Ferrari given the all-clear after Imola F1 tyre test

    At least two teams asked the FIA to clarify whether Ferrari had broken any rules during a recent test following the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix


    The FIA are satisfied Ferrari broke no rules after some eyebrows were raised following a recent Formula 1 tyre test at Imola.

    The issue stemmed from the post-Emilia Romagna Grand Prix test that saw the Scuderia test Pirelli tyres for 2023. Charles Leclerc was seen running an older specification of floor in the morning, before Carlos Sainz took over in the afternoon.

    It’s believed at least two teams asked the FIA for clarification after it appeared Sainz ran an updated floor, with question marks raised as to whether it had been run before.

    F1’s tyre test rules state that cars “must only use components of a specification that have been used in at least one (1) race or TCC [testing of current cars] during the current Championship year.

    “These cars must fully comply with the provisions of the Technical Regulations.

    “No test parts, component changes or set-up changes will be permitted which give any sort of information to the Competitor that is unrelated to the tyre test.”

    Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the pit lane during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane/Pool

    FIA and Ferrari spoke on the matter

    As a result, the FIA and Ferrari held talks regarding the components that were run at the test, with the governing body satisfied that all rules were followed.

    While no official statement was released, reports Ferrari changed the floor for the afternoon after Leclerc‘s suffered damaged in the morning session.

    The report goes on to state that the floor fitted to Sainz‘s car was an older specification that had been run earlier in the year.


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