Max Verstappen leaks details about Red Bull 2024 car days before launch

Red Bull will be the last F1 team to launch their car this Thursday


Max Verstappen has revealed that there will be no changes to Red Bull‘s livery for the upcoming season – less than a week before the team launch their 2024 Formula 1 car.

The Dutchman gave the game away in an online streaming session with his friends when playing the popular football game ‘FC24’ with his RedLine esports team members on Twitch.

It was there that the three-time world champion let slip information that there would be no surprises when the curtain opens at their factory launch on Thursday, February 15. The 26-year-old said their RB20 will display an identical livery to their 2023 title-winning car, offering no new features for fans who have been left short-changed by the reveals so far.

When discussing the subject, Verstappen could be heard saying: β€œThe livery of the 2024 car will be exactly identical to the 2023 one.”

It seems likely then that Red Bull will stick to their guns and unveil another dark blue livery, complete with a yellow-tinted nose and flashes of red on the body of the car. As ever, the Austrian team will feature the name of its energy drink brand on its RB20 model.

A disappointing lack of colour

The Milton Keynes team will unveil their car on February 15, the last of the 10 teams to present their car, before testing begins in Bahrain. On February 9, their sister team – the newly-named Visa CashApp RB – will present their new model which includes the RB19’s front suspension.

Haas, Williams, Sauber, Alpine and McLaren have all exhibited their 2024 liveries, but the designs have largely been met with disappointment due to the lack of colour.

It comes as a result of dark-coloured carbon parts replacing brighter colours on the body to remove weight and save money, making their new designs look more similar as a result. Each team has opted to add a dash of colour to their largely dominant black base, although Sauber’s luminous green tints have offered something different from the rest.

There are no prizes for guessing the Red Bull colours, but there may be some superstition about changing too much from a winning formula after their record-breaking season in 2023.


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