Is Alonso the right man to push Aston Martin further up the grid?


The current 2022 Formula One World Championship continues to showcase all that is awesome about the sport and is building up to its climax in late November. Of course, we all know that Max Verstappen has won the Drivers’ Championship and held on to his 2021 crown! This has left many Formula One followers already looking ahead to the 2023 season to see what is in store. 

One story that caught many people’s eye was news of experienced Spanish driver Fernando Alonso moving from Alpine to Aston Martin next season. Although the problems Alonso has endured at Alpine in 2022 make this not very surprising, it was still a major story. But can this two-time Formula One champion be the man to push Aston Martin up the grid in 2023? 

What do the bookies think of Alonso’s chances in 2023? 

A good place to begin when looking at the impact Alonso could have for his new team are online sportsbooks. Whether you live in New Jersey and use the best online sportsbooks available from that region or live in another state that allows legal sports betting, these platforms are very useful.

This is because they offer the latest odds for events like the 2023 Formula One Drivers’ Championship and make it easier to weigh up how Alonso could do. Of course, if you fancy placing a bet on Aston Martin to do well next season, these are the ideal places to look!

But how can they help us work out Alonso’s potential impact next year for Aston Martin? If his odds are good, this might suggest he will pick up plenty of points for the team and qualify higher up on the grid. In addition, it could mean he is fancied to do well in 2023 and garner lots of points for his new team in the Constructors’ Championship. 

At present, though, odds of 200 (decimal) or 199/1 (fractional) to win the Drivers’ Championship next year mean he is not being given much hope of doing this. Despite these odds, he could still help his new team pick up more points and qualify further up the grid – even if he is not at the sharp end of the standings, so to speak.

Alonso’s talents remain unchallenged 

Fernando Alonso’s reputation within Formula One is as good as ever and people within the sport certainly seem to think he still has what it takes to succeed. This clearly shows that he should be able to make a real impression at Aston Martin and help them get up the grid. 

In addition, his two Formula One titles in 2005 and 2006 show that he has the skill to bring success to his new team. Although it might be a while ago now, you do not win honors like this if you are not an excellent driver. If he can settle into the team well and perform to his best for Aston Martin, then this could see him help them secure a better spot on the grid. 

Much depends on the Aston Martin car 

Any driver in Formula One is only as good as his car – and this could have an influence on whether the Spaniard can help Aston Martin move up the grid in 2023. If we look at the 2022 season as a starting point, though, the signs aren’t too promising. The team sit towards the bottom end of the Constructors’ Championship, which suggests their car is not the best. 

While the introduction of new technical rules in Formula One for 2022 might have hampered them somewhat, and although the car is generally reliable, the lack of true competitiveness could make it tough for Alonso to take the team up the grid. 

The good news in this regard is the information coming out of the Aston Martin camp for next year. The move for former Red Bull technical director should really start to pay off now he is fully settled in and there is also a new factory opening soon to drive further innovations in Formula One tech for the team. If all this adds up to an improved car in 2023, Alonso might just have the tools he needs to take things up a level.

Aston Martin could be set for improvement 

With Sebastian Vettel due to retire after this campaign, Aston Martin were quick to pick up an experienced replacement in the shape of Fernando Alonso. As with Vettel, Alonso will bring a winning mentality, pace and plenty of Formula One knowledge with him. If this can be coupled with an improved car in 2023, the team could well progress up the grid. 

John Smith
Editor at and all round Motorsport journalist specialising in Formula 1, IndyCar and Formula E.
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