Fernando Alonso gives cheeky response to Lewis Hamilton brake test accusation

Hamilton accused Alonso of brake testing him during the 2023 Abu Dhabi GP


Fernando Alonso has responded to Lewis Hamilton’s accusation that the Aston Martin driver was brake testing him at one point during the season ending 2023 Abu Dhabi GP.

Hamilton claimed on the radio that the Spaniard brake tested him at 180mph, saying after the race that Alonso “all of a sudden slowed down drastically ahead of me.”

The Aston Martin driver ultimately finished ahead of Hamilton in seventh, with the Mercedes back in P9, and Alonso gave a cheeky response when asked by media to give his take on the situation.

Lewis obviously is very clever and understands the sport very well and has a lot of experience – but I have more,” Alonso told media.

And asked if he was surprised by Hamilton’s assertion, the Spaniard referred back to a similar incident at the Canadian GP over a decade ago between the two veterans.

“Yes and no, we did the same I think in Canada in 2012, so 11 years after that episode we tried just to give DRS to the other guy, braking for turn 5.

“But both times I won, so it’s ok.

Straight-line pace lacking

Despite a solid result in Abu Dhabi, Aston Martin’s pace has still dropped off sharply since their scintillating form at the start of the season which saw Alonso took a string of podiums and the team was a clear second best to Red Bull.

And the two-time champion said the team were aware that straight line pace was an area which would need to be focussed on ahead of a renewed challenge for 2024.

“We need a lot more pace to really overtake. We were a little bit slow on the straights, we noticed yesterday, but that was the best compromise for us for total lap time.

“But it’s something that has been our weakness all throughout the season top speed, and something we will work on for next year’s car.”


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