Have Mercedes leaked 2022 F1 car?

The Silver Arrows released a darkened image of their new F1 car


With almost two weeks left until the official presentation of the 2022 Formula 1 car, Mercedes have seemingly offered a teaser for the W13 on social media. 

Mercedes will officially unveiled their contender for the 2022 Formula 1 season on February 18, as they look to continue their dominance of the sport which has seen the Brackley based team win the last eight Constructors Championships. 

As Mercedes build up to the 2022 season, the team released a picture on social media of what could be the W13 car, though it was sufficiently darkened so as not to reveal much detail. While we have also seen leaks from Ferrari.

Mercedes 2022 F1 car key details

“Another busy week completed, one week closer to revealing our W13,” the message on Twitter read. However, after lightening the picture some key details can be seen. 

A very short, curved and packed nose which looks like it it touched the front wing directly. Mercedes also don’t look like they have opted for a pull rod in the front suspension, as has been rumoured by some sections of the media. They do stay with the push rod, although it is much more horizontal than previous iterations. 

As was seen on the 2022 Haas car, the distance between the triangles on the axis has been reduced considerably.  The silhouette of the sidepods of the car is also very intriguing with and a central ridge at the widest part of the car, something which was not in any of the FIA models.

There is also double-T protection over the driver’s head, which suggests it is a new Mercedes, though we cannot say for sure. Or, looking at it from another angle, it could just be a red herring for other teams. 

Mercedes 2022 F1 colour?

There has been reports in the German media that Mercedes would revert back to their original silver colour after two seasons in black. 

That colour change came at the request of Lewis Hamilton in 2020 to promote diversity in F1 and in society, and it looks like the black colour will stay for the 2022 F1 season.  


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