F1 Austrian GP 2024 Sprint Race – Verstappen survives McLaren pressure to win

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as teams and drivers take to the Red Bull RIng for the Sprint Race at the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix


Welcome to Total-Motorsport’s live F1 coverage of the Austrian GP 2024 Sprint Race as we get the weekend’s racing underway at an exciting Formula 1 Sprint weekend at the iconic Red Bull Ring. Stay with us as we bring you real-time updates and insights from the track.

This race marked the second leg of the first triple-header of the season. The Red Bull Ring features the lowest number of corners (10) and the shortest lap time on the F1 calendar. Despite its 4.318 km length making it the third shortest track, the Red Bull Ring boasts a significant altitude change of 63.5 metres, second only to Spa-Francorchamps.

The Austrian GP has a storied history, with 37 races held at the Red Bull Ring and its predecessor circuits. The Styrian hills have been the home of Formula 1 in Austria since 1964, evolving through different eras from the Osterreichring to the A1-Ring, and finally, the Red Bull Ring. 

Max Verstappen, already the most successful driver at this venue with four previous wins, will be aiming to add another victory to his tally and took pole position for the Sprint on Friday, just ahead of both McLaren cars, who will be looking to challenge the Dutchman’s dominance in Austria.

F1 Austrian GP 2024 Sprint Race LIVE: Latest

Stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint Race at the Red Bull Ring.

Max Verstappen reacts to F1 Sprint Race win

Max Verstappen had to sweat today to repel Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri’s fast-charging McLarens in the Austrian GP Sprint Race but he got the job done once again when he overtook Norris for the lead at Turn 4.

What did he make of it all?

“It was a good first lap but once the DRS opens, it was very hard to get out of it,” Verstappen told media. “A few exciting battles as well but once we cleared the DRS, I could do my own race and it was better.

“You could see they had two cars pushing flat-out trying to make it difficult for me. A few things to think about we can do better for tomorrow because it’s a longer race and harder for the tyres. It will be interesting to see how that evolves.”

Oscar Piastri reacts to finishing second at the Red Bull Ring!

The heavens seemed to open up for Oscar Piastri when Max Verstappen and Lando Norris began to fight each other at the Sprint Race to allow the Australian to go dancing around the outside of his teammate.

When he got there, he couldn’t fight Verstappen but he did an excellent job of holding his position so how does he reflect on the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint Race?

“I finished one stop higher than I started,” Oscar Piasti told media after the race. “But just didn’t quite have the pace in the second half of that one. 

“I thought Max and Lando were going to pave the way for me to come through at one point, but not quite. There are things to look at for this afternoon and for tomorrow’s race but we’ll definitely take the points – a really good haul compared to the other teams around us.”

Lando Norris drops from second to third: How does he feel about it?

It’s the second week in a row when a lack of conviction has cost Lando Norris valuable F1 points as he failed to be decisive in his overtake of Max Verstappen in the opening stages of the Sprint Race.

How does he reflect on it?

“A good race between us, especially with Max at the beginning it was good fun,” Norris told media after the Sprint. “There were definitely things I should have done better in my battle.

“I understand that and the pace of the car was very strong, especially at the end of the race. I had a good battle trying to get past Oscar but didn’t quite have enough pace. It was a good race. A good job from the team.”

Nico Hulkenberg under investigation

Nico Hulkenberg’s under investigation for his Lap 21 overtake of Fernando Alonso at Turn 4 when he ran very wide and forced the Aston Martin off the track to take 14th place in the Sprint.

Under the regulations it shouldn’t be a penalty. He was ahead at the apex which gives him the right to do basically whatever he wants on the exit.

LAP 23/23: Max Verstappen WINS the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint Race!

Max Verstappen had to defend for a few laps and even make an overtake for the lead but after taking back the top spot of the grid he checked out once again and nobody got close for the rest of the race.

Oscar Piastri showed great composure to repel his experienced teammate for the final laps of the race, keeping quick speed and an error free run of form lap after lap after lap.

It’s been good in the Constructors’ Championship for McLaren as they finished ahead of George Russell, Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, in the final points spot.

LAP 21/23: Alonso down to 16th

This season is going from bad to worse for Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin as Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas goes up the inside at Turn 3 and runs him wide as he also loses a place to Daniel Ricciardo’s RB in the process too.

Lance Stroll is 10th.

LAP 20/23: Great job by Piastri

Same engine, seem aero, same chassis but no problem for Oscar Piastri as he continues to fend off Lando Norris despite the McLaren behind possessing DRS three times a lap. This is excellent composure from the young Australian, in his second season of F1.

LAP 18/23: Verstappen’s got this in the bag

Max Verstappen’s a comfortable two seconds clear of the squabbling McLarens now after having to work for his latest F1 Sprint Race win. Crucially it’s going to be another mentality victory over Lando Norris, who always ends up coming up short against the Dutchman.

LAP 17/23: Hamilton close to Sainz but not close enough…

Lewis Hamilton is faster than Carlos Sainz as he bids to overtake the car he’ll step into for the 2025 season but he can’t quite get the move done for fifth place right now because Sainz has DRS from George Russell.

LAP 15/23: Ricciardo passes Sargeant

Daniel Ricciardo gets Logan Sargeant on the exit of Turn 3 for 16th place in the 250th Grand Prix weekend of his career.

LAP 14/23: Norris hunting Piastri

Lando Norris bids to salvage some points from the Sprint Race and he’s within DRS range of his teammate. This should be fairly easy to get done but he’s not making the move happen just yet…

LAP 13/23: Race situation

Max Verstappen continues to lead as he’s opened up a two-second gap to Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris, who has DRS over his teammate whilst George Russell heads a DRS train containing Sainz, Hamilton and Leclerc.

Sergio Perez holds the final points’ position and he’s around a second a lap slower than his teammate…

LAP 7/23: Russell up to 4th as Mercedes chase leaders

Carlos Sainz tried to trap George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in a DRS train for the last few laps but finally it seems as though better tyre life is paying its rewards as the Mercedes goes around the outside of the Ferrari at Turn 4.

Russell up to 4th!

LAP 6/23: Verstappen misses the apex… Again…

As we’ve seen in the past, Max Verstappen seems to lose his sense of where the apex is when he has to fight another driver for more than one lap and the same thing happened here as he locked up at Turn 3 in his overtake of Lando Norris for the lead.

Classic Verstappen really.

LAP 5/23: Drama at the Red Bull Ring!

Lando Norris completely sends it into Turn 3 and takes the lead of the race for the length of one straight as the Red Bull comes back at him down to Turn 4 and takes the place back!

Sadly for Norris, Oscar Piastri goes dancing around the outside and the Brit has gone from first to third within two corners!

LAP 4/23: Norris looking for Turn 4 move

Lando Norris tries at Turn 4 for the second lap in a row and Max Verstappen fends him off again, will the McLaren change his attacking style for the following laps?

LAP 3/23: Norris all over Verstappen!

It’s rare Max Verstappen has to defend his position but Lando Norris looks for a move at Turn 3 and the world champion fends him off with Oscar Piastri close behind!

LAP 3/23: Magnussen up to 9th!

Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen have made very good starts to run 10th and ninth by Lap 3 as they chase a very valuable world championship point!

LAP 2/23: Race start: Verstappen leads as Norris defends

It’s a great start for Max Verstappen who is already scampering off into the distance as Lando Norris is forced to defend from Oscar Piastri into Turns 2 and 3! Carlos Sainz slips past the Mercedes pair into fourth and Charles Leclerc has got ahead of both Alpines and Sergio Perez into seventh.

DRS is activated!

LAP 1/23: Aborted start!

We’re not sure what has happened yet but the start has been aborted meaning the drivers will have to go around the circuit again. They lose a lap of fuel and this extra lap will count to the race distance.

When they take the start it’s going to be Lap 2.

We’re ready to go… Are you?

The formation lap is almost here and all the drivers are running the medium tyres, who will win the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint Race?

Get well Lando!

The McLaren ace reveals he hasn’t been feeling 100% for the last two days showing just how good Lando Norris’ and McLaren’s form have been in recent weeks…

“Not really, no,” Norris told Sky Sports F1. “I mean I’ve been ill like the last two weeks, but I’d say it’s making me quicker for the time being. I’m alright, I’m just not feeling my best.

“No excuses.”

Race pace a mystery for Red Bull

Max Verstappen says he doesn’t know where Red Bull are in the long-run simulations and warned challenges could come from either Mercedes or McLaren this weekend, but they do seem strong over one lap.

Can we expect a very similar grid for Qualifying later today, after the Sprint Race?

Mediums versus the Softs… Which do you think is the better tyre?

The strategic gamble is one of the most important aspects of Formula 1 and even the Sprint Races, despite being 24 laps long, contains the a dilemma for the engineers and analysts…

“It’s one tyre for the session. Which tyre do you go on,” Bernie Collins, ex-Aston Martin strategist, tells Sky Sports F1. “Do you choose a soft to get a better getaway from the line? Or does that require too much management at turn one?

“Medium probably overall is preferred. But I just spoke to someone and they said maybe the hard allows you to push harder and have less management, So everything is on the table during this Sprint.”

The FINAL grid for the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint Race

It’s a pit-lane start for Alex Albon as the Williams driver breaks Parc Ferme to make set up changes after a dismal Sprint Qualifying effort that saw him outqualified by his teammate for just the second time in two seasons…

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to Total-Motorsport.com’s LIVE coverage of the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix Sprint Race!

Max Verstappen starts from Sprint Pole but will he be able to fend off Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri on the long run down to Turn 3?

Find out here with us!

Austrian GP 2024 Pirelli Tyre Info

Pirelli has selected the three softest compounds from their 2024 range for this race—C3 as Hard, C4 as Medium, and C5 as Soft. The Spielberg track, with its older and highly abrasive surface, requires meticulous tyre management to prevent overheating, especially given the variable ambient temperatures. Traction out of the slow corners and stability under braking are crucial for a competitive edge.

Tyre information and data for the 2024 Austrian GP | Pirelli
Tyre information and data for the 2024 Austrian GP Sprint weekend | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Austrian GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Austrian GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action from the Red Bull Ring across ESPN.

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Brandon Sutton
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