Huge Indy 500 crash: Rosenqvist and Kirkwood collide sending rogue wheel towards grandstand packed with fans

Felix Rosenqvist and Kyle Kirkwood came together with 15 laps remaining of the 2023 Indy 500


As the Indy 500 was entering the closing stages, a monumental shunt between Felix Rosenqvist and Kyle Kirkwood saw a tyre from the No. 27 for Andretti Autosport detach from the car and fly over the packed grandstand. 

Rosenqvist went too wide at Turn 2 and smashed into the wall before losing control of this car, before coming back across the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, straight into the path of Kirkwood. 

The angle of the impact completely cut the tether on the wheel of Kirkwood’s car, resulting in it wildly flying over the fence surrounding the track. 

Thankfully the tyre cleared the spectators and crashed into a vehicle in the car park and no one was injured, and Kirkwood got out of his Andretti Autosport car only complaining about pain in his knee.


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