James Allison signs long-term deal with Mercedes

Mercedes have tied James Allison down to a new deal ahead of the 2026 F1 regulation change


Mercedes have confirmed that James Allison has signed a long-term contract extension to remain as technical director of the F1 team, as they look ahead to the 2026 regulation changes. 

Alisson initially joined the Silver Arrows in 2017, and oversaw a prolonged period of success culminating in four Drivers’ title and five consecutive Constructors’ Championships. He then moved to a chief technical officer role for INEOS Britannia America’s Cup project, but returned to Mercedes in April 2023. 

“F1 has brought me a lot of good fortune, but none greater than answering Toto’s call to join Mercedes in 2017,” Allison said in a statement. “It is a great privilege to continue this adventure, working alongside brilliant colleagues and fighting together for championship success.”

Meanwhile Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, fresh from signing his own three-year deal with the team which will see him in place until the end of the 2026 season, expressed his delight at retaining Allison for the foreseeable future. 

“I am thrilled that James has committed his long-term future to the team,” Wolff said. “Put simply, he is the most impressive technical leader in our sport. His gladiator spirit, along with his knowledge, experience, and determination, make him second-to-none. 

“His influence and impact, however, goes so much further than that. Since joining in 2017, he has been a key ally and sparring partner for me personally. We can challenge each other openly and honestly; an embodiment of the ‘tough love’ culture of the team that is vital in helping us all perform at our very best. 

“Most importantly though, James is a true friend you can rely on, not only in times of success but in difficult moments too. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the past seven years and I look forward to doing so for many more to come.”

Lewis Hamilton and James Allison celebrate for Mercedes on the podium of the 2019 US Grand Prix | LAT Images / Mercedes F1 Team

Allison’s return to Mercedes

With new F1 regulations coming into force for the 2022 season, Allison moved to a new role as chief technical officer and was replaced by Mike Elliott, who became the team’s technical director and implemented the now maligned ‘no sidepods’ concept on the Mercedes car. 

After two seasons of struggles with the concept, Elliott left his role in October 2023, and departed Mercedes altogether after 11 years with the team. With Allison having returned to the team in April of the same year.

Allison is leading the team as they completely revolutionise their car concept for the 2024 F1 season, with the 55-year-old indicating that Mercedes’ issues over the last two years came as a result of their internal processes which have now been adjusted. 

“Of course the last two years have required us to adjust our approach and our methodology, our concept, if you will,” Allison told Sky Sports F1.  

“And as a result of that the hardware that pops out the far side of that, will necessarily be different hardware, because it’s defined by different decisions and different weightings of what’s important and what isn’t.”

Mercedes are set to launch their 2024 F1 challenger on February 14. 


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