2024 Canadian Grand Prix – Verstappen survives crazy race to win

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers take to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix


Good after and welcome to Total-Motorsport’s live coverage the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix as Formula 1 returns to North America for the ninth round of the F1 season at the iconic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

George Russell of Mercedes starts from pole position, his second career pole with a lap time of 1:12.000, narrowly beating Max Verstappen, who set an identical time but later in the session, placing him in second. The second row sees the two McLaren cars of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, both eager to secure valuable points for their team.

Rain threatens to play a pivotal role in today’s race, with intermittent showers forecasted. The 4.361-kilometre circuit, named in honour of Canadian F1 legend Gilles Villeneuve, features a mix of six left-hand and eight right-hand corners, creating one of the lowest average speed tracks of the season. 

Unlike Monaco, the Canadian GP offers ample opportunities for overtaking, particularly at the end of the straight leading to the final chicane, which is guarded by the infamous “Wall of Champions.” 

Recent renovations have seen the entire track resurfaced and the kerbs replaced, maintaining its characteristically low abrasiveness but introducing unknowns that will be evaluated by Pirelli’s engineers during initial tests.

Stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 Canadian GP.

F1 Canadian GP 2024 LIVE: News and Updates

Several post-race investigations to watch out for…

The event organizers have been summoned to the stewards for letting fans onto the track too quickly.

Sergio Perez is under investigation for driving unsafely with a broken rear wing on his Red Bull car.

Oscar Piastri is under investigation for causing a collision with George Russell on Lap 63 of the race.

How does George Russell feel about Mercedes’ first podium of the season?

Some mistakes, a crash with Oscar Piastri and a bold move on Lewis Hamilton saw Russell recover to third after starting from pole for his team’s first podium of the season. So, good or bad result for Mercedes?

“It felt like a missed opportunity. We were really quick on the inters at the beginning, then Lando came through,” Russell told F1 media after the race. “Then we jumped back on the slicks. I made a couple of mistakes out there, pushing the limits and paid the price for it. 

“Nevertheless, first podium of the year. We truly had a fast car this weekend and to be in the mix fighting for victory was really fun. That’s what F1 is about and that’s why we go racing.”

“We had the pace. Max was very strong but when we put the mediums on at the end, we were really fast. That mistake with Oscar when I tried overtaking him and lost a position to Lewis, cost us at least P2 and maybe we could have thought with Max later in the race. But we will take all the positives from this weekend.”

Lando Norris mourns the time lost from an unlucky safety car…

Lando Norris led by eight seconds at one stage until Logan Sargeant caused a safety car that saw the McLaren slip down to third, so how does he feel as another chance to win slips away?

“It was chaos. It was eventful. To be honest, I felt like I drove a good race the whole time from start to finish,” Norris said after the race. “The first two stints were very strong. I had amazing pace. But then the Safety Car had me over, just like it helped me in Miami, it’s now had me back over.

“Honestly, I thought it was a pretty perfect race from my side. Just a bit unlucky, but that’s what it is. But it was good fun. These conditions are so stressful inside the car, but very enjoyable at the same time.

“The first stint I was in the lead by what, 10-12 seconds, pulling away probably 2-3 seconds a lap. Things are going beautifully and of course it’s Montreal, so there’s always something that’s got to come into play. But it was good. Fair play to Max. He drove a good race, no mistakes.

“It was good fun. I’m happy with second. Good points for the team, so a good weekend for us. We’re close. It’s nice to be so close once again and on the podium, so we’ll keep fighting.”

Verstappen reacts to his sixth win of the season!

Verstappen didn’t have it easy as he had to battle through some mistakes to get into the lead but when he was, he didn’t relinquish it as he extends his gap at the top of the championship which he threatens to runaway with once again.

“It was a pretty crazy race, a lot of things were happening. We had to be on top of our calls,” Verstappen told media after the race. “As a team we did well today.

“We remained calm, pitted at the right time. The Safety Car worked out nicely for us but even after that, we were manging the gaps quite well. I loved it. That was a lot of fun. Those kind of races, you need those once in a while.”


He didn’t have to overtake a car on track to do it but Verstappen claims his third win in a row in Montreal by weathering the storm to cross the line ahead of the rest by four seconds! A very strong drive from the defending world champion!

George Russell holds the final podium spot ahead of Lewis Hamilton as the Mercedes fought firmly to the line, just half a second behind Lando Norris!

Top 10 finishers – Verstappen, Norris, Russell, Hamilton, Piastri, Alonso, Stroll, Ricciardo, Gasly, Ocon

LAP 69/70: Verstappen almost into the wall

Max Verstappen almost hits the Wall of Champions! That would’ve been some way to lose this race win…

LAP 68/70: The Mercedes are fighting

George Russell closes up to Lewis Hamilton with DRS and he makes his move on his teammate into the final chicane as Hamilton defends aggressively! Russell up to third with a handful of laps to go!

LAP 67/70: Tsunoda makes a huge error

Tsunoda was running in 9th but goes too deep into the final corner and spins across the grass! He’s now running firmly in last place. Great driving by Kevin Magnussen to avoid a huge crash!

LAP 66/70: Russell gets revenge on Piasti

George Russell quickly blasts past Oscar Piastri after their skirmish a few laps ago as he gets revenge on the McLaren that rudely shoved him off track!

LAP 65/70: Hamilton passes Piastri!

Lewis Hamilton gets past Oscar Piastri down the back straight to take third place from the McLaren! Will he catch Lando Norris?


George Russell and Oscar Piastri go wheel to wheel and Piastri has no mind to give up the inside line into the final chicane! Piastri holds his place, hits the inside kerb and the Mercedes goes off track!

What will the stewards think of that? Lewis Hamilton goes past his teammate into 4th!

LAP 62/70: Russell repelled by Piastri!

George Russell gets DRS on Oscar Piastri, but the McLaren also has it and it means the Mercedes cannot make the move down the back straight. Lewis Hamilton continues to close in…

LAP 61/70: Nine laps to go as Verstappen leads

The Dutchman has opened up a two second gap and maintained it ahead of Lando Norris, whilst Oscar Piastri and George Russell are both within DRS of second place. Lewis Hamilton is a little further back in fifth, 1.6 seconds behind Russell.


Verstappen expertly nails another safety car restart with the same execution as against Russell and Norris is none the wiser either. The Dutchman opens up a two-second gap within one lap!

Can the Red Bull repel the Mercedes threat?

LAP 57/70: Who’s out so far?

LAP 54/70: Both Mercedes pit!

George Russell takes the medium tyres and Lewis Hamilton takes the hard tyres meaning they can push at 100% until the end of the race. Both are new sets. Game on for the Silver Arrows!

LAP 53/70: SAFETY CAR: Albon OUT of the race!

Alex Albon has been hit by Carlos Sainz and he’s spun around and out of the race as he stops by Turn 1.

Sainz lost it at Turn 6 and spun and Albon tried to get around him but as the car rolled back it hit his rear tyre and that’s the day over for Carlos Sainz and Albon. Double DNFs for Ferrari and Williams.

LAP 52/70: Sergio Perez is OUT of the race

Sergio Perez has broken his rear wing and he will be out of the Grand Prix. It looks like he’s going to try to get back to the pit-lane. His horrific run of form continues…

LAP 51/70: Russell bottles second!

Moments after taking second the Mercedes of George Russell whacks the kerb at Turn 9 and Lando Norris goes straight through into second once again!

LAP 50/70: Russell steals second!

George Russell uses DRS on the back-straight to go through into second place, he can now chase after Max Verstappen for the lead who is struggling with suspension issues and kerbing!

Lewis Hamilton makes an error in sector two and loses a few seconds to the chasing pack but he’s swiftly closing that gap back up again.

LAP 48/70: Norris pits and narrowly loses the lead!

Lando Norris pits for mediums and comes out in the lead of the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix!

For all of two seconds as Max Verstappen takes the dry line and claims the lead instantly! Norris is in second but under a lot of pressure from the cars behind!

LAP 47/70: Norris stays OUT again

Lando Norris stays out for one more lap and he has a 20-second gap to Max Verstappen, he could overcut the Red Bull for the lead if he keeps it good now!

Race Control update: Norris under investigation!

Lando Norris is being investigated for leaving the track and gaining an advantage with that incident for George Russell a few laps ago.

LAP 45/70: Verstappen pits!

Max Verstappen pits for slicks now as Oscar Piastri stays ahead of Lewis Hamilton by a healthy margin.

George Russell pits as Norris stays OUT for one more lap! This is all or nothing for Lando Norris now!

LAP 44/70: The top three stay OUT as Piastri pits!

Everyone begins to pit for slicks! The cross over is now!


This is massive for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. This out-lap is critical as it looks like it could be ready for slicks as he straps on the mediums!

LAP 43/70: Bottas and Magnussen pit as Leclerc DNFs

Charles Leclerc comes in and retires with a terminal engine problem, which, to be honest, left him running for nothing.

Bottas’ Sauber and Magnussen’s Haas pit for slicks!


Lando Norris goes off at Turn 1 like Max Verstappen did earlier although he doesn’t gain an advantage. It might actually work out for McLaren as it means Piastri has some DRS to defend against Lewis Hamilton with.

George Russell says he gained an advantage as Russell had to back out of his push lap.

LAP 41/70: Hamilton fastest lap

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap as he chases down Oscar Piastri with DRS enabled. That’s worth one championship point.

Pierre Gasly pits to try hard tyres at Alpine! He goes off track in Sector 1 so it doesn’t seem like it might be ready yet…

LAP 40/70: DRS enabled

It’s officially dry enough for DRS to be enabled so that means we should see some overtaking now and first on the agenda might be Lewis Hamilton on Oscar Piastri as he looks for fourth place…

LAP 36/70: Russell told to look after tyres

George Russell has been told to manage his intermediates through to the crossover point as he pursues Max Verstappen, so he drops some 1.8 seconds back for a bit of cooler air. Meanwhile his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, looks to attack Oscar Piastri…

Rain update: It’s moving away so should stay dry

We should get 35 laps of uninterrupted running now as the rain moves away so when will the crossover for slick tyres be? That’s one to watch now…

Lap 34/70: Verstappen holds a slender lead…

DRS has been disabled as Max Verstappen leads George Russell by less than a second with Lando Norris 2.5 seconds back…

Lap 33/70: Damage for Sainz as he hits Bottas

Carlos Sainz gets too deep into the braking zone and clips the rear of Valtteri Bottas as he tries to get his car rotated into the hairpin.

His endplate is broken and then flies off so he should lose some downforce but it should be negligible for Ferrari, who are in 13th with the Spaniard.

Lap 32/70: Leclerc pits…

What were Ferrari thinking with hard tyres? Charles Leclerc finally abandons them for inter tyres and now he’s a minute down on Nico Hulkenberg at the back of the field and about to be lapped.

Lap 31/70: Alex Albon what an overtake!

That is perfect car control and precision from Alex Albon down the back straight as he picks off Daniel Ricciardo into the braking zone before lunging up the inside of Esteban Ocon in the same sequence!

That’s incredible driving from the Thai-Brit!


Charles Leclerc is told to keep it on track for TWO laps and then it will dry again. Can the Ferrari expert do it or is it another classic strategy from the Italians?

SAFETY CAR ENDS: Lap 29: Verstappen leads

Verstappen always nails safety car restarts and he does so once again, bolting halfway through the final chicane to lead George Russell by around half a second.

Ferrari, on slicks, think they’ve solved his engine issues after a 24 second stop!

Lando Norris will be fuming!

Why didn’t McLaren pit him straight away? They pitted Piastri! Norris is now down to third place behind the two cars he worked so hard to overtake!

SAFETY CAR: Sargeant is OUT of the race

Logan Sargeant bins it at the exit of Turn 3 and causes a safety car since he can’t get the car going again.

Lando Norris STAYS OUT whilst Max Verstappen, George Russell and Oscar Piastri all pit for intermediate tyres!

Lewis Hamilton manages to get past Fernando Alonso through the pit-stop phase.

LAP 25/70: Norris has dropped Verstappen

Lando Norris has an eight second lead to Max Verstappen as the McLaren proves to have some electric speed in these conditions!

LAP 23/70: Hamilton still behind Alonso

These two are reigniting their famous 2007 rivalry as Fernando Alonso does just enough to keep Hamilton at bay despite him frantically looking for a way past. It shouldn’t be too long now if they both keep it on the road.

Rain update: Not long now

LAP 22/70: Norris passes Russell for the lead!

Two cars in one lap to take the lead! What a 95 seconds for Lando Norris! The McLarens are rapid so how quickly can he scamper off up the road?

George Russell misses the final chicane but almost collides with Max Verstappen as he rejoins! Will the Red Bull complain despite taking second?

LAP 21/70: Norris passes Verstappen!

Lando Norris, more confident on the brakes, cuts back under Max Verstappen and gets the DRS flap open as he thunders down the back straight closing within three tenths… two tenths.. one tenth… and he goes around the outside!

Verstappen down to third!

Lap 20/70: Nobody gambling on slicks

Nobody wants to try the slick tyres just yet which leaves the leaders in no mans land as to which tyre is better…

Rain update: An ominous amount of heavy rain moves in…

That big blob on your left? That’s inbound…

LAP 18/70 DRS enabled!

Lando Norris will get an extra 13kph to attack Max Verstappen with if the Red Bull cannot break away from him ASAP!


Verstappen is the first to blink as he locks up into Turn 1 and has to bail out across the grass, George Russell is now three seconds up the road whilst Lando Norris is RIGHT behind him!

LAP 16/70: Verstappen can’t get close enough

Max Verstappen is closing up all the way around the lap but George Russell is taking off very well through sector three so Verstappen can’t get close enough to make an overtake yet, unless he isn’t interested in trying…

Rain update: 10-20 minutes according to Red Bull and Mercedes

Red Bull tell Max Verstappen the rain is due again in 15 minutes or so whilst George Russell is told it will be there in 20, either way, it means neither will be pitting for slicks right now…

Lando Norris is now 3.7 seconds behind!

LAP 13/70: Verstappen all over Russell

Max Verstappen closes up to within half a second of George Russell as the pair trade times for the lead but he then falls away to be just outside of a second once again.

They’re locked in a tough battle at the moment and they lead third place by over six seconds as Lando Norris tries to catch up to them.

LAP 12/70: Hulkenberg holding up six cars

Nico Hulkenberg’s tyres are dead and he had managed to hold up six cars but now he’s finally being picked off. Ricciardo and Stroll go through and now they have a 16-second gap to Lewis Hamilton in 6th.

Ricciardo gets a five-second penalty for a false start infringement.

LAP 11/70: Verstappen on the hunt

Max Verstappen is now lapping faster than George Russell as he chases down the Mercedes for the lead of the race. So far, Russell holds a 1.3 second advantage around the lap.

LAP 10/70: Leclerc engine issues severe

Charles Leclerc is losing half a second on the straights due to an engine issue meaning he is finding it very, very hard to overtake Lance Stroll. It’s going to be a long 60 laps for the Ferrari crew now as they’re running in 10th and 13th.

Crash updates: Perez/Gasly and Sainz/Sargeant

Pierre Gasly gets hit by Sergio Perez in a Lap 1 incident at the exit of Turn 2 that’s no longer under investigation. They’re duelling over 16th and 17th.

Carlos Sainz tells off Logan Sargeant off how he rejoined the track at Turn 1, with the Ferrari believing it was dangerous from the Williams.

Rain update: Bad news for the Haas cars

The rain has now moved away from the track so that’s the gamble over for Haas as Kevin Magnussen pits for intermediate tyres.

LAP 7/10: Big mistakes from Hamilton and Alonso

Firstly, Fernando Alonso gets it all wrong at the final corner and has to take the escape road. Lewis Hamilton then gets a run on him but tries to switchback into Turn 1 and gets too ambitious so he goes straight on.

He then bleeds out the throttle to let Alonso back through, as he catches a big snap of oversteer by going slightly off line.

LAP 6/70: Sargeant straight off at Turn 6

His job is already under threat and now Sargeant struggles in the wet as he finds himself facing the tyre barriers. Fortunately he can reverse out and get going again but he’s firmly in last place now.

LAP 5/70: Russell continues to lead

So far George Russell has this race under control as he leads Max Verstappen by a couple of seconds. The Mercedes has the benefit of no spray out in the lead as a racing line begins to emerge on the track.

LAP 4/70: Engine issues for Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is told there is something strange with his engine and that his engineer is looking into the data to figure out what’s going on. Worrying for the Monegasque who runs in 11th right now…

LAP 3/70: Hamilton and Alonso duelling as KMag up to 4th!

The two oldest drivers on the grid are scrapping as Alonso goes wide in the hairpin to interfere with Hamilton’s line, two masters putting up a great show.

Magnussen picks off Piastri for 4th!

LAP 2/70: Magnussen is flying!

Kevin Magnussen gains seven places in two laps! What a gamble by Haas!

LIGHTS OUT: Russell leads Verstappen!

George Russell gets a good start and leads Max Verstappen through the first corners! That’s phase one of this Grand Prix over for the British Mercedes driver!

Lewis Hamilton gets up to sixth ahead of Daniel Ricciardo.

Kevin Magnussen is up to ninth!

Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen start on the wets!

Everyone else will be running the intermediate tyre, which will reward them if it doesn’t rain. High risk, high reward for Haas!

Late, late work on Esteban Ocon’s F1 car!

The Alpine mechanics are fitting the engine cover and sidepods back together with 10 minutes to go, what’s the cause for concern for Ocon? It’s a wastegate issue meaning no power!

He starts from towards the back and has a huge recovery drive on his hands today.

National anthem time…

Oh Canada is played over the tanoy system for the home crowd and Lance Stroll, who starts his home Grand Prix from 9th. He’s always finished in the points here, will he be able to once again?

Rain isn’t far away…

Rain is due in 24 minutes and the formation lap is due in 28 minutes…

“More opportunities for sure,” Fernando Alonso said of future rain to Sky Sports F1. “Even though, after Imola and Monaco being out of Q1, I would love to have these conditions back then. But let’s see what we can do. It’s one of those races you need to see the chequered flag because anything can happen.

“The very first lap we did it was just too wet to be safe but the second and third lap were fine. But we expect rain in 10 minutes, quite heavy, so let’s see if we can start on time.”  

ICYMI: Here’s how George Russell beat Max Verstappen to pole

They both set 1:12.000 so how exactly did George Russell take pole position for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix?

20 MINUTES TO GO: How is George Russell feeling?

The Mercedes starts from pole with a golden chance to win in Canada, will George Russell resist Max Verstappen to deliver his second career win?

Is Taylor Swift at the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix?

Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is here in the Alpine garage so will the Eras Tour star be at the circuit too?

It’s torrential in Canada…

Oscar Piastri tries to do a lap of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the intermediates and he fights the power all around as he frantically tries to control 1000 horsepower under his right foot…

Ferrari suffered a shock double exit in Q2 but Charles Leclerc sets lofty heights…

Rain could create a race full of opportunity to capitalise on and that’s what the Ferrari star is looking to do in Montreal.

“It wasn’t an easy day yesterday but today the weather is quite unpredictable, which gives us some opportunities to come back in the front,” Leclerc told Sky Sports F1.“So we have to use that opportunity in the right way. If it’s fully dry the pace that we have shown until now hasn’t been very strong, but everything is possible.

“If we get on the podium that would be amazing, but realistically the top five is a good target to have on a track like this with the performance with what we’ve had until now. But a podium is my target today.”

It’s currently throwing it down in Montreal, but will it stay that way?

It could be a race of many pits stops if it continues to rain on and off in Canada…

What’s the starting grid for the 2024 Canadian GP?

We have a Mercedes on pole and two cars in the pit lane, but who will start from the back?

Canadian GP 2024 Pirelli Tyre Info

The Canadian Grand Prix marks the third consecutive race to feature Pirelli’s softest tyre compounds: C3 as Hard, C4 as Medium, and C5 as Soft. The 4.361-kilometre Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, known for its low average speed and technical demands, including braking stability and traction out of chicanes, remains one of the least abrasive tracks, although recent resurfacing might alter grip levels. 

Canadian GP 2024 Pirelli Tyre Info

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Canadian GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Canadian GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action from Montreal across ESPN with the race on ABC.

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