LIVE F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2024 – Reaction as McLaren mistakes costly as Verstappen wins

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers take to Barcelona for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix


Welcome to Total-Motorsport’s F1 live coverage of the Spanish GP 2024. Held at the iconic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, today’s race is Round 10 of the 2024 Formula 1 season and has all the potential to be a classic, so stay with us as we bring you real-time updates and insights direct from the paddock.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, often considered one of the most complete on the Formula 1 calendar, offers a challenging mix of high-speed corners and demanding straights. The circuit’s layout, including the high-speed Turn 3 and the intricate combination of Turns 13 and 14, tests the limits of both car and driver.

Lando Norris took a sensational pole position for McLaren on Saturday, beating out Max Verstappen in the Red Bull by just 0.02s, ensuring that we have a fight on our hands for the Spanish GP win. The Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell locked out the second row of the grid and could use strategy to put themselves in the mix.

The 2024 Spanish Grand Prix will take place over 66 laps of the 4.657-kilometre Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. With higher temperatures expected this year, managing tyre degradation will be crucial as teams and drivers will have to deal with tyre degradation during the race.

F1 Spanish GP 2024: Latest Updates

Stay tuned to for all the live action from the 2024 Spanish GP at the historic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya setting the grid for Sunday’s race.

REPORT: Max Verstappen repels Lando Norris to win 2024 Spanish GP

Missed all of the action in Spain? Read about how Max Verstappen narrowly beat Lando Norris and McLaren in Barcelona with another excellent drive.

RESULTS: Who finished where at the 2024 Spanish GP?

Max Verstappen beat Lando Norris to the line but there were duels throughout the 66-lap marathon at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya so who finished where on a baking afternoon in Spain?


Max Verstappen takes the victory at the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix after nailing the race start whilst Red Bull perfectly executed their strategy to take the victory by a very slender margin of two seconds!

Red Bull far from the dominant pace everyone expected but they did just enough to take the win in the end as they remind everyone just how good you have to be to beat them in Formula 1!

Lewis Hamilton completes the podium and George Russell finishes fourth, just 0.3 ahead of a fast-charging Charles Leclerc!

Max Verstappen reacts to the 61st win of his career

Max Verstappen’s relentless consistency proved to be the difference once again as he made no errors through 66 laps to narrowly beat Lando Norris to the line and boy does he know it…

“I think what made the race was the beginning. I took the lead and then had a buffer in that first stint and could eke out a gap,” Verstappen told media in parc ferme. “After that we had to drive defensively.

“Lando and McLaren were very quick. I think we did everything well. I am very happy to win here. It was about managing the tyres. They get very hot around here so you are sliding around quite a lot.”

Lando Norris laments on the one that got away…

McLaren have had arguably the best car since the 2024 Miami Grand Prix but Norris has really failed to maximise it with the latest error coming from the race start in Spain, something he’s well aware of.

“I should have won. I got a bad start,” Norris told media after the race. “As simple as that. The car was incredible today. We were for sure the quickest. I just lost it at the beginning.

“Disappointed but a lot of positives. One negative and that kind of ruined everting. I know that. Apart from that, a good amount of points and thanks to the team because the car amazing.”

Welcome back to the podium Lewis Hamilton!

Lewis Hamilton claims his first podium of the season and he’s had to wait 10 races to do it! He produced an excellent drive after Lap 1 to stay close and beat his teammate but how did he feel about it?

“It has been a good day, a solid weekend. I have to say a big thank you to the team as they have been training so hard,” Hamilton told ex-F1 ace David Coulthard. The strategy and the pitstops were really on point.

“Unfortunately I got a really bad start and lost ground to the Ferraris so it was a battle to get back. With a better start… I don’t know if we could have held on to the guys ahead but I don’t think we would have been as far behind.”

LAP 64/66: Gap at 3.0

Lando Norris took 0.7 out of Verstappen on the last lap, with the world champion surely beginning to manage the final stages knowing the buffer he has in his pocket.

LAP 63/66: Gap at 3.8

Lando Norris is now 3.8 seconds behind Max Verstappen as he now needs an error from the Red Bull to be able to get a run at him, will we see a snatched brake or moment of oversteer from the defending champion?

LAP 62/66: Leclerc hunting Russell

Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, on the softs, is 2.4 behind George Russell who’s on the much slower hards.

Will we see some last lap drama for the podium?

LAP 61/66: Gap at 4.3

Norris continues to reel in Max Verstappen. That poor start has cost he and McLaren today.

LAP 60/66: Big mistake by Albon

Alex Albon has to catch some oversteer and slides off into the gravel at Turn 4 meaning he is out of contention for fighting Kevin Magnussen’s Haas for 17th.

Williams knew this wouldn’t be a good weekend for them and that’s exactly how it’s turned out.

LAP 59/66: Gap at 4.9

Norris is edging closer but with seven laps to go it isn’t going to be enough! Max Verstappen’s done an excellent job today!

LAP 55/66: Gap at 5.4

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen are now trading similar times which would mean McLaren won’t be able to catch him by the end of the race at this rate.

LAP 53/66: Verstappen told to get on with it

Lando Norris is pushing hard for this 2024 Spanish GP win and Gianpiero Lambiase knows it as he gives Max Verstappen the order to get on with winning the race. Norris is 5.3 seconds behind at the moment.

Verstappen goes to Strat 10.

LAP 52/66: Hamilton overtakes Russell

That’s a good moment for Lewis Hamilton as he goes around the outside of George Russell into Turn 1 to take third place from George Russell’s Mercedes car. He’s on for his first podium of the season!

LAP 51/66: No team orders at Mercedes

Mercedes are hurting their own race here as they force Lewis Hamilton to try to overtake George Russell instead of swapping the cars.

They need to let Hamilton go so he can get after Norris in case any fireworks happen at the front of the pack…

LAP 50/66: Fastest lap for Norris

Lando Norris sets the fastest lap for a bonus point as he chases down Max Verstappen, the McLaren at the moment is currently 6.5 seconds behind the Red Bull.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton drops OUT of DRS range to George Russell…

LAP 49/66: Hamilton chasing Russell

Those hards are not working for George Russell at all and now he’s under a lot of pressure from Lewis Hamilton for third place. The chasing Mercedes should get that spot on the next lap…

LAP 47/66: Norris pits from the lead!

Lando Norris pits and has to get out ahead of Hamilton and Russell as he grabs the soft tyre with a slow 3.6 second stop!

It’s just enough for the McLaren to stay ahead of the Mercedes pair and he can now begin to build his race by chasing Verstappen!

LAP 45/66: Verstappen pits!

Verstappen finishes up his two-stop strategy as he copies Hamilton by taking the soft tyres himself.

The world champion drops to third in the race behind Leclerc and Norris, with the latter taking the lead as they begin deliberating over their strategy options to go to the end.

LAP 43/66: Hamilton pits

Lewis Hamilton takes the soft tyres for Mercedes to do 23 laps if he doesn’t plan to pit again after Russell reported the hard is a poor tyre.

Let’s see how that goes for the ex-world champ!

LAP 42/66: Verstappen lead DOWN to FIVE seconds

Lando Norris is reeling in Max Verstappen and now he can firmly see him in his view as he chases after the Red Bull.

We’ve barely seen them go wheel to wheel but this 2024 Spanish GP is building up to a crescendo!

LAP 39/66: 26 laps to go

Lewis Hamilton’s only 11 seconds off the lead making him more than annoying to the two leaders who will be fighting for the win in the latter stages of this race. Could the Mercedes cars manage to get themselves into the fight?

George Russell just set the fastest lap of the race…

LAP 36/66: Russell and Sainz pit

George Russell comes under pressure from Lewis Hamilton and pits for the hard tyre to go to the end in a 3.0 stop with no hiccups this time. Following him in is Carlos Sainz as the lead Ferrari gets a 2.5 stop to gain half a second for free but it won’t matter too much because he’s four seconds behind the Mercedes.

LAP 35/66: Amazing battle by Russell and Norris!

Lando Norris tries to overtake George Russell into Turn 1 but goes for the switchback for a better launch off Turn 3 and the Mercedes manages to fight back with an incredible move all the way around the outside of Turn 4!

Russell gets the inside line but Norris cuts under him AGAIN before claiming the inside for Turn 7 where he finally gets the job done.

Excellent racecraft from the two Brits, it’s amazing what happens when you can’t just shove your rival off.

LAP 34/66: Verstappen continues to lead

George Russell is doing a good job of helping the Red Bull at the moment as Max Verstappen extends his lead to 8.4 seconds over George Russell and nine seconds to Lando Norris in third.

LAP 32/66: Norris passes Hamilton

It was inevitable and this time Lando Norris gets the job done with a little bit more DRS down into Turn 1, Hamilton didn’t bother to defend that time.

Norris up to third as he chases George Russell.

LAP 31/66: Good defence by Hamilton

Lando Norris’s McLaren lacks the straight line speed of Hamilton’s Mercedes but with DRS he forces Hamilton to defend the inside into Turn 1.

Masterfully, the seven-time world champion manages to hold his own line with shrewd judgement and will stay ahead for another lap.

LAP 29/66: Verstappen’s not finding it easy

Max Verstappen might be leading by 6.8 seconds from George Russell but he’s not finding it all his own way as he says that the tyres are very inconsistent. He’s racing Lando Norris for the win by the looks of it at the moment.

LAP 28/66: Bad moment for Perez…

Sergio Perez is already in a bad enough situation by running in 10th in a Red Bull but it gets even worse as Oscar Piastri comfortably moves past him despite running about 20 seconds behind Max Verstappen on pace.

LAP 25/66: Norris blasts past Sainz for 4th

Carlos Sainz is easily picked off by Lando Norris, who also holds the fastest lap, as he’s nine seconds behind Max Verstappen with the McLaren squeezing by to take 4th place.

LAP 24/66: Leclerc pits, Verstappen leads

Charles Leclerc finally pits with the greatest tyre offset of all the front runners and he comes out into ninth place, behind Pierre Gasly.

Verstappen assumes control of the race once again.

LAP 23/66: No further investigation on Sainz and Hamilton

Carlos Sainz made Lewis Hamilton choose the inside as they went into Turn 1 and they had a small love tap on the exit. The stewards think it’s not enough to bother them and quickly wave it away.

LAP 23/66: Norris pits from the lead!

Lando Norris comes into his pit-box and gets back out in 2.4 seconds as Leclerc, Verstappen, Russell, Hamilton and Sainz all get through but Norris will be a lot faster and the extra tyres should give him the chance to maximise DRS around the two locations on the circuit.

Verstappen is the “true” race leader at the moment with a five-second gap to Russell at the moment.

Norris strategy: McLaren yet to pit

Lando Norris is going to be swallowed up by the field when he finally pits so if you’re wondering why he and McLaren are just letting it happen it’s so that they can have a huge tyre offset when they finally do pit which could give him a major advantage until the end of the race against his rivals.

LAP 20/66: Fastest lap for Hamilton

Hamilton sets the fastest lap as he bids to breakaway from Carlos Sainz, which he’s done by opening up a 1.3 second gap to the Ferrari he will be jumping into next season. Hamilton is rapid today.

LAP 19/66: Hamilton passes Sainz with contact!

Hamilton uses DRS to catch up to Carlos Sainz and go down the inside into Turn 1 and with a slight slide on the inside kerb he slides into the side of Sainz with a gentle love tap. It shouldn’t be anything too serious for Race Control to check out.

LAP 18/66: Verstappen pits

It’s under TWO seconds for Red Bull as they get Max Verstappen in and out in 1.9 seconds! That’s incredibly rapid by the team as he retains the lead of the race!

LAP 17/66: Hamilton pits

Lewis Hamilton pits one lap later than his teammate with a much faster stop and he comes out behind George Russell and Carlos Sainz, that’s a strange one for Mercedes.


It’s a slow stop for Mercedes who get Russell in and out in five seconds leaving him neck and neck with Carlos Sainz on the exit, that release Lando Norris out in front with a decent amount of time to respond to the undercut!

LAP 15/66: Slow stop for Gasly!

Pierre Gasly loses four seconds in the pits with a slow stop by Alpine meaning he will drop behind Oscar Piastri, who was doing a great job of repelling the McLaren in the opening stint of this 66-lap race.

LAP 14/66: Perez commits to a two-stop

Sergio Perez comes into the pits and selects the soft-tyres which means he will have to pit again as he bids to break away from Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas, which also pitted for the medium tyre at the same time.

It’s another shocker of a weekend for the Mexican, who’s lucky he signed that contract when he did.

It’s been an electric start in Barcelona

We had two overtakes in two laps and now it seems like there’s a multi-car fight for the podium too, stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

LAP 11/66: Some battles at the front…

Max Verstappen now leads by 2.6 seconds with the fastest lap from George Russell as Lando Norris stays stuck in the DRS of the Mercedes but can’t quite launch a move yet…

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton’s spotted defending into Turn 1 from Carlos Sainz who will have DRS down the long big straight.

LAP 10/66: Zhou and Tsunoda pit

Zhou Guanyu and Yuki Tsunoda head into the pits for the medium tyres as they switch to an alternative strategy in this high deg race…

Ricciardo celebrates a milestone!

Daniel Ricciardo, although he’s running down in 18th, celebrates his 250th race in Formula 1 as the veteran driver looks to climb back up the field in the 2024 Spanish GP.

Bottas overtakes Alonso

It’s a bad look for Aston Martin as Fernando Alonso is comfortably swallowed up on the straight by Valtteri Bottas’ Sauber, which has spent most of 2024 dwelling at the back of the field…

Alonso’s down to 14th behind Bottas and his teammate, Lance Stroll.

LAP 7/66: Verstappen being kept in touch

George Russell is keeping a firm tab on Max Verstappen as he trails the Red Bull by around 1.4 seconds with Lando Norris one second behind.

The top six cars are around four seconds off the lead as they’re all surely in tyre management mode…

LAP 4/66: Sainz jumps Leclerc

Carlos Sainz leaps ahead of Charles Leclerc, who complains about the door being closed on the Ferrari, as the Spaniard takes fifth place at his home Grand Prix. He’s around 1.5 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton and 4.5 seconds off the lead.

LAP 3/66: Verstappen leads

Verstappen uses DRS to get close to George Russell and goes around the outside into Turn 1 as Russell goes off line to try to defend his place, it’s like taking candy from a baby and within a few corners he breaks away by over a second.

LAP 2/66: Norris under pressure for 4th

It’s been a horrific start for Lando Norris as he falls to third and he’s under pressure from Lewis Hamilton for fourth too as George Russell leads Max Verstappen by around half a second with DRS about to be switched on…

LAP 1/66: Russell leads as Norris drops to THIRD

It’s a very long run down to Turn 1 and George Russell benefits from a massive tow into Turn 1 to take the lead from Lando Norris, who falls down to third behind Max Verstappen! What a moment for Mercedes!


Lights out is moments away in Spain…

STARTING TYRES: All on softs except Albon!

Alex Albon, starting from the pit-lane, is the only driver to skip using the soft tyres for the opening stint of the race as he selects the mediums instead.

It’s going to be an intriguing battle from the strategists!

It’s almost time to go!

Lights out is just moments away so who will lead into Turn 1? Will it be the McLaren of Lando Norris, the Red Bull of Max Verstappen or a surprise from one of the Mercedes cars behind?

Stay tuned with to find out!

It’s a two-stopper, maybe even three, so what tyres do the teams have to hand?

Christian Horner warns the grid to protect their left tyres against degradation but that will be a big challenge in the high-load track with scorching hot temperatures.

With a three-stopper potentially on the cards, what tyres do the teams have to pick from?

The lead into Turn 1 could be crucial according to Horner

“It’s hotter and windier,” Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, told Sky Sports F1. “This race will all be about whoever does the best job at protecting the tyres. They will win it.

“On Friday, the cars looked very close. Anything can happen today.”

McLaren are staying cool under pressure

McLaren look to dominate Max Verstappen in Spain but that’s no easy task, so how are they going to approach their race?

“We are all good, treating it like every other race,” polesitter Lando Norris’s race engineer told Sky Sports F1. “You go back and look at videos of what people have done in the past and take whatever learning you can.

“But you still have to react to what happens at the time. Lando will have prepared for that.”

National anthems time…

The Spanish national anthem belts out around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in a moment of great pride for Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso.

ICYMI: Alex Albon starts from the back after breaking Parc Ferme

It won’t make a big difference to the Williams driver, who qualified 19th anyway, but Alex Albon will start from the back after taking new engine components.

What can the home hero do today?

Can Carlos Sainz emulate Fernando Alonso by becoming the first Spanish Grand Prix winner since 2013 to come from Spain? The Madrilenian starts from sixth on the grid…

He certainly has the crowd behind him.

ICYMI: Norris’ dramatic pole

When Max Verstappen went two and a half tenths faster on his final run, it seemed as though nobody was going to deny him his latest pole of the season but Lando Norris had something else in store..

Read all about it:

Welcome to the blog for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix! Can Norris win from pole?

Follow LIVE updates with to keep up to date with all the latest action and news from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain!

Here is your finalised starting grid.

Spanish GP Weather: Latest forecast

Sunday sees temperatures peaking at 30°C (86°F). There is a 40% chance of rain throughout the day, leading to the possibility of a wet race which could significantly impact strategies and outcomes. Winds will be gentle, around 10 km/h from the south-southeast, with gusts up to 30 km/h​.

Spanish GP 2024 Pit Stop Strategy

Tyre management at the 2024 Spanish GP is set to play a pivotal role, with Pirelli bringing its hardest compounds—C1 as Hard, C2 as Medium, and C3 as Soft—to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The higher temperatures expected this year add another layer of complexity, likely impacting tyre degradation and influencing strategic decisions. Pirelli have suggested a two-stopper is the fastest strategy for the 2024 Spanish GP.

Tyre and pit stop strategy for 2024 Spanish GP | Pirelli
Tyre and pit stop strategy for 2024 Spanish GP | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Spanish GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Spanish GP. For viewers in the USA, the race can be seen exclusively on ESPN.

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