Lewis Hamilton stands with Hollywood actors as Brad Pitt F1 film continues production

    The Brad Pitt extravaganza was on site in Budapest despite the Hollywood superstar being on strike with his fellow actors


    Lewis Hamilton is supporting Hollywood actors, including those involved in the upcoming Formula 1 film, in their strike action.

    The Apple TV movie, which stars Brad Pitt as Sonny Hayes, was in the thick of the action at Silverstone and was again filming at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix even though Pitt was not in attendance.

    Hamilton has welcomed the crew to the paddock in recent races and is glad that the stunt crew can continue while the actors are unavailable.

    “I think it’s been amazing so far, I think everyone’s felt incredibly welcome and there’s a great vibe within the filming crew,” Hamilton told the media ahead of the 2023 Belgian GP.

    “With the actors and directors, everyone’s just feeling a lot of love and feeling included which is I think it’s been great. I think it’s well received. And there’s just so many people that have worked so hard to make it possible.

    “Fortunately for us, we were still able to do the filming with the stunt crew, but I don’t think for anybody it (the actors’ strike) has been helpful, but I stand with the actors I know what they’re fighting for and I hope they come to a resolution soon.”

    Mercedes can’t catch Red Bull

    Back in the real F1, Mercedes are embroiled in a battle for second in the constructors’ standings and have slightly pulled away from Aston Martin with the British manufacturer’s dip in form.

    McLaren are offering a new challenge but are more than 100 points behind the Silver Arrows. Hamilton has already ruled out a shock turn of events which would see them overtake Red Bull.

    “My full focus is on to try and secure a second for the team,” Hamilton added. “I think everyone back in the factory means a huge amount for them.

    “And whilst we can’t currently catch the Red Bulls, I think that puts us in a good position for next year.”


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