What impact will a British Formula E champion have on the UK

Jake Dennis has the chance to do something no British motorsport driver has done since 2001 as he looks to win a maiden Formula E title


Jake Dennis has a big opportunity to become Britain’s first Formula E world champion at this weekend’s 2023 London E-Prix, as he carries a 24-point lead over Nick Cassidy into the double-header finale.

Dennis‘ victory at the second Rome E-Prix, coupled with a dramatic collision between Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy, has put him in prime position to become the eighth different Formula E champion in nine seasons.

Total-Motorsport.com understands the London E-Prix is set to be sold out, where Dennis could win the title on Saturday or Sunday.

“Having a British world champion will definitely boost the popularity in this country,” McLaren driver Jake Hughes told Total-Motorsport.com and other select members of the press.

“I think it’s fair to say Formula E has had a whirlwind history so far in emerging on the scene, becoming immediately very popular and attracting so many world class manufacturers to the sport and we want to keep growing.

“We want to keep pushing that and making the sport what we think it can be in five or 10 years time and hopefully the things we put in place now enable us to reach those heights.

“In the UK, it’s one thing we’ve been missing so far. Sam [Bird] was the guy that came closest to it on a number of occasions.

“Hopefully Jake does it this weekend. I have to be careful because I’m good friends with Nick as well! It’s not saying that mentioned Mitch and Pascal [Wehrlein] are out of it.

“But it does look like Jake has the best chance possible and I think if he achieves it, it should hopefully push us on in this country.”

Hughes not changing approach with title contenders

The close nose to tail and side by side nature of Formula E means getting involved in an incident or damaging your car is easier than other motorsports.

Hughes says he won’t change his approach if he finds himself racing against Dennis or Cassidy this weekend in London.

“I probably fit the mould, as well as everyone else on the grid, of once I put the helmet on and being quite a selfish racing driver,” explained Hughes.

“I don’t see that affects my decisions. Of course we never want to be trading paint and having any damage impact your race as well.

Jake Hughes is in his rookie Formula E season | Formula E

“So that doesn’t change whether you’re fighting a championship guy or a guy in last place. It’s always the same. You want to finish the race and you want to finish it well.

“For me, it’s going to be about getting the best result possible for me and my team. If that means affecting in a negative way from the competitional side of things, Nick or Jake or whoever, that’s just racing.”

A British Formula E fairytale?

Not since Richard Burns‘ triumph in the World Rally Championship in 2001 has a British driver won a World Championship title on home soil, as the Subaru driver edged out Colin McRae and Tommi Makinen in a thrilling finale.

Dennis has the opportunity to change that in London and McLaren Formula E boss Ian James is backing the Andretti driver to do it.

“We are a nation that loves motorsport,” said James. “You see that with the fan base that some of the British drivers have had the past and the current ones as well.

Jake Dennis celebrates victory at the second Rome E-Prix | Formula E

“So I think that having a potentially having a British Formula E is actually good thing for the sport and this country as well. It’s great to be crowded in London – it’s like the cherry on top as well.

“It’s a great opportunity for the sport and a huge boost. We are competitors but if it this come out that way, he will be a worthy winner.”


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