Ford responds to F1 rumours amid potential Red Bull partnership

Ford are rumoured to entered in F1 in 2026 in a partnership with Red Bull


Ford‘s motorsport chief has commented on the car giant’s interest in F1, as major speculation swirls that Ford and Red Bull will announce 2026 partnership imminently.

Red Bull will reveal their 2023 car in New York City on February 3, and though the stateside location isn’t thought to be linked to the Ford rumours, it’s being reported a deal could be announced around the same time.

With Andretti Autosport and Cadillac, Audi, Porsche, Hyundai and Honda all showing various levels of interest in getting involved in F1, Ford‘s the latest prestigious manufacturer to be linked and a partnership with Red Bull would be a powerhouse combination.

“It definitely requires consideration,” Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook told “As a company we go racing for innovation, tech transfer, the learning opportunity, but also for marketing reasons as well.

“We don’t comment on speculation, but it’s the same with all these series that are out there. It’s our responsibility to study them and understand them, and then make decisions on whether it makes sense or doesn’t make sense.”

What’s certain is that F1 hasn’t been this attractive to manufacturers in at least a generation. Engines switch to 100% sustainable fuels from 2026 which helps quell environmental concerns, and is thought to be pivotal to Ford’s interest.

The budget cap has given a marked improvement to teams’ financial sustainability and with three races in the USA from 2023, there’s more exposure than ever in Ford’s home market.

“Sustainable fuel definitely is something we’re interested in,” Rushbrook added, “We’re already doing that in other series.

“Formula 1 is certainly strong and growing, both in the United States and globally, what they have done well is create great racing and great competition. It’s still the pinnacle, but they’ve been able to reach new audiences with things like Drive to Survive.”

Motorsport pedigree

It would be a poetic moment given Ford’s first attempt to break into F1 with a team ended up becoming Red Bull.

The car giant entered Jaguar into five seasons from 2000-2004 and wanted to match Ferrari‘s popularity with fans, but they sold the team to Red Bull for 2005 after just two podiums and no wins from 85 races.

Additionally the Ford-Cosworth DFV engine initially developed for Team Lotus in 1967 became legendary in F1 and was used up and down the grid – it was still winning championships in the 1980s.

Outside of F1, the ‘blue oval’ has enjoyed success at Le Mans and in rallying.

The news comes after General Motors announced they’re formally looking to enter F1 through Cadillac, alongside Michael Andretti and Andretti Autosports.

Asked whether their commercial competitor’s interest in F1 has forced Ford to follow suit, Rushbrook replied: “Not necessarily. But it will be interesting to watch how that progresses, whether they will be successful in joining as an 11th team.”


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