Herbert backs Andretti entry to F1: I don’t see why there’s a problem

In an exclusive interview with Total-Motorsport.com, Johnny Herbert explained why Andretti need to be in Formula 1


Former Formula 1 driver Jonnny Herbert has backed Andretti and Cadillac‘s plans to enter the sport as discussions continue about whether they will join the championship.

On January 2, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem revealed the governing body were launching an Expressions of Interest programme. Three days later Andretti and Cadillac announced their bid to join F1.

But, it’s understood several teams are against the American entry as it will dilute the prize money they earn.

“I don’t see why there’s a problem,” Herbert exclusively told Total-Motorsport.com at the 2023 Autosport International

“When I started we had 26-car grids and it looked brilliant. I liked battling with more cars. It also gives more opportunities to other drivers to be on the grid at the same point.

“There is always talk about teams being greedy and guarding the money pot they get. I get that. But for F1, the most important thing is having another team, an American team.”

The new team would be called Andretti Cadillac Racing, with a support base in the UK as well as Andretti‘s main headquarters in Indiana.

Andretti are keen for at least one American driver in their team as they look to join the grid in 2026.

They are one of the biggest names in motorsport, with teams in IndyCar, Formula E, Sportscars, Rallycross and have a history in F1 too, as Mario Andretti became champion in 1978.

Jake Dennis of Avalanche Andretti Formula E celebrates his victory at the 2023 Mexico City E-Prix

Herbert pointed out that fans who don’t watch other motorsport outside of F1 will have heard of Andretti, underlining how big the team is.

“If you know motorsport, you know Andretti,” added Herbert. “And if you haven’t heard of them, you will never hear about them if you don’t allow them in.

“I hope they come in because it will only add to the drama in F1. There should be that ability to have more cars on the grid.

“There’s always going to be the fastest and the slowest. That will never not be the case. More cars is only a good thing.”


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