FIA make offer to Red Bull over budget cap breach

Although the FIA have made their offer to Red Bull, reports suggest the team aren't likely to accept it


The FIA have reportedly submitted their terms for an Accepted Breach Agreement to Red Bull.

All eyes are on the Milton Keynes outfit at the 2022 United States Grand Prix following last week’s news that the team were found to have committed a Minor Overspend Breach in 2021.

Red Bull were the only team found guilty of exceeding the $145 million spending limit, with the minor breach meaning they had overspent by less than five percent ($7.25m)

Red Bull continue to insist they did not exceed the budget cap last year when Max Verstappen beat out Lewis Hamilton for his first Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship, though the exact nature of their overspend has yet to be disclosed.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen after winning the 2022 Italian Grand Prix | REUTERS/Ciro De Luca

FIA’s offer to Red Bull

The latest news in the saga, according the Sky Sports F1, is that the FIA has offered the team terms of an Accepted Breach Agreement, the details of which are unclear.

While an ABA would allow the matter to be resolved quickly, it would mean Red Bull accept wrongdoing and agree to any penalties that come with it, something they don’t seem on doing at this time.

If the offer is rejected, the case would be heard by a cost cap panel, where the full range of penalties would be on the table.

Red Bull had planned to hold a press conference on Friday, however that’s been put on hold as discussions between the team and the FIA continue, with a resolution expected to come soon.


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