F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2024 – Highlights and Reaction

Follow all the action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers head to Monte Carlo for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix


Welcome to this Total-Motorsport.com F1 live blog for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix, coming to you from the paddock at Monte Carlo as the 2024 Formula 1 season continues in the Principality.

This year marks a significant milestone for the Monaco GP, celebrating its 70th edition as part of the Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championship. The rich history of this event only adds to the prestige and allure of racing on the iconic streets of Monte Carlo.

In Monaco, the F1 cars face some of the lowest forces of the season due to the slow average speed over the 3.337-kilometre track and corners taken at less than 50 km/h, with cars at full throttle for only 30% of the lap. The 19 corners of the Circuit de Monaco require precision and skill, with drivers aiming to get as close to the barriers as possible without damaging the car.

Charles Leclerc starts on pole position in his home race, and is looking to break a curse of never being on the podium Monaco in any category. So stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 Monaco GP at the historic Circuit de Monaco.

F1 Monaco GP 2024 LIVE: Latest News and Updates

Did you miss it? Charles Leclerc won his first ever Monaco GP and here’s how it unfolded…

Your 2024 Monaco Grand Prix Results…

Charles Leclerc beat Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz around Monte Carlo but how did the rest of the grid finish at the Circuit de Monaco?

Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and now Charles Leclerc. How does that feel?

This isn’t just a Monaco Grand Prix for Leclerc, these are the streets he saw his heroes grow up and win at so how does he feel after emulating some of the greatest drivers of all-time?

“No words can explain that,” Leclerc told media after the race. “It’s such a difficult race, I think the fact twice I’ve been starting on pole position and we couldn’t quite make it makes it even better in a way.

“It means a lot, obviously. It’s the race which made me dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver one day. Fifteen laps to the end you’re hoping nothing happens and the emotions are coming.

“My dad has given everything for me to be here and it was a dream of ours for me to race here and win here, so it’s unbelievable.”

Carlos Sainz reacts to finishing on the Monaco GP podium for the third time in four seasons…

Sainz was the slower of the Ferrari’s this weekend but he still did exactly what was needed to bring home a solid result for the team, if you ignore his very lucky Lap 1 contact with Piastri…

“It was a tight one,” Sainz told media. “And a very bad feeling in lap one which very quickly turned into a really good feeling after getting reinstated in P3.

“From thereon really, the race pace was good as we expect, it’s just impossible to get past on the streets of Monaco.

“But I’m incredibly happy to see Charles win on his home Grand Prix. To be able to share this podium with him in P3 is great for the whole team, and it feels like we’re getting stronger and stronger.”

Oscar Piastri missed pole by fractions yesterday, so is he happy now at the flag?

That’s the Australian’s first podium of the year and maybe the moment he gets his 2024 campaign on the roll, as he had the upperhand over Lando Norris throughout the rest of the weekend.

“Tricky race,” Piastri said in parc ferme. “The pace at the beginning was incredibly slow. I had one little half look before the tunnel but didn’t have a small enough car to fit into the gap!

“Thanks to the team. It’s been a great weekend all-round. Nice to put a result on the board. I’ve been strong the last few weekends but didn’t have the result to show for it. Nice to have a podium.

“Charles has been mega all weekend. They have been quick from the very first lap. I’m happy with P2. A good result for the team. Very, very happy.”

Leclerc celebrates with a burst of relief and joy!

“YESSSSSSSSSSS”, screams Charles Leclerc over the radio as he lets out all of the joy and despair of the moment and years gone by. “Tonight is going to be a big night!”


It’s a lights to flag victory for Charles Leclerc in his home of Monaco as he delivers Ferrari their first victory in Monte Carlo since Sebastian Vettel in 2017! He becomes the first Monegasque to win his home race in 93 years!

What a moment for the 27-year-old who has endured so much heartbreak around this track as he takes a big slice out of Max Verstappen’s championship lead, can Ferrari still make a title fight out of this season? Wouldn’t that be something!

Coming home in second is Oscar Piastri, who just fends off Carlos Sainz.

4. Lando Norris

5. George Russell

6. Max Verstappen

7. Lewis Hamilton

8. Yuki Tsunoda

9. Alex Albon

10. Pierre Gasly

LAP 76/78: Piastri holding onto second

Oscar Piastri’s losing his tyres but he’s still doing enough to keep Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris at arm’s distance as both get within DRS and they can’t make a move.

Charles Leclerc leads by nine seconds now, he’s checked out and can cruise around at whatever pace he feels like. He’s got this in the bag.

LAP 75/78: Verstappen unable to pass Russell

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had nothing to lose by trying the alternative strategy but it’s simply not enough to close in on the Mercedes and make a move, despite him running mediums since essentially the first lap of the race.

That sort of underlines how hard it is to overtake in Monaco…

LAP 73/78: The first Monegasque winner since 1931…

A Monegasque driver has never won a Formula 1 World Championship event in Monaco but Charles Leclerc is just a handful of laps away.

He will become the first Monegasque to win a Monaco Grand Prix since Louis Chiron in 1931, almost 100 years ago. Destiny.

LAP 70/78: Sainz now closes up on Piastri

Charles Leclerc has officially checked out as he opens up a five-second gap to Oscar Piastri in second, who is now under pressure from Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard is just 0.7 seconds behind the McLaren in their fight for the runners-up spot.

Charles Leclerc prepares to make history…

LAP 67/78: Hamilton 1.5s behind the Verstappen-Russell battle

Max Verstappen continues to remain within DRS of George Russell but completely unable to make a move, all the while Lewis Hamilton continues to get closer and closer to join that party in the battle for 5th place.

LAP 65/78: Norris attacking Sainz

We haven’t spoken about the leaders for a while but Lando Norris is within DRS range of Carlos Sainz, although the McLaren man can’t make a move on his ex-teammate, who has him covered off on the straight.

Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc continues to lead Oscar Piastri by 1.5 seconds. Leclerc’s not looked in trouble at all today and now he’s moments from a home race win.

LAP 64/78: Russell holding firm

George Russell seems to have Max Verstappen covered right now as he pulls away in the key traction areas, whilst Lewis Hamilton closes in whilst he also holds the fastest lap too… This could become a very fun battle to watch.

LAP 62/78: Verstappen racing Russell

George Russell’s now racing Max Verstappen and the good news for Lewis Hamilton is it’s going to wipe out the gap the Dutchman had to the second Mercedes. Russell’s using his battery defensively.

Two seconds to Russell for Verstappen now

Max Verstappen tells his team to watch his battery levels so he can use it to overtake Russell, who he will be on top of any moment now.

The leaders are starting to feel the heat from Max Verstappen’s Red Bull

LAP 58/78: Verstappen eight seconds behind Russell

Max Verstappen’s catching at a rate of knots now as those new tyres pay dividends to Lewis Hamilton and himself. Russell is very, very slow but he has track position. Lets see how this goes…

Lewis Hamilton unhappy with Mercedes

That’s the second time in one afternoon that Lewis Hamilton has now called out Mercedes strategy as they didn’t tell him the out-lap against Max Verstappen was important and he needed to push.

The world champion asks Bono, “Why didn’t you tell me out-lap was critical?”

LAP 54/78: It’s all happening at Monaco as we see an OVERTAKE!

There are tears in my eyes as we see Valtteri Bottas go down the inside of Logan Sargeant into Turn 5 for 13th place. It’s actually happened. We got a legit move. Wow.

LAP 53/78: Verstappen reacts!

Max Verstappen quickly reacts to Lewis Hamilton’s pit-stop and comes back out ahead of the Mercedes. They’re both now firmly on the prowl as they look to hunt down George Russell…

LAP 52/78: Mercedes pull the trigger and pit!

Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits for a pit-stop on the new hard tyres, with a 21 second gap to Max Verstappen, who’s backed up behind George Russell. This could get very interesting!

LAP 50/78: Puncture for Stroll!

All that good work by Aston Martin on the strategic front unravels within a few laps of Lance Stroll’s pit stop as he gains a puncture from appearing to clip the barrier, with the tyre delaminating on the wheel rim.

Stroll’s now back out into 16th after running 11th, on the soft tyre. He had hit the inside wall at the Nouvelle Chicane. It essentially gives Pierre Gasly a free pit-stop if he wants it.

LAP 49/78: Leclerc is racing… George Russell?

Charles Leclerc is racing George Russell despite Leclerc leading the race whilst Russell is down in 5th, according to Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle.

“Charles Leclerc is pacing himself against a driver in fifth place who is 19 seconds behind him,” Brundle told Sky Sports F1. “He needs to keep him within 20 seconds and not give McLaren the chance to put and destabilise him.”

LAP 46/78: Leclerc continues to lead

Charles Leclerc continues to lead Oscar Piastri by around 2.4 seconds as he has the race in the bag bar some innovative strategy, whilst Piastri in P2 continues to lead Carlos Sainz by a similar margin in a very big game of cat and mouse.

Lando Norris is told his tyres are in good shape and he’s within a second of Sainz, meaning he gets some DRS.


Someone decides to do something! Lance Stroll pits and comes out into the exact same position after Fernando Alonso decided to back-up the pack behind for him. Stroll holds 11th and can now try to push on to see if he can catch Pierre Gasly for one world championship point.

LAP 40/78: Are you excited so far?

You might be crying for some action but there is a great game of chess going on in Monte Carlo. Who will gamble by the Casino first? Either way, it’s captivating Martin Brundle…

Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle: “This is fascinating  to see now which of Ferrari and McLaren will blink first.”

LAP 37/78: Charles Leclerc is told to slow down

Ferrari are aware of the gap to George Russell as they tell Charles Leclerc to slow down even more, as they’re already seconds off the pace. Leclerc is far from happy, although he follows the order, as he says he has to push through slow corners which will hurt his tyre life.


Esteban Ocon will get a five-place grid-drop for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix after causing a Lap 1 collision with his teammate, Pierre Gasly, at Alpine.

LAP 35/78: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are close…

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are in the trio who got done over by the Lap 1 red flag and had to compromise their strategies and now Hamilton’s Mercedes is hovering around 1.6-2.6 seconds at his discretion.

Could they give us some fireworks?

LAP 32/78: Still nothing happening out front

Carlos Sainz and Oscar Piastri are backing off Charles Leclerc and then closing back up once again as they keep a heat cycle in their hard tyres, meanwhile, you get the impression there is a Mexican standoff unfolding.

George Russell might be waiting for Yuki Tsunoda to pit and the whole front four might be waiting for George Russell to pit. Lets see how this plays out as we approach half distance.

Jeremy Clarkson weighs in on that huge Lap 1 crash…

Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen got tangled up on the run up to Turn 3 taking both of them out and Nico Hulkenberg in a huge crash that caused a red flag. There’s been a lot of mixed reactions to the incident, with Jenson Button thinking Magnussen needed to back out whilst Hulkenberg called it a racing incident.

The latest to cast their ballot is ex-Top Gear and The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson. Do you agree with him?

Can George Russell pit soon?

Yuki Tsunoda is now 12 seconds off Lewis Hamilton and in total, around 17 seconds off George Russell. Can the lead Mercedes pit soon and trigger some action in front of him?

Esteban Ocon is in big trouble with the team boss…

Ocon crashed into his Alpine teammate and it’s very lucky that Pierre Gasly is still in the race and only Ocon is out.

Nonetheless, Bruno Famin, his team principal, is furious as Famin told French broadcaster Canal+ that “a radical decision” will be made following the incident. 

LAP 24/78: Russell 12 seconds off Norris

George Russell is now 12 seconds off the pace of Lando Norris as he continues managing his mediums, putting him around 18 seconds off the lead. That’s almost enough for Charles Leclerc to be able to pit and come back out ahead again.

LAP 22/78: Piastri backs off

Charles Leclerc pushes on to open a 1.2 second gap and Oscar Piastri matches his pace after dropping out of DRS range. Perhaps some tyre management from McLaren?

LAP 19/78: Leclerc living dangerously

Charles Leclerc is producing a very tempting chance for Oscar Piastri to send it up the inside of his Ferrari, but he’s doing just enough to keep pulling away for now. Carlos Sainz isn’t too convinced of the plan.

This is sort of like baiting a lion to bite at a steak, it looks cool until it suddenly doesn’t. Leclerc needs to be careful.

LAP 16/78: Bottas pits and nobody cares

Valtteri Bottas comes into the pits as Sauber abandon the medium tyre to run the hard until the end and absolutely nobody around him will bat an eyelid because you simply cannot overtake.

LAP 15/78: Is Charles Leclerc too fast for his own good?

Charles Leclerc isn’t going that fast really, it’s just that George Russell is going so slow to make sure he can get to the end.

What it is doing is opening a nine second gap to Lando Norris in 4th, giving them a chance to pit later on and undercut Leclerc or obtain a huge tyre advantage. That’s not a good thing for Ferrari at all.

“We knew this was going to be a strategic race, but now it’s even more interesting because of Russell being on the medium tyre,” Anthony Davidson tells Sky Sports F1. “Leclerc is being told by his engineer ‘I know you’re doing a great job saving tyres, but we’re still pulling away from Russell’. 

“Russell is having to drive slower compared to these guys on the hard. It’s in no interest to Leclerc to continue pulling away from Russell because he doesn’t want to give his opponents the chance to undercut him.” 

LAP 13/78: Top three just 1.3 seconds apart

Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz both keep dipping in and out of DRS of each other in their pursuit of Charles Leclerc, who has everything under control right now and doesn’t have to make another pit-stop today.

LAP 12/78: Classic Monaco from George Russell so far

Manage, manage, manage. That’s all George Russell is going to do considering he’s on a no-stop strategy until the end and just has to protect his medium tyres for the next 62 laps of the circuit.

“Let me know if you want me to manage everywhere or just Three, Four and Five,” Russell says. “If we continue this pace, we’re going to open the pit stop window.”

Great news for Leclerc as things are proceeding as Ferrari would wish!

Charles Leclerc currently leads by around a second, give or take a few tenths.

Esteban Ocon gets away with his Lap 1 contact

The FIA stewards hand him a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with Pierre Gasly on Lap 1 but it doesn’t matter to him anyway since he’s already out of the race with floor damage.

It does mean he escapes a grid-drop for the Canadian GP next week…

Can McLaren make a race out of this Monaco GP?

LAP 5/78: Piastri within DRS range of Leclerc

Charles Leclerc will now settle down and manage the race whilst Oscar Piastri sits in his DRS range without enough of anything to make a move, barring a mistake from the Ferrari.

Meanwhile, George Russell on the mediums is trying to get punchy with Lando Norris but he’s not close enough to be able to make anything work either.

LAP 4/78: DRS enabled

It’s not going to be worth too much though, the one DRS zone is very small and ineffective at Monaco.

MONACO GP RESTART: LAP 3/78: All clean this time

Four drivers were out of the Grand Prix by this time half an hour ago but now they all get through the first lap okay as Charles Leclerc leads Oscar Piastri, who leads Carlos Sainz and then Lando Norris.


The race start is almost upon us. It’s the same order as pre-race but without Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon, who are all out of the race.

The red flag allowed the drivers to change tyres for free and they’ve slapped on the mediums whilst the ones who started on the hards (Verstappen, Russell and Hamilton) have all gone to the medium.

Esteban Ocon is OUT of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix

Ocon dove down the inside of his teammate at Turn 8 and suffered a huge whack on his Alpine car as a result, leaving him with critical damage as he’s spotted walking off in a pair of jeans and a shell jacket.

That’s his afternoon over.

Kevin Magnussen has no intention of taking any blame…

“From my point of view, I had a good part of my front on Perez’s rear and when he went to the wall I got pushed to the wall and made contact with him,” Magnussen told Sky Sports F1. “I trusted he was going to leave space for me since I was there.

“It’s not a corner where you’re braking into it, it’s a bend on the straight so you have to have a car otherwise you leave the other guy no option. From my point of view, I was there and I got squeezed to the wall.”

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly under investigation

Esteban Ocon dived down the inside of his teammate at Turn 8 (Portier), leaving both Alpine cars with damage and Pierre Gasly seething at the wheel. The action turned out to be completely unnecessary after the red flag.

But now Race Control are interested and so are the FIA stewards as it’s under investigation now too…

Here is that scary Sergio Perez crash… Who do you think is to blame?

What does an F1 world champion think about that huge crash?

Jenson Button made 309 Grand Prix starts and even won the 2009 edition of the Monaco GP as he stormed to the championship that year, so what does the very experienced racing driver think about the crash?

“It’s surprising [Perez] knew [Magnussen] was there and didn’t move to the left a little bit more,” Button told Sky Sports F1, alongside Anthony Davidson. “It was a horrible impact and because you’re going at such a high speed there you end up about 300 metres away from the incident.

“It’s a real strange one. You’ve got to say both guys should have given each other more room. Is it a racing incident? It kind of is because Checo [Perez] knew Kevin [Magnussen] was there and maybe should have given him a little bit more room, but if a car is coming to the right doing 150mph, I’d back out.”


The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix will restart in 13 minutes’ time at 15:44 local time or 14:44 if you’re in the United Kingdom.

LAP 1 INCIDENT UPDATES: Who is under investigation?

The Turn 1 incident involving Carlos Sainz and Oscar Piastri has been clear and will not be investigated further.

However, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen’s crash is under investigation, which could mean a grid drop for the Spanish Grand Prix or even a race ban for Magnussen if he’s unlucky enough to be blamed fully.

RESTART ORDER CONFIRMED: Back to the pre-race grid.

Carlos Sainz manages to hold onto third place as long as Ferrari can get that car working again, he’s a very, very lucky man. The grid will restart from the order we had at the formation lap.

That means: Leclerc, Piastri, Sainz, Norris, Russell, Verstappen, Hamilton, Tsunoda, Albon and Gasly for the top 10.

Then from 11th-17th it will be: Ocon, Ricciardo, Stroll, Alonso, Sargeant, Bottas and Zhou, with Perez, Hulkenberg and Magnussen all out in that Turn 2 crash.

Alpine got all of that damage for nothing…

Right so what happened to Carlos Sainz…

It appears that Oscar Piastri and the Spanish Ferrari driver make contact on the run up the hill towards Turn 2, with Sainz breaking his front-left suspension against the McLaren as he tries to pin the Australian towards the barrier to compromise his run into Turn 3.

Very unfortunate but very avoidable too. That could be Sainz down in last depending on the restart order, leaving Charles Leclerc very vulnerable to the McLarens and Max Verstappen behind…

Both Alpines crash too!

Esteban Ocon dives down the inside at Portier (Turn 8) and seems like he’s got the move done but with Pierre Gasly, his teammate, still on the outside and with nowhere to go, the two Alpines whack into each other!

Both will have damage now.

“What did he do? Why did he try to attack me! Oh my gosh,” says Gasly on the radio… “The whole car is damaged now!”

An easily avoidable accident for Perez and Magnussen

“It was unnecessary from Kevin Magnussen to keep his car there,” Martin Brundle told Sky Sports F1. “There was a moment when K-Mag should have abandoned that.

“It was not worth the risk up there. You are fighting at the back against a Red Bull when you are not anywhere near alongside.”

We are still under red flag conditions with no indication of a restart as of yet.

PEREZ UPDATE: What happened to him?

The Red Bull got a poor start and fell down to third-last, against both Haas cars but as he exits Turn 1, Kevin Magnussen is determined to keep his car in a gap that doesn’t exist and that takes all three drivers out of the race.

Very silly from Magnussen, he needed a bit of common sense there.


Sergio Perez is OUT of the race in a huge crash! Formula 1’s safety is absolutely amazing, Perez’s survival cell ensures the driver walks away from a scary accident.

It involves both Haas cars too, they’re also out.


Charles Leclerc’s start is perfect but not for Carlos Sainz! The second Ferrari gets a better start than Oscar Piastri but he hits the McLaren and falls to the back of the field now!

FORMATION LAP: Will Charles Leclerc win? What tyres do they start on?

78 laps await us and 78 tours of the Circuit de Monaco, demanding incredible concentration and mental strength await the drivers.

Can Charles Leclerc deliver Ferrari’s second win of the season? Here are the tyres the grid starts on…

Who are the stars you might have seen lurking around the track?

Football players, models and singers. Dozens descend onto Monte Carlo each year for the most glamourous event in sports!

So who is there today?

Will it rain this afternoon?

The 2022 and 2023 Monaco GPs were thrust into chaos thanks to sudden downpours that left fans rushing for ponchos and drivers rushing for intermediates.

Will we get another monsoon today?

Ferrari are locked in and ready to go… Are you?

ICYMI: What happened in qualifying?

Charles Leclerc stunned his home crowd by taking pole, but it isn’t Max Verstappen next to him on the front row…

Here’s a reminder:

Don’t count them out… What can Mercedes do today?

How do they line-up for the 2024 Monaco GP?

Two cars were disqualified from qualifying after technical breaches and will start from the pit-lane, but who are they?

Are you getting that Grand Prix fever yet? We’re 35 minutes away!

Will Red Bull be able to recover after a horrific qualifying?

Sergio Perez out in Q1 and Max Verstappen unable to get anywhere near pole… This is Red Bull’s worst weekend since the 2023 Singapore GP, but will they be able to deny Ferrari this time around?

Can Oscar Piastri become the latest McLaren winner?

It’s almost time to go! Can Charles Leclerc deliver destiny?

The Ferrari ace has had a torrid time around Monaco ever since he made his debut back in 2018. In that time he’s taken pole twice, excluding yesterday, but despite the track being so hard to overtake at, he’s failed to deliver that win.

Can he finally break his curse? What is the curse? How deep does it go?

Monaco GP 2024 Potential Strategies

Pirelli brought the softest trio of dry tyre compounds (C3, C4, and C5) to Monaco, with the race typically requiring just one pit stop. As is generally the case on street circuits the track has a particularly smooth surface, given it is in daily use for road cars and so the tyres must provide as much grip as possible.

Potential tyre strategies for the 2024 Monaco GP | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Monaco GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the Monaco GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action on ABC.

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