Luke Browning compares his driving style to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen

Team Redline's new recruit and Aston Martin young driver of the year, Luke Browning, has discussed the similarities he shares with Max Verstappen's driving style


After joining Max Verstappen‘s eSports team, Luke Browning has highlighted the Red Bull driver’s influence since he joined Team Redline.

Browning, who won the British GB4 championship in 2022, joined Verstappen‘s Team Redline just 24 hours after being voted Aston Martin‘s young driver of the year, beating out Oliver Bearman and three-time W Series champion Jamie Chadwick.

In an exclusive interview to at Autosport International, the 21-year-old explained how much time he spends with Verstappen and how it gives him a chance to evolve as a driver. 

β€œI spend every night with him, it’s ridiculous,” said Browning. “Redline is the perfect place to grow as a driver; you have the discord said.

“You spend a horrendous amount of time together, and yeah, it’s good fun to spend that amount of time with people that are so good at the top of the sport.

β€œHe [Verstappen] knows so much, but he’s also just incredibly confident in his abilities; it’s good to understand when you’re around people who are incredibly good in the sport that you can learn a bit off him.

“When you spend that amount of time driving with them, you can understand why they’re so good and take a bit on board.”

Comparisons to Verstappen

Browning compared his driving style to the two-time F1 world champion explaining how similar their styles were.

β€œIt’s very difficult,” said Browning. “From the stereotypes of different drivers, I’m a mix. I’m not a hot-headed person, and I don’t get angry very easily; I’m not very emotionally deterred depending on what happens.

β€œI won’t drive quicker if I’m more angry or more relaxed; my driving style’s quite similar to Verstappen‘.”

However, despite their similarities in the car out of it, Browning feels both have contrasting personalities.

β€œHe and I are two different people just in terms of off-the-track, but yeah, I’d probably say Verstappen, me and him have an incredibly similar driving style; it’s a bit weird,” he concluded.

Luke Browning photoshoot with Aston Martin F1 car in December 2022


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