Formula E Diriyah E-Prix 2024 race 2 highlights: Cassidy holds off Frijns in tense finish

Join us for live coverage of the Round 3 of the 2024 Formula E season as the second race of the Diriyah E-Prix takes place in Saudi Arabia


Nick Cassidy dominated the second 2024 Diriyah E-Prix from Robin Frijns and Oliver Rowland to secure his first win for Jaguar in his 50th career Formula E start.

Frijns got the jump on pole-sitter Rowland at the start but Cassidy overtook both drivers in the attack mode phases as he went longer and used his pace to take the lead.

The Jaguar driver led from Lap 6 onwards and withstood constant pressure from Frijns all the way to the chequered flag and is now 18 points ahead of Pascal Wehrlein in the drivers’ championship, with Jean-Eric Vergne 23 points behind Cassidy in third. Here are the full Diriyah City E-Prix 2024 Race 2 Results.

Diriyah E-Prix 2024 – Round 3 as it happened

Robin Frijns leads Oliver Rowland and Nick Cassidy at the start of the second 2024 Diriyah E-Prix | Formula E

What’s next in Formula E?

Due to the cancellation of the 2024 Hyderabad E-Prix, we have to wait seven weeks until the next Formula E race which is in Sao Paulo on March 16.

Diriyah E-Prix Race 2 Results

  • 1. Nick Cassidy, Jaguar
  • 2. Robin Frijns, Envision
  • 3. Oliver Rowland, Nissan
  • 4. Jake Hughes, McLaren
  • 5. Stoffel Vandoorne, DS Penske
  • 6. Sascha Fenestraz, Nissan
  • 7. Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche
  • 8. Jean-Eric Vergne, DS Penske
  • 9. Maximilian Gunther, Maserati
  • 10. Mitch Evans, Jaguar

Cassidy reacts

“I saw how fast they were catching,” said Cassidy on the closing laps. “I thought they were going to get us. What a job by the team.

“Since Portland last year, I’ve had such a good run. I’m so lucky with the position I’m in and all the people supporting me. I’m very fortunate. I’m waiting for a bad day but at the moment I’m going to enjoy it.”

Frijns and Rowland round off the podium

It’s second place for Robin Frijns and third for Oliver Rowland, great efforts from both of those drivers too in Diriyah.

Nick Cassidy wins the Diriyah E-Prix

He’s done it! Nick Cassidy wins his first race for Jaguar at the Diriyah E-Prix and takes the lead of the championship too. What a drive from the New Zealander.

Final lap

This should be Cassidy’s win now. He just needs to make no mistakes because he has the same amount of energy as everyone else behind him.

Lap 35: Still no moves

It looks more and more like the top drivers are going to settle for the points they have, which is understandable given this is only round three of a 16-race season.

No one has a look at Turn 18 this time and we now just have two laps to go.

Lap 34: Cassidy holding on

Cassidy just hasn’t blinked and is keeping Frijns at bay. Rowland, Hughes, Vandoorne, Fenestraz, Wehrlein, Vergne, Gunther and Dennis are all in this very long train from first to 10th.

Lap 33: Four laps remaining

Frijns is forced to defend at Turn 18 as Rowland gets a great run onto the backstraight. It gives Cassidy another car length of a gap but there is nothing to separate the top three right now.

Lap 31: Rowland pushing Frijns hard

It looks more like Rowland has more pace at the moment as he’s right on the back of Frijns, pointing his car to the inside at Turn 18.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s race winner Jake Dennis is into the points in 10th place.

Lap 29: No change up front

The marshals clear Daruvala’s car safely under yellow flags as Cassidy is still just a few car lengths ahead of Frijns. Rowland and Hughes are right there too to take advantage of any incidents.

Nick Cassidy in action at the 2024 Diriyah City E-Prix | Formula E

Lap 27: Daruvala out of the race!

Jehan Daruvala locks his brakes, stating he has no regen, and comes to a halt at the end of the backstraight. Daruvala joins Bird on the list of retirees.

Lap 26: Top eight cars together

It’s nearly nose to tail from race leader Cassidy down to Vergne in eighth. Cassidy will surely pull the pin soon though to try and open up a gap.

Lap 24: Wehrlein gets by Vergne

What a move from Wehrlein, down the inside of Vergne at Turn 1! It’s such a risky place to try and execute an overtake but Wehrlein pulls it off perfectly.

Lap 23: Bird out of the race!

Oh no and now Sam Bird retires. He’s got suspension damage so must have hit the wall somewhere on the lap. The McLaren driver limps back to the pits but is out.

Lap 22: Wehrlein overtakes Bird

Sam Bird tries to get past Sascha Fenestraz at Turn 18 but opens the door for Pascal Wehrlein at the next corner and the Porsche driver steams through to take seventh place. Great racecraft from Wehrlein.

Lap 22: Cassidy backing field up

Cassidy is saving energy and it’s allowing Rowland, Hughes and Vandoorne to catch up so we have a five-car fight for the win.

Lap 20: Rowland still in third

Behind the leading pair, Rowland is around one second in front of Hughes, with Vandoorne and Fenestraz not too far away. This could get tasty towards the end. The top six have used both of their attack modes.

Lap 18: Top 10 at half race distance

  • 1. Nick Cassidy, Jaguar
  • 2. Robin Frijns, Envision
  • 3. Oliver Rowland, Nissan
  • 4. Jake Hughes, McLaren
  • 5. Stoffel Vandoorne, DS Penske
  • 6. Sascha Fenestraz, Nissan
  • 7. Sam Bird, McLaren
  • 8. Jean-Eric Vergne, DS Penske
  • 9. Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche
  • 10. Jehan Daruvala, Maserati

Lap 17: Frijns on Cassidy’s tail

The battle for the win is on as Frijns closes right up to Cassidy and they are almost running nose to tail. Frijns will be getting the benefit of a slipstream on the straights here with 20 laps remaining.

Lap 15: Evans and Dennis move up a spot

Mitch Evans goes down the inside of Sergio Sette Camara at Turn 18 and Jake Dennis follows a few corners later. That’s still only 12th for Evans and 13th for Dennis.

Lap 14: Cassidy into attack mode and keeps the lead

There goes Cassidy for his second attack mode and he comfortably comes out ahead of Frijns, who is told to “be efficient”. One second is the gap between Cassidy and Frijns.

Lap 12: Cassidy leads Frijns by two seconds

It’s all going Cassidy’s way as he leads by two seconds. Further back, Fenestraz and Daruvala are having a big battle for sixth place.

Lap 10: Evans and Dennis unable to make progress

Mitch Evans and Jake Dennis are still running in 13th and 14th which is where they began the race. It’s not looking like a very good day for them.

Lap 8: Cassidy and Frijns take attack mode

Cassidy goes for his first attack mode and Frijns follows with his second attack mode. There are 1.5 seconds separating the two leading drivers, with Rowland in third.

Lap 7: Rowland uses second attack mode

And Rowland goes for his second attack mode already! He just keeps in front of Vandoorne to retain third place. This is exactly what we saw yesterday in terms of tactics.

Lap 6: Frijns takes attack mode

And race leader Frijns does take his first attack mode. Crucially, he’s just ahead of Rowland. Cassidy now inherits the lead.

Lap 5: Rowland and Hughes go for attack mode

Rowland and Hughes respond with the Nissan driver now in third. Hughes falls back behind Vandoorne in fifth. Let’s see what Frijns and Cassidy do…

Lap 4: Vandoorne into attack mode

Stoffel Vandoorne is the first driver in the leading group from fourth to go into attack mode. He drops just one position behind Jake Hughes.

Stoffel Vandoorne in action at the 2024 Diriyah City E-Prix | Formula E

Lap 3: Equidistant gaps across the field

Everyone is a few car lengths away from each other as we go into this energy management phase. Drivers took attack mode early yesterday, so we may see some drivers employ some fascinating tactics soon.

Lap 2: Ticktum pits

Dan Ticktum comes into the pits for a front wing change on the opening lap. He will need a safety car now to get back into this one. Out in front, Frijns is scampering away.

Lap 1: Frijns jumps Rowland off the start!

It’s a brilliant launch from Robin Frijns and he leads the Diriyah E-Prix as pole-sitter Oliver Rowland is forced to settle into second place. Nick Cassidy is third, Stoffel Vandoorne is fourth and Jake Hughes is fifth.

All cars lined up

Here we go then. Final burnouts at the back of the grid are happening. We are about to go racing…

Drivers on their way to race grid

The 21 drivers, no Sebastien Buemi remember, leave the dummy grid and are making their way to the race grid proper.

There’s some late work going on near Stoffel Vandoorne’s car but everyone gets away.

Five minutes to go

The atmosphere is building in Diriyah as the mechanics begin to move off the grid. I think Nick Cassidy from third is the driver to beat here and he’s also got a great chance of leading the championship in an hour’s time.

One lap less than yesterday

We have 36 laps coming up today compared to yesterday’s 37, but the track being quicker should mean the energy management is similar.

Also, the track is a bit cleaner off line too, so hopefully we see some more wheel to wheel action.

Frijns: The track is three seconds quicker than yesterday

Envision’s Robin Frijns starts on second behind Oliver Rowland today and ahead of Nick Cassidy.

“I’m fighting a Nissan and Jaguar powertrain,” said Frijns. “Normally Nissan is a bit down on energy compared to us.

“The track is getting quicker, it’s three seconds quicker than yesterday so I think energy management will play more of a role.

“As we saw with JEV yesterday, he was struggling with energy because he was near the lead so I think it will be tricky for the first four or five people.”

Evans 13th and Dennis 14th

Two of Formula E’s top runners have a lot of work to do this evening as Mitch Evans starts down in 13th and yesterday’s race winner Jake Dennis is 14th.

Overtaking is set to be difficult again and Evans was very aggressive in his big fight for the podium 24 hours ago.

Mitch Evans in action at the 2024 Diriyah City E-Prix | Formula E

Starting grid top 10

  • 1. Oliver Rowland, Nissan
  • 2. Robin Frijns, Envision
  • 3. Nick Cassidy, Jaguar
  • 4. Stoffel Vandoorne, DS Penske
  • 5. Jehan Daruvala, Maserati
  • 6. Jake Hughes, McLaren
  • 7. Sascha Fenestraz, Nissan
  • 8. Jean-Eric Vergne, DS Penske
  • 9. Sergio Sette Camara, ERT
  • 10. Pascal Wehrlein, Porsche

Buemi out of the event

Sebastien Buemi had a big crash in qualifying and the damage he sustained means the Envision driver will miss the race.

Buemi went off at Turn 1 and caused a red flag, which had a big impact as several drivers including Jake Dennis and Sam Bird were unable to complete their laps.

Rowland back on form

Oliver Rowland left Mahindra mid-season last year and let’s just say it wasn’t on the best of terms. He’s returned to Nissan for this season, having spent three campaigns with them from 2019 to 2021.

Rowland took three pole positions in his full maiden Formula E season and he re-found his one-lap speed earlier today. What an opportunity he will have this evening to try and convert that pole position into victory.

Welcome back to Diriyah!

Here we go again, it’s time for the second race at the 2024 Diriyah E-Prix. We got a very strategical race yesterday and we expect more of the same today.

There’s already been some drama though as we have a mixed up grid as Oliver Rowland is on pole position and world champion Jake Dennis, Mitch Evans and Antonio Felix da Costa are all down the order.

We are one hour away from lights out at just after 5pm UK time. Stay with us!

Where to watch Diriyah E-Prix 2024 in the UK?

Formula E fans in the UK can find the series on a new broadcaster for Season 10. TNT Sports will show the race on TNT Sports 1, with the action also live on discovery+, which is free if you are a Sky or BT customer.

Where to watch Diriyah E-Prix 2024 in the USA?

In the USA, fans of Formula E have several options to tune into the races, catering to both traditional and digital viewing preferences. Roku stands out as a new partner in broadcasting Formula E in the USA. It offers live coverage of all race sessions. Additionally, CBS Network provides delayed coverage.

Formula E is broadcasted across various regions. For instance, fans in Australia can watch live coverage on Stan Sports, while in JapanJ-Sports 3 and BS Fuji offer race sessions and highlights. 

In Southeast Asia, SpoTV provides live coverage, and in China, platforms like HUYA and CCTV5+ broadcast the races. This extensive international coverage reflects Formula E’s growing popularity and the global interest in electric motorsport.

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