F1 Austrian Grand Prix 2024 – Russell wins as Verstappen and Norris crash

Follow all the F1 action on the Total Motorsport live blog as Max Verstappen lines up in pole position the Red Bull Ring for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix


Welcome to Total-Motorsport’s live F1 coverage of the Austrian GP 2024 as we get to the main event after an exciting Formula 1 Sprint weekend at the iconic Red Bull Ring. Stay with us as we bring you real-time updates and insights from the track.

The Austrian marks the second leg of the first triple-header of the F1 season. The Red Bull Ring features the lowest number of corners (10) and the shortest lap time on the F1 calendar. Despite its 4.318 km length making it the third shortest track, the Red Bull Ring boasts a significant altitude change of 63.5 metres, second only to Spa-Francorchamps.

The Austrian GP has a storied history, with 37 races held at the Red Bull Ring and its predecessor circuits. The Styrian hills have been the home of Formula 1 in Austria since 1964, evolving through different eras from the Osterreichring to the A1-Ring, and finally, the Red Bull Ring. 

Max Verstappen, already the most successful driver at this venue with four previous wins, will be aiming to add another victory to his tally, took pole position for the Austrian GP after winning the Sprint on Saturday, just ahead of both McLaren cars.

F1 Austrian GP 2024 LIVE: Latest News and Updates

Stay tuned to Total-Motorsport.com for all the live action from the 2024 Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring.

The man of the moment reacts to his second F1 win

George Russell might have laughed this morning if you told him he would be winning the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix but that’s exactly what happened after a dramatic late crash with Lando Norris and Max Verstappen.

His second career win, how does the Mercedes age feel as he delivers his team to the top step of the podium for just the second time in three seasons?

“Incredible. It was a tough fight out there at the beginning of the race just to hold onto P3. I saw Max and Lando were going pretty hard and I knew Lando would want that win,” Russell told F1 TV. “The team have done an amazing job to put us in this fight. You’ve got to be there to pick up the pieces and that’s where we were.

“They [Verstappen and Norris] were going for it. I couldn’t believe how close we were to Lando and Max. We were only about 12 seconds behind and I knew it [the collision] was a possibility. You are always dreaming.

“Just so proud to be back on the top step. We have made so many strides since the start of the season. The last few races have been incredible. More to come.”

Oscar Piastri lamenting what could’ve been

A track limits problem in qualifying left Oscar Piastri with a lot of work to do in Austria and the vital seconds lost through the first stint ultimately cost him large by the end of the F1 Grand Prix so how does the young Australian feel?

“There’s a lot of what ifs and maybes obviously starting from yesterday,” Oscar Piastri told F1 TV. “But I know it’s only my fourth podium in F1 but so close to a win, it hurts a little bit.

“But really good points. I think second half of the race we were coming on pretty strong and I’m happy with another podium. Just when you’re that close, you can’t help but hurt a little bit.”

Carlos Sainz reacts to an unexpected podium for Ferrari

Carlos Sainz qualified fourth and that’s generally where he seemed to be headed for around 64 laps of the Austrian Grand Prix but instead he found himself with another trophy to his locker.

How did he react to an unexpected podium at the Red Bull Ring?

“Quite an eventful race up front! For us, it was all about trying to keep up with George [Russell],” Sainz told F1 TV. “We knew Mercedes might have an advantage on race pace. But we tried everything to keep up with him. Oscar at the end came really quick.

“In the end P3, which I think is a good result. I think we can be quite happy and proud of that because this weekend hasn’t been easy for us.”


What just happened in Austria? George Russell WINS the Austrian GP after Max Verstappen and Lando Norris crashed with just a handful of laps to go! It’s his second ever win and the first victory of the season for Mercedes after some absolute carnage at the Red Bull Ring!

Russell fended off Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz throughout the race and when the luck came his way, boy did he cash in to send Toto Wolff and his team absolutely crazy in the garage!

Will Verstappen and Norris’ relationship completely breakdown now?

LAP 70/71: Two laps to go for Russell

George Russell leads Oscar Piastri by TWO seconds with TWO laps to go in Austria!


The F1 stewards believe Max Verstappen caused the crash with Lando Norris and he is given a 10-second time penalty which would leave him stuck in fifth at the moment ahead of Nico Hulkenberg.

LAP 67/71: Russell four laps from madness!

George Russell just has to hold off Oscar Piastri for FOUR more laps to win his second Formula 1 career Grand Prix!


Lando Norris retires from the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix as a Virtual Safety Car is deployed!

George Russell leads from Carlos Sainz and Oscar Piastri!


Max Verstappen has a puncture after contact with Lando Norris at Turn 2 and the McLaren has a puncture too! George Russell takes the lead of the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix!

What is in the air at the Red Bull Ring?!

Lando Norris did get a five-second penalty for track limits!

LAP 63/71: Verstappen goes off track to keep the lead!

Max Verstappen has to defend another lunge from Lando Norris and goes off the track to keep the place! He does not give the position back even though he went clearly off track without being pushed off physically!

Verstappen claims he was forced off and Norris says it was illegal to keep the place!

LAP 61/71: Lando Norris almost takes the lead!

The McLaren gets within half a second of the Red Bull and tries a move at Turn 4 but Max Verstappen fends it off as his race engineer tries to rubbishes Norris’ defence that he went off track by a late move under braking…

LAP 59/71: Norris goes for it and gets it all wrong!

Lando Norris looks for another move up the inside at Turn 3 but brakes too late, locks his front right and goes off track! He lets the Red Bull through into Turn 4 but Verstappen reports him to Race Control anyway!

Norris accuses Verstappen of moving under braking once again!

Will this race be settled on track or in the steward’s room?

LAP 59/71: Black and white flag for Norris

Lando Norris gets his third and final warning about track limits. Any more will be a penalty.

LAP 58/71: Patient Norris holds off

Lando Norris could’ve made a lunge at Turn 3 again if he wanted to but this time he settles in behind and stays behind for the rest of the lap, perhaps recharging his batteries.

LAP 57/71: Norris back in DRS!

The McLaren has come to life in the latter parts of this race and he’s back in DRS of the Red Bull of Max Verstappen!

Will Lando Norris win?!

LAP 55/71: Norris pushes for the lead!

Lando Norris thinks about a lunge up the inside at Turn 3 but Max Verstappen aggressively cuts it off with a late move and the McLaren immediately reports it to the Race Director! Could that be a penalty?

This is bubbling to a boiling point in Austria!

LAP 54/71: Norris has DRS!

Lando Norris is within one second of Max Verstappen! This is game on!

LAP 51/71: Verstappen still struggling gets told to box

Max Verstappen’s seriously battling tyre degradation, as is everyone else, and he finally gets told he can pit at the end of Lap 51 with Lando Norris following him in too! It’s a slow stop for Red Bull and McLaren GAIN 3.6 seconds for free, something Verstappen’s far from happy about.

Both cars are running the mediums, can Lando Norris win?

LAP 47/71: Great move by Piastri as Sainz pits

Oscar Piastri’s tyres are looking a lot better than the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and he sends it into Turn 3 before sealing the deal at Turn 4 with an extra helping of DRS down the straight at the top of the hill.

LAP 46/71: George Russell pits

George Russell’s mediums were truly spent at the end of 24 laps after he found himself being unlapped by Aston Martins and RBs, so he boxes for a fresh set of hard tyres and will run on to the end of the race.

LAP 44/71: Alex Albon penalized

Alex Albon’s being investigated for crossing the pit-lane white line on entry, that’ll be a penalty as it was for Lewis Hamilton about 20 laps ago and it is, he gets five seconds added to his time as he runs in 14th.

LAP 41/71: Great racing at Alpine!

Pierre Gasly finally gets the move down on Esteban Ocon by using the switchback at Turn 3 and DRS up to Turn 4 to set up the overtake, and despite his teammate aggressively cutting him off to the inside, Gasly dances around the outside and seals the deal with the better line into Turn 6.

Very fair, very clean. High quality stuff from the pair as they battle for eighth.

LAP 39/71: Verstappen edges away out front

Max Verstappen now holds an eight-second lead from Lando Norris and there has been no more chatter about his gearbox, although he is now complaining about the state of his tyres.

LAP 36/71: Ocon forces Gasly off!

Esteban Ocon gets past Fernando Alonso into Turn 1 for 11th and rudely shuts the door on the run up to Turn 3, only for Pierre Gasly to try to go around the outside.

Ocon, who quit Alpine recently, shoves his French compatriot off the track. We’ll see what the F1 stewards think about that.

“What the fuck? What was that? We did he run me off track,” Gasly complains over the radio.

LAP 35/71: No further investigation for Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen gets off with no punishment from his potential unsafe release against Lando Norris so he’s out-clear at the front.

LAP 33/71: Hamilton pushing on

Lewis Hamilton is 11 seconds ahead of Sergio Perez and now three seconds ahead of Oscar Piastri as he bids to reduce the damage from that time penalty for crossing the white line at pit entry.


Sergio Perez is now given a five-second time penalty for speeding in the pit-lane, which he will have to serve at his next stop. That effectively drops him behind Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas right now.

LAP 31/71: Perez under investigation

Sergio Perez is under investigation for speeding in the pit-lane now too, as everything continues to go from bad to worse for the Mexican Red Bull driver. It’s usually a slam-dunk penalty for the man stuck four seconds ahead of the Haas.

LAP 29/71: Verstappen with gearbox issues

Max Verstappen leads Lando Norris by seven seconds with both on the hard tyres but the F1 world champion has been banned from using seventh gear by his race engineer as he appears to be nursing a reliability issue.

George Russell is in third, then comes: Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, Oscar Piastri, Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Ricciardo.


Max Verstappen is being investigated for an unsafe release when he and Lando Norris made their pit-stops a few laps ago.


Fernando Alonso gets a 10-second penalty for hitting the side of Zhou Guanyu’s Sauber several laps ago, which he will serve at his next stop. He’s currently in 11th and chasing one championship point.


Lewis Hamilton gets a five-second time penalty for crossing the pit-lane white line on the entry to the pits after Oscar Piastri reported him to the stewards, he will have to serve that at his next stop.

LAP 24/71: Leaders pit

Sergio Perez, George Russell, Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris all pit so Oscar Piastri takes the temporary lead of the race.

LAP 23/71: Hamilton under investigation

Lewis Hamilton has to catch a few slides as he heads into the pits and he possibly crosses the white line on pit entry, which would be a slam-dunk time penalty. An eagle-eyed Oscar Piastri quickly flags him and the potential infringement is under investigation from the FIA.

LAP 21/71: Alonso hits Zhou!

Fernando Alonso gets it all wrong at Turn 3 and he slams into the side of Zhou Guanyu’s Sauber. That could be a time penalty for the Aston Martin.

“What the f**k is he doing,” Zhou angrily says on the radio.

LAP 20/71: Verstappen leads by six seconds

Max Verstappen has this race under complete control as he heads for his latest F1 victory at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. The six-second gap could be critical for his strategists to determine how they respond to whatever happens with the cars behind them.

“Verstappen can afford to pit a lap or two after Norris and Russell and still come out ahead,” Martin Brundle tells Sky Sports F1.

“Max has built a lead that buys Red Bull some thinking time.”

LAP 18/71: Leclerc pits

Charles Leclerc goes from 19th to 20th as he puts on some medium tyres, his hards only managed 15 laps, and he can see Max Verstappen looming large in his wing mirrors as the Red Bull prepares to lap him.

He needs a safety car to have any hope of any recovery in this race, otherwise they might as well retire to save the engine.

LAP 17/71: What is going on with Sergio Perez?

Sergio Perez is a second per lap slower than his teammate right now and he’s making no progress on any of the cars ahead. He’s 18 seconds off the lead and, even if it’s harsh, seems completely hopeless in this race.

What’s going on with him?

LAP 15/71: Cover your eyes Ferrari

Charles Leclerc is overtaken by Alex Albon’s Williams and cannot fight back at all, that’s not what Ferrari expected heading into this 2024 Austrian Grand Prix.

They have problems down at Maranello.

LAP 14/71: Race settling down now

Carlos Sainz has broken DRS to Lewis Hamilton and holds a 1.5 second-gap to the chasing Mercedes, as Sainz begins his pursuit of George Russell.

Max Verstappen’s lapping around three tenths a lap faster than Lando Norris in second, who himself leads Russell by four seconds.

LAP 12/71: Hulkenberg and Alonso pit

The lead Haas responds to his teammate’s pit-stop and Fernando Alonso follows him in but Nico Hulkenberg won’t be happy!

Hulkenberg comes out right in front of his teammate who doesn’t take too long to clear him, even with a double lock-up into Turn 3.

LAP 11/71: Magnussen and Ricciardo pit

Kevin Magnussen is the first driver to take new tyres today as he pits from 10th whilst Daniel Ricciardo follows him in from 13th, they both take the hard tyres and re-emerge in 17th and 18th with Ricciardo chasing the Haas.

No further investigation for Sergio Perez

Replays showed Sergio Perez’s Red Bull running Oscar Piastri to the edge of the track at Turn 4 but since the McLaren jumped back past a couple of laps ago, the FIA are happy to let bygones be bygones.

That incident is no longer under investigation.

LAP 8/71: Sainz repelling Hamilton

Carlos Sainz seems happy to accept his race is with Lewis Hamilton today as he focuses on defending from the Mercedes in Turns 3 and 4 whilst George Russell begins to break away from the pair by opening up a 2.5 seconds gap.

Max Verstappen currently leads by 3.5 seconds from Lando Norris as he continues to check out at the Red Bull Ring.

Leclerc unlucky in Turn 1 crash

There wasn’t much Charles Leclerc to do as he found himself the meat in a Sergio Perez and Oscar Piastri sandwich and he could only watch helplessly as his front-wing was clipped.

Perez is seen forcing Piastri off on Lap 1 too.

LAP 5/71: Sainz passes Hamilton for fourth!

Lewis Hamilton got into third a few laps ago but now he’s back down to fifth as Carlos Sainz uses DRS to blast past into Turn 3. It was synchronised swimming after Hamilton became under investigation for going off at Turn 1.

LAP 4/71: Double points for Haas F1

It’s a bitter battle at the bottom of the constructors’ standings and currently Haas find themselves in a great position with Kevin Magnussen running in 10th and Nico Hulkenberg in eighth.

But Alpine and RB are close by. That’s one to watch!

LAP 3/71: Double overtakes at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton uses DRS to shoot past his teammate into Turn 3 but George Russell uses DRS himself and fights back into Turn 4 to keep hold of third place! Cover your eyes Toto Wolff!

Max Verstappen leads Lando Norris by two seconds out front!

LAP 2/71: Mercedes at war!

Lewis Hamilton is all over George Russell at the moment and thinks about a move at Turn 5 but he backs off!

Yuki Tsunoda sticks a nice move on Fernando Alonso into Turn 1!

LAP 1/71: Verstappen survives!

Max Verstappen nails another perfect start as Lando Norris has to defend from George Russell down to Turn 3! Lewis Hamilton gets Carlos Sainz on the exit of the same corner after being forced off at the exit of Turn 1

And it’s damage for Charles Leclerc, who boxes at the end of the lap with front-wing damage!

Formation Lap underway!

We’re about one minute and thirty seconds away from the Austrian Grand Prix starting, follow live updates here with Total-Motorsport.com!

Here are the tyres chosen for the start

The whole field opt for the medium tyres except for Zhou Guanyu’s Sauber, which will run the hards for the opening stint as he bids to recover from a pit-lane start.

Starting tyres for the 2024 Austrian GP | Pirelli
Starting tyres for the 2024 Austrian GP | Pirelli

Oscar Piastri bids to fight back from 7th

Oscar Piastri was seething after qualifying yesterday when he saw his lap deleted for track limits at Turn 6, dropping him from third to seventh on the grid so how does he rate his chances of fighting back?

“I think we’ve got a quick car so we’ll try to make our way back to the front where we should be,” Piastri told Sky Sports F1. “The tyres aren’t going to like it if it’s this hot.

“There’ll be opportunities and I think we’re quick so we’ll get back up there.”

George Lucas is on the F1 grid: Who will The Force be with?

One of the most influential personalities in Hollywood, film history and western cultural history is on the grid for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix as George Lucas is spotted wandering through the crowd looking at the the cars.

The Star Wars creator used F1 to inspire his pod-racing scenes from 1999’s The Phantom Menace, which featured Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) as a young racing prodigy on Tatooine.

Will The Force be with Max Verstappen today as he starts from pole?

Big lock-up for George Russell

The lap to the grid is underway and George Russell’s Mercedes is caught out by a large gust of wind, his rears lock up and he has to go off the track at Turn 3 but carries on normally to the grid where he takes up his spot in third.

The race begins in 29 minutes.

Red Bull may expose Max Verstappen with Austrian GP race strategy

The Formula 1 2024 Austrian Grand Prix is held at the Red Bull Ring, a circuit that features a mix of high-speed straights and challenging corners. For that reason, it also proves to be punishing on the tyres with 71 laps to navigate, and it will be crucial for Red Bull to get their Austrian GP race strategy right for Max Verstappen if he is to be victorious again.

Verstappen battled to victory against the McLarens and the Red Bull star is back at the front of the grid for the race after qualifying on pole. The only difference is that because the race was only 23 laps, they were not forced to have a pit stop.

All 10 teams would have been able to gain some crucial insight into tyre data during the F1 Sprint race on Saturday, measuring tyre life and how their respective cars handle the rigours of the track.But in the race, the pitlane could prove to be the decisive factor in determining the winner come Sunday afternoon.

Read about how Red Bull strategy might leave Max Verstappen exposed here.

Your starting grid for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen took pole from Lando Norris and George Russell but where does the rest of the grid line up and who has taken grid penalties?

Max Verstappen tips Mercedes to be in the battle

Max Verstappen’s grateful for Oscar Piastri’s deleted lap-time but he knows he still has work to do through the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix as he expects both Mercedes and Ferrari to be nip and tuck with his Red Bull.

“It helps probably that it’s only one McLaren now next to me, but for sure they will try to do it again,” Verstappen told Sky Sports F1. They know that they’re quite good on tyres anyway. So I still expect them to be there in the race. 

“We nailed the lap in qualifying but that’s not a guarantee that in the race it’s going to be the same. I just hope that I can find that same balance today with the car because that will help a lot on the tyres as well.

“It was all quite close (on long run pace) to be honest. It was not like Mercedes and Ferrari were miles behind. It will be about who can look after the tyres the best because in this heat the tyres are going to deg and you need to really take care of that.”

Does George Russell think Mercedes can fight for the win?

George Russell wasn’t far away from Lando Norris in Qualifying on Saturday so does the Mercedes ace think he can take the fight to the McLaren, and maybe a little bit extra by attacking Max Verstappen too?

Let’s not forget how Russell stole the lead into Turn 1 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain last weekend.

“We can see what we can do but realistically the fight isn’t with the guys ahead today,” Russell told Sky Sports F1. “If there is an opportunity, we will go for it, but we need to make sure we secure that podium.

“Last week I spent a bit too much time fighting with Lando and ultimately that cost me P3 and almost P4 in the end. So let’s see what today brings

Welcome to the blog for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix!

Max Verstappen starts from pole position after producing some devastating laps in Saturday’s qualifying to beat Lando Norris and George Russell comfortably. In fact, comfortably is an understatement.

Did he over-commit on one-lap pace to pay a price with tyre degradation in this two-stop race? Find out in 55 minutes as McLaren and Mercedes bid to stop the charging Red Bull at its home track.

Austrian GP 2024 Tyre Strategy

Pirelli has selected the three softest compounds from their 2024 range for this race—C3 as Hard, C4 as Medium, and C5 as Soft. The Spielberg track, with its older and highly abrasive surface, requires meticulous tyre management to prevent overheating, especially given the variable ambient temperatures. Traction out of the slow corners and stability under braking are crucial for a competitive edge.

Tyre Strategy for the 2024 Austrian GP | Pirelli
Tyre Strategy for the 2024 Austrian GP | Pirelli

Where to Watch the F1 2024 Austrian GP

Sky Sports F1 remains the home for live Formula 1 racing in the UK. The channel will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Austrian GP, including practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Meanwhile, F1 fans in the USA can catch all the action from the Red Bull Ring across ESPN.

Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton
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