Formula 1 unveils new Sprint Race format changes for 2024 season

Discover the latest Formula 1 Sprint Race format updates for the 2024 season, including session reordering, and technical tweaks designed to enhance race weekend excitement


The Formula 1 landscape is set for an electrifying transformation as the F1 Commission, announced changes to the F1 Sprint Race weekend format for the 2024 season.

Meeting at the Formula One Management offices in London, under the chairmanship of FIA Single-Seater Director Nikolas Tombazis and Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali, the Commission has laid down a blueprint that promises to redefine race weekends, making them more thrilling for teams, drivers, and, most importantly, fans around the globe.

2024 Sprint Format Changes

The 2024 F1 season will witness a significant reshuffle in the Sprint Race weekend schedule, enhancing the spectacle of F1 racing. Key adjustments include the move of Free Practice 1 and Sprint Qualifying to Friday, making room for both the Sprint and Grand Prix Qualifying on Saturday, and culminating in the Grand Prix on Sunday.

This reordering is poised to inject more action into the weekends, keeping the excitement levels high from start to finish.

F1 2024 Sprint Race Weekend Format

  • Friday: Free Practice 1 and Sprint Qualifying
  • Saturday: Sprint and Grand Prix Qualifying
  • Sunday: Grand Prix

The alterations to the Sprint Race weekend format arise from a desire to amplify the entertainment value and fan engagement of Formula 1.

By decoupling the Sprint’s outcome from the Grand Prix grid setting, drivers are encouraged to adopt a more aggressive racing stance, promising more overtakes and thrilling moments for the spectators.

Sprint winner Sergio Perez of Red Bull celebrates after the Sprint at 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

The Sprint Shootout qualifying session will set the grid for the Sprint, replacing the traditional second practice session on Friday, and the third on Saturdays.

The Sprint will retain its standalone points system, rewarding the top eight finishers, thereby influencing the championship battle more significantly.

Enhancements to Technical and Sporting Regulations

Among the pivotal decisions is the increase in Power Unit allocations to four per driver for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, aimed at accommodating the increased demands of the revised format.

Additionally, the DRS Activation rule will see drivers being able to use DRS one lap after the start or restart following a Safety Car, a change from the previous two-lap requirement, promising more overtaking maneuvers and dynamic racing.

Changes pending approval

These changes, pending approval by the World Motorsport Council, reflect Formula 1’s commitment to evolving with its audience’s expectations, enhancing the competitive nature of the sport while maintaining its core ethos. The anticipation around these regulations is palpable, with the F1 community eager to see how these modifications will unfold on the track.


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