Di Grassi to retire when Formula E career ends

Lucas di Grassi told Total-Motorsport about his retirement plans as he gets ready for potentially the final chapter of his Formula E career at new team Mahindra


Lucas di Grassi has revealed he will retire from motorsport as a racing driver when his Formula E career comes to an end.

Di Grassi is the only driver to compete in every Formula E race and is embarking on his ninth season in the series.

The 38-year-old left Venturi in the summer to join Mahindra which could be the final team he races for.

“Retirement is a question I ask myself,” Di Grassi told Total-Motorsport.com. “I’m not sure when I will stop because it [motorsport] is different from other sports.

“Physically you can drive until you are 50 but do you have the hunger, the focus, the performance that is required to win against the best drivers in the world at the peak of their career.

“I never expected to be racing for so many years. My idea was to be around in Formula E for a few years.

“I want to stop in Formula E. When I stop, I will stop racing in Formula E and stop racing completely.

“If that’s two, three, four years – I don’t know. As long as I’m competitive and want to commit my whole life to win races, I will be here.”

Di Grassi was a stalwart of the Audi factory team in the World Endurance Championship and in Formula E after one year in Formula 1.

He drove for Virgin in 2010, who were a backmarker F1 team and played a leading role in the development of the first ever Formula E car as the series’ official test driver in 2012 and 2013.

The Brazilian explained Formula E has played a special part in his life and the last eight years have been the best in his motorsport journey.

“It’s the longest part of my career, where I had my best results, the racing itself I like and enjoy more,” Di Grassi explained.

“Endurance and Le Mans is nice but the racing and detail in single-seaters I like more. F1 I had one year in a really bad car so I wasn’t motivated at all. So that’s why I think Formula E has been the best part of my career.

Lucas di Grassi, Mahindra Racing, Mahindra M9Electro

“Plus, it is the first time in my career that I feel that something we are doing here is really affecting the world for the better.

“It’s not only a sport. For entertainment there are many sports. The [football] World Cup, basketball, baseball, NFL – it’s not doing anything to actually improve the world. It’s pure entertainment.

“What we do here, the technology makes the world better. I don’t see this in any other form of racing.

“After having kids and getting older I see this message as being very important for my legacy.

“When I stop racing, I want to look back when I am 70 and tell my grandchildren I was part of the initial part of Formula E that really changed the world.”


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