Gunther Steiner: Haas plan to copy Red Bull to improve 2023 F1 car

The Haas team principal made no secret of the team's intentions to copy Red Bull in some departments


Gunther Steiner has revealed that Haas are hoping to copy Red Bull in an attempt to close the gap to the Formula 1 championship leaders.

Red Bull have won all three races in 2023 so far and appear to have a sizeable pace advantage over the rest of the field which has become the talk of the paddock. Max Verstappen has two wins and even came from 15th to second in Saudi Arabia as his teammate, Sergio Perez, went on to win.

Haas have bought parts direct from Ferrari since they joined F1 in 2016 but Steiner admitted that they would be trying to copy Red Bull’s designs moving forward.

“I would say they (the rules) work,” Steiner told “Obviously, at the moment Red Bull has an advantage, but I wouldn’t say they’ll keep that advantage now for the next 20 races.

“I’m not so sure about that because everybody will catch up, and hopefully we find out how Red Bull came to this advantage and we can copy it, or do something similar.

“Everybody will be working hard and then you never have to forget Red Bull has got the penalty they got last year, they can do less development in the wind tunnel this year so they cannot move a lot ahead anymore in theory.

“So you have to see. But they did a fantastic job. And therefore, you cannot blame the regulations for that. Because if somebody does a better job than anybody else, they should get the advantage.”

No need to change rules

There has been some rumblings that the FIA should try to slow Red Bull down by adjusting the rules for 2024 and beyond but Steiner vehemently rejects that proposal.

“The sport is the main thing we have to have,” Steiner continued. “The show is secondary, but I think it will sort itself out and then still we have got a good race going on in the front now with Checo and Max, that doesn’t seem to be without sparks, without show.

“There is some show element in that one now. But I’m not worried that other people will catch up.”


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