Newgarden spills beans on Indy 500 celebrations after last-lap drama

    The Nashville native became the first person from Tennessee to win the Greatest Spectacle in Racing


    Josef Newgarden knew he wanted to jump into the crowd way before he won the Indy 500.

    The two-time series champion has waited 12 years to win the biggest race of the season and finally got his best chance in 2023 as he made a last-lap pass on Marcus Ericsson to cross the yard of bricks first.

    The Nashville native was asked if he had planned any of his celebrations prior to the race but other than mixing it with the fans, Newgardren had no such plans.

    “The only thing I had in my head that I wanted to do was to go in the crowd,” Newgarden told the media after the race. “That was the only thing I felt adamant about.

    “The milk tasted so good! I love milk, I drink a lot of milk so for me the Indy 500 is the greatest thing ever.

    “Other people might not like to get milk after but I would have chosen that too. I love Louis Meyer and the fact he through that tradition out there. I’m a big milk guy.”

    Newgarden: Most difficult race in the world

    The Indy 500 was the second of the Triple Crown events to take place on Sunday as Max Verstappen cruised to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix despite late rain.

    Newgarden, though, is adamant that the 500 miles at the Brickyard is the hardest race to win anywhere in the world even though it looks like four simple left-hand turns to someone less educated on the race.

    “There’s no denying that this is the most difficult motor race in the world to win,” Newgarden added. “It’s the pressure that builds this entire month.

    “You have so much time to potentially get it right but it comes down to one day to get it perfect. If you’re not good on race day it’s all for nothing.”


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