Mattia Binotto distances himself from 2023 Ferrari F1 car

The Ferrari SF-23 was designed and created under Binotto’s management of the F1 team


With all 10 F1 cars now revealed for the 2023 season, former Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has looked to distance himself from the new SF-23 car, which he credits as a team creation. 

Binotto resigned as team boss of Ferrari following the 2022 Formula 1 campaign which came off the rails after a strong start. That ended his four years as head of the outfit which he joined as an engine engineer in 1995

“In F1 it’s not about the individual, it’s about the group,” Binotto said at the Panathlon in Parma. “The SF23 was designed when I was there, that’s obvious, but it’s not my car, it’s Ferrari’s single-seater.

To win you have to have the best car. The driver can make the difference in the last two tenths on the track, in talent, in skill behind the wheel, but also in a winning mentality, in the charisma with which he drives the team.

“A great driver makes a difference on and off the track, in cultivating and improving the mentality of a team.”

First impressions of the SF-23

During the team launch of the 2023 Ferrari car, Charles Leclerc was first to take the machine out on track, completing completing two laps in front of 500 fans. 

“It feels good,” said Leclerc afterwards. “It’s the first kilometres with this new project. After doing so many kilometres on the simulator, it feels special.

“Everything went smoothly. Obviously, with two laps it’s difficult to go into details, but I have already gave my feedback when I was in the car to the engineers to give the first feeling.

“The car was running well, smooth, so everything went really well.”


  1. I just read your article about Mattia Binotto’s comments on the 2023 Ferrari F1 car, and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.
    Understandably, Binotto wants to manage expectations and avoid making bold promises, but having confidence in the team and the car is essential. That being said, I do appreciate Binotto’s honesty and transparency.
    Overall, I’m cautiously optimistic about the 2023 season for Ferrari. While there may be some setbacks and challenges, I believe in the team’s and drivers’ talent and determination.


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