Formula 2 reveal exciting new car design for 2024 season

The new design aims to be a closer representation to modern Formula 1 cars.


Formula 2 has revealed a new car design that will be introduced from the 2024 season. The latest F2 concept aims to be as close to an Formula 1 car as possible to ensure drivers are as prepared as they can be for the series.

The design is confirmed to run until the 2026 season and features new safety, systems, performance, accessibility, and visuals to look more like F1’s cars.

Changes to the steering system and cockpits which will be flexible with space, will allow taller, shorter and female drivers to compete in the series with the same advantages as the typical racer build.

F2 is typically the final step of progression to F1 for aspiring racers and F2 teams will receive their first car in December 2023, with the second following in mid-January.

F2 consistently delivers excellent racing and acts as an important training ground for future members of the F1 grid,” Stefano Domenicalli, F1’s CEO, said to media.

“By bringing the design philosophies of the two cars closer together we will support support this development further. I can’t wait to see the car on track next season.”

What’s new?

The latest era of F2 cars features redesigned front and rear wings with the ambition of promoting closer racing and thus improving the product of the show, including improvements to the DRS system.

The engines will still be supplied by Mecachrome but will be adapted to run synthetic fuel, which will be introduced in 2025. F2 will run its current fuel plan of 55% biofuels for 2024 and the series aims to run 100% sustainable fuel by 2027.

The new car will also be in compliance with FIA regulations regarding steering, braking and ergonomics; which is the relationship between people and their physical environment and how they interact.

Safety is a key feature that has been improved, with the survival cell being strengthened and the front impact structure being able to withstand more energy. Furthermore, the roll hoop has also been improved being able to handle more load.

The announcement and safety improvements coincide precisely with the fourth anniversary of Anthoine Hubert’s death. The 22-year-old was killed following a high-speed crash in 2019 around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit when his car was struck from the side by another competitor and sustained fatal injuries.

The car will retain modern marshalling systems such as the Virtual Safety Car to help keep a safer racing series for competitors and will feature a new control electronics system to support.

“I’m very proud to present our new F2 car which will race for the next three years,” Bruno Michel, CEO of F2 said to media. “Together with the FIA, we’ve designed a powerful, challenging and safe car that will prepare young drivers for F1.

“It will continue to provide great racing and a lot of overtaking opportunities, something that the fans expect from F2.

“It has been designed to fit all types of drivers, taking into account the FIA’s consideration regarding the steering effort. This is obviously key to making our sport more inclusive, by enhancing our car’s driveability and comfort.”


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