Lewis Hamilton becomes honorary Brazilian Citizen and named eight-time F1 world champion

    Arthur Lira, President of the Chamber of Deputies in Brazil, has called Lewis Hamilton an eight-time Formula 1 world champion


    Upon receiving his honorary Brazilian citizenship Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been called an eight-time F1 world champion by Arthur Lira, President of the Chamber of Deputies. 

    Hamilton was controversially beaten to the 2021 Formula 1 world title by Max Verstappen at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with many observers feeling the Mercedes driver was robbed of victory which would have given him an eighth world championship. 

    “There are really seven titles, but in the hearts of the fans there are eight,” said Arthur Lira, and as cheers came from fans came down, he repeated “eight-time world champion.”

    Hamilton smiled and nodded as Lira made the comments.

    Hamilton feels Brazilian

    “I feel like now I’m one of you,” Hamilton said in a crowded session of Congress in Brazil. 

    “I have so many amazing memories of Brazil. 

    “And particularly 2021. Knowing you guys would cheer me on the way was one of the most special moments of my entire life. I can’t wait for us to continue to strive ahead.”

    Hamilton also looked to dedicate his award to F1 hero and Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna

    “I really want to dedicate this honour to Ayrton Senna,” the Mercedes driver said.

    “When I was five years old I saw Ayrton race for the first time, and that was the moment I knew I wanted to be a world champion like him.”


    1. Well deserved. I feel F1 walking on egg shells with the verstapins who cares what they think massi deserved to be sacked what he did was wrong rules are rules. Lewis will always be the best. Good one Brazil. And I wish the nasty talk would stop. It will come back to haunt you

    2. Lewis is a 8th word champion the fia should have award it to him as red ball are found to be cheats they spent to much and was found guilty of doing so

    3. Definitely I agree with you both and so be with millions of fans around the world who make it their duty to follow and support F1. I think that the F1 executive committee should put it out to a vote to the fans of F1 on the out cone. That Lewis be 8times world champion and put this conserversal over cast to rest.Nevertheless Lews will be back in 2023 F1 to prove his greatness as a F1 world driver. I follow him since his first race as a f1 driver. He is the greatest. God bless you Lewis Hamilton.

      • Wellll said … from 1 Carl to an another lol I have followed Lewis from his GP days to F1 he has had to face adversity as we know from junior karting days and the Wolfs can confirm on this as well as vetted, rosberg and few others nevertheless he remains humble dignified & respectful all the times don’t think I could keep my cool in that way hence him being an 8x World champion as tru F1 fans know he is the G.O.A.T.

    4. I would totally agree. Its been a year now since that controversial finale and I’m still fuming mad on how Masi and Verstapen robbed Lewis of the championship.!

    5. There is now the opportunity to put things right for the sake of F1, Red Bull have over spent, they broke the rules in a big way, so FIA this is your opportunity to set the books right, do the right thing , make Lewis Hamilton the 8th world champion, and wash this bad taste out of our F1 mouths, I’ve been a F1 fan all my life, but what the FIA allowed to happen, clearly one of the greatest misjudged episodes in FI history, so man up, do now what you sure have done a year ago, your reputation is still in tatters, and will remain so till you correct your mistakes, Regards Brian Willmott.

    6. Nobody cares what Brazil feels. Max Verstappen is 2 times world champion and that is going to remain the fact. Nobody cares what Hamilton feels, the truth is not going to change.

    7. Verstappen was gifted his first championship win as sure as Hamilton was denied his eighth for the record. I believe Lewis will rubber stamp his goat status in the 2023 season for sure.

    8. An exactly how would the Hamilton fans of been if it was other way round an Lewis won it as max did!
      Everyone would be crying either way, it happened max won
      It’s sport an max an red bull deserved the title this year too


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