Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari: Reasons why the F1 legend is leaving Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes at the end of the 2024 Formula 1 season


The Formula 1 world is abuzz with the sensational reality of Lewis Hamilton‘s impending move to Ferrari, a narrative rich with ambition, legacy, and the promise of a historic partnership. This switch, resonating far beyond the paddock, carries the weight of history and the allure of a future filled with untold stories. 

But why, after years of speculation, triumphs, and challenges, would Hamilton choose to make the leap from Mercedes to Ferrari now? The answer lies in a tapestry of personal ambition, professional calculus, and the magnetic pull of legacy.

At the heart of Hamilton‘s decision is his undiminished quest for an eighth F1 World Championship. Despite a career glittered with records and accolades, Hamilton‘s competitive fire burns as brightly as ever. Ferrari, with its storied history and resurgence as a formidable force in F1, presents a tantalising opportunity for Hamilton to achieve this unprecedented milestone. 

The Scuderia‘s commitment to returning to the pinnacle of the sport aligns perfectly with Hamilton‘s ambitions, making the move a calculated gamble to etch his name into the annals of F1 history with an unparalleled achievement. 

Charles Leclerc with second place Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

The allure of Ferrari’s legacy

Ferrari is not just a team; it’s an institution, synonymous with racing excellence and a heritage that is the envy of the motorsport world. For Hamilton, the appeal of joining Ferrari transcends the mere pursuit of victories; it’s about becoming part of a legacy that has captivated him since his childhood. 

The prospect of winning in red and stepping into the shoes of legends like Michael Schumacher, adds a romantic allure to the pragmatic aspects of chasing another championship.

“Of course it would be nice to race for Ferrari during my career, but things happen because of a reason,” Hamilton said to the Corriere della Sera in May 2022. “Mercedes is my family. I will always be a Mercedes driver, just like Stirling Moss.”

After dominating the sport with Mercedes, Hamilton faces the allure of a new challenge. Joining Ferrari represents not just a change of scenery but a test of his ability to lift a team and contribute to its legacy. It’s a challenge that speaks to Hamilton‘s racer heart — a chance to prove himself not just as a driver but as a transformative figure within the sport. 

The competitive dynamics of F1 mean that legacies are not just built on victories, but on the battles fought and the challenges overcome. Ferrari offers Hamilton a canvas to add perhaps the most compelling chapter to his storied career.

Lewis Hamilton and Mike Elliott at Lewis’ first visit to Brackley in 2013 | Mercedes F1 Team

Strategic career move

The decision is also influenced by strategic considerations. Hamilton‘s awareness of his career’s twilight years means any move must be carefully calculated to maximise his chances of success. Ferrari’s resurgence, combined with an impasse in contract negotiations with current and potential teammates at Mercedes, hints at a meticulously timed decision. 

The insertion of an escape clause in his contract with Mercedes reveals a foresight that allowed Hamilton to navigate towards the most promising opportunities.

Hamilton‘s potential move to Ferrari is not a solo act; it’s a symphony of mutual desires and strategic alignments. Ferrari‘s eagerness to embrace Hamilton underlines their recognition of his value—not just in terms of his prowess on the track but also his global stature and marketability. 

This partnership promises to bolster Ferrari‘s competitive edge while offering Hamilton a platform to pursue further greatness.

In contemplating the move to Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton navigates a path defined by ambition, legacy, and the pursuit of greatness. It’s a testament to his unyielding desire to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in Formula 1. 

For Hamilton, joining Ferrari is more than a change of teams; it’s an embrace of history, a challenge for the future, and a pursuit of a legacy that would be unmatched in the annals of motorsport. 

As the F1 world watches with bated breath, the union of Hamilton and Ferrari stands as a beacon of the sport’s enduring allure and the unquenchable thirst of one of its greatest champions to reach new pinnacles of glory.


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