Feedback Policy of Total-Motorsport

At Total-Motorsport, we highly value the opinions and feedback of our readers. Engaging with our audience and maintaining transparency are essential components of our mission to provide high-quality motorsport content. This page outlines how we collect and respond to feedback, engage with the public, and ensure transparency in our operations.

Collecting Feedback

Total-Motorsport employs several methods to collect feedback from our readers. We encourage our audience to share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns through the following channels:

1. Comments Section

Each article published on Total-Motorsport includes a comments section where readers can share their views and engage in discussions. Our editorial team monitors these comments regularly to gather insights and address any issues raised.

2. Contact Form

We provide a dedicated contact form on our website, allowing readers to submit feedback directly to our team. This form is accessible through our “Contact Us” page and is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

3. Email

Readers can also reach out to us via email at This channel is available for more detailed feedback or specific inquiries that require a direct response from our team.

4. Social Media

Total-Motorsport maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We encourage readers to engage with us through these platforms, where we regularly interact with our audience and gather feedback.

Responding to Feedback

Total-Motorsport is committed to responding to feedback in a timely and respectful manner. Our approach to responding to feedback includes the following steps:

1. Acknowledgment

We acknowledge all feedback received, whether positive or negative. This acknowledgment is typically sent within 48 hours of receipt, confirming that we have received the feedback and will review it.

2. Review and Analysis

Our editorial team reviews all feedback to identify common themes, concerns, and suggestions. We analyze this feedback to determine actionable insights that can enhance our content and services.

3. Response and Resolution

When feedback requires a specific response or action, we provide a detailed reply. This may involve addressing a concern, providing additional information, or explaining our editorial decisions. We strive to resolve any issues raised to the satisfaction of our readers.

4. Continuous Improvement

Feedback is integral to our continuous improvement process. Insights gained from reader feedback inform our editorial strategies, content development, and overall user experience enhancements.

Engaging with the Public

Engaging with our audience goes beyond just collecting feedback. Total-Motorsport actively fosters a community of motorsport enthusiasts through various engagement initiatives:

1. Interactive Content

We create interactive content, such as Q&A sessions with experts, live event coverage, and behind-the-scenes features. These initiatives allow readers to engage directly with our content and contributors.

2. Community Forums

We host community forums where readers can discuss motorsport topics, share their opinions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. These forums are moderated to ensure respectful and constructive interactions.

Prioritising Transparency

Transparency is a cornerstone of our editorial philosophy. We are committed to maintaining transparency in our operations, editorial decisions, and interactions with our audience:

1. Editorial Guidelines

We publish our editorial guidelines on our website, outlining our commitment to accuracy, integrity, and impartiality. These guidelines are available for readers to review, ensuring they understand our standards and practices.

2. Corrections Policy

Total-Motorsport has a clear corrections policy in place. If errors are identified in our content, we promptly correct them and provide an explanation. Corrections are clearly marked to maintain transparency.

3. Advertorial Content

We clearly label advertorial content and sponsored articles to distinguish them from our editorial content. This transparency ensures that readers can differentiate between independent journalism and paid promotions.

4. Regular Updates

We provide regular updates on significant changes to our website, content strategy, and policies. These updates are communicated through our website and social media channels.