Fernando Alonso addresses rumours of Taylor Swift romance

The Aston Martin driver chuckled at the questioning he received about the rumoured relationship with the songstress


Fernando Alonso has finally addressed rumours that he is dating pop music superstar Taylor Swift ahead of the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Spaniard recently split with his partner, Andrea Schlager, and fans of both personalities began to think that the two-time world champion and the 12-time Grammy award winner were now dating.

Neither has openly confirmed or denied these rumours ever since they surfaced during the F1 spring break and Alonso was asked about the rumours on Thursday before the first sprint weekend of the year.

“Nothing to say,” Alonso bluntly told the media after being questioned over various viral moments on social media over the spring break.

A journalist then asked: “Is it true?” and Alonso only responded with “No comment” before the subject was changed.


Alonso does all of his own social media when he is not behind the wheel of a race car which prompted him to do a TikTok with one of Swift‘s songs used as the backing track. The irony was not lost on Alonso but he assures fans that he does it to be authentic.

“I think I’ve been always active and ironic in social media,” The Spaniard added.

“I remember the Ferrari days also doing a lot of samurai quotes and things like that and I think we didn’t have the fan base that we have now, you know, this younger generation or whatever.

“So, between this and ‘El Plan’ two years ago, 33, I see, I think also the drivers, they have like guys taking care of the social media channel or something like that, you know.

“So maybe they see a little bit more authentic way of doing things and maybe not correct all the time.”


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