say. I think maybe a little bit but it’s a little bit too early as well.

“The main thing for me is I want to keep collecting points. I’ve got myself back into the hunt and I just to keep that going. But I think at the moment everyone’s a threat.”

MMitch Evans celebrates victory at the Berlin E-Prix | Formula E

Jaguar, along with Porsche, appear to have the best all-round car and powertrain, although Monaco could bring other teams into the mix due to the smooth surface.

Evans, who has been in the title fight in the last two seasons, hinted his car is in a better placed compared to 2022.

“It’s definitely proven that way compared to the Gen2 car,” explained Evans. “The Gen2 car had some amazing moments, but also we did have some tracks we didn’t really quite crack it and we don’t really know why.

“This car seems to be a bit more stable so let’s see at some more tracks but at the moment it’s been nice.”


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