F1 Testing 2024 Day 2: Highlights, fastest times, laps completed

Follow the action as F1 teams and drivers test their latest challengers at Bahrain International Circuit in Day 2 of F1 testing 2024


Welcome to our live blog for Day 2 of 2024 Formula 1 pre-season testing, coming to you directly from the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain. As the F1 teams roll out their latest machines on the track from February 21-23, we’re here to bring you all the action, insights, and analyses in real-time.

Pre-season testing is a pivotal moment in the F1 calendar, offering a first glimpse of the new cars in action and setting the tone for the season ahead. With only 24 hours of track time spread across three days, every moment is crucial for the teams and drivers alike. This year, the testing unfolds under the watchful eyes of fans and experts, eager to decode the performance and reliability of the 2024 contenders.

The opening day of F1 2024 pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit witnessed Max Verstappen and Red Bull maintaining their dominant form from the previous season. Verstappen, the reigning world champion, set the pace in both the morning and afternoon sessions, recording an impressive time of 1:31.344 in the cooler late-day conditions.

Verstappen‘s remarkable endurance, completing more than two race distances, marked him as one of only two drivers, alongside MercedesGeorge Russell, to drive throughout the entire day. The overall impression from Day 1 is that Red Bull and Verstappen remain a formidable force, setting the tone for the upcoming F1 season.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest from the track, offering a window into the preparations, strategies, and early indications of what to expect for the thrilling 2024 F1 season.

LIVE Formula 1 Testing 2024 – Latest updates from Day 2

End of Day 2 testing

And with that, we conclude the second day of testing. Carlos Sainz took an hour to turn up in the afternoon but when he did, he really did, setting an excellent 1:29.921 fastest lap which was almost as quick as the 2023 Bahrain GP pole time. His long runs looked good too.

Sergio Perez had a tricky session after struggling for pace in the earlier stages but he found his groove right at the end after recording the most laps of any driver today. The Red Bull man did have to survive a scare, however, as his car lost drive although it seemed to be a quick fix for his engineers as he was quickly back out.

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes seems planted, predictable and consistent whilst also seeming pretty competitive to their upper-midfield rivals showing an encouraging amount of progress for Mercedes after difficult 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Max Verstappen, George Russell and Alex Albon were the only drivers who did not participate in the session today, but they will be back in the cars for the final day of testing which begins at 10:00 local time in Bahrain (07:00 for UK viewers).

See you tomorrow! That’s all for now.

The final classification from Day 2 of F1 Testing

Here is your final classification from the second day of F1 testing. It was a strong day for Ferrari despite an early setback whilst Mercedes, RB and Sauber enjoyed good days at the office.

2PerezRed Bull+0.788129
7StrollAston Martin+2.10896
12AlonsoAston Martin+3.13231
18VerstappenRed BullNo TimeN/A
19AlbonWilliamsNo TimeN/A
20RussellMercedesNo TimeN/A

Perez goes second fastest

Sergio Perez goes second fastest after strapping on some new medium (yellow) tyres to set a 1:30.684 to beat Lewis Hamilton by around half a second on what appears to be similar conditions.

An ominous sign for anyone hoping to beat the defending champions in 2024…

Standings update: 40 mins to go

Sainz leads overall but used the C4 soft tyres to set his time, which are not available for the Grand Prix next Saturday (March 2).

Then comes a close battle between Mercedes, McLaren and Sergio Perez, who has Daniel Ricciardo close behind. The Australian also used the soft tyres.

4PerezRed Bull+1.354121
7StrollAston Martin+2.10886
12AlonsoAston Martin+3.13231
18VerstappenRed BullNo TimeN/A
19AlbonWilliamsNo TimeN/A
20RussellMercedesNo TimeN/A

Mercedes flex their muscles…

Hamilton gets the chance to push his W15 for the first time today and immediately goes second fastest, setting a 1:31.066 on the C3 (medium/yellow) tyre to jump ahead of Lando Norris by 0.190.

Sainz set his leading time on a set of softer tyres so he would have been inherently quicker. Hamilton is 1.1 seconds behind.

Perez up to third

It’s been a strange session for Sergio Perez who has lacked pace compared to his rivals and especially compared to his teammates’ Wednesday effort. He’s now third fastest but he’s still slower than Lando Norris’ McLaren whilst Sainz’s time isn’t representative to anyone else right now.

Perez set a 1:31.275.

Sainz sporting hards now

The Spaniard is no longer going for performance runs and as the conditions are most like the Grand Prix, the Ferrari has switched to focusing on long runs.

For example, his last lap was 7.6 seconds slower than his 1:29.921 fastest time.

Over 100 laps for Hamilton

It’s over a century of laps for one of the greatest ever athletes as Lewis Hamilton clocks in the miles on his first day of testing.

Mercedes, sporting a conventional concept, are racking up long-run and set up data meaning they haven’t gone to set a quick time yet. This is consistent with yesterday.

Hamilton’s currently seventh with a time 2.3 seconds slower than Sainz’s benchmark in the Ferrari, the Spaniard is on fast runs.

Perez and Bottas get warmed up

With the Bahrain GP set to start in nine days, Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez decided to get their guns out by racing each other around the circuit.

Perez, on a run, came down the main straight as Bottas emerged from the pits but the Finn had no intention of letting the Red Bull go by and defended the place.

Perez then followed him closely before using DRS to get the job done on the main straight before the braking zone. A hint of what’s to come?

Standings update: 1hr 35 minutes to go

The sun is starting to set in Bahrain meaning that times now will start to get more representative to qualifying conditions although race conditions will remain to be seen.

Carlos Sainz has shown blistering pace so far as his Ferrari looks quick, although with no Verstappen out there it’s hard to tell how close they are to Red Bull.

Pos.Driver. TeamLap timeLaps total
3PerezRed Bull+1.540104
4 LeclercFerrari+1.82954
5StrollAston Martin+2.10857
10AlonsoAston Martin+3.13231
18VerstappenRed BullNo TimeN/A
19AlbonWilliamsNo TimeN/A
20RussellMercedesNo TimeN/A

Perez’s long run analysis

Sergio Perez recently completed a full race simulation without needing to visit the garage, making him the first driver from a top team to do so.

He began on C3 tires, initially posting lap times in the 1:37s before settling into the 1:38s range.

After 15 laps, he switched to C2 tires, maintaining similar performance for a 20-lap stint.

Perez then made another pit stop for C1 tires and consistently recorded lap times in the 1:37s, occasionally dipping into the 1:36s.

Analysis via Sky Sports F1’s Nigel Chiu.

Albon delighted with Williams car

After a strong 2023 season, their best for some years, many are wondering how Williams might fare throughout 2024 and Alex Albon is very happy about the product they’ve brought to Bahrain.

“In all seriousness I am genuinely excited about Williams,” Albon said to Sky Sports F1. “We have taken a huge risk this year, the feeling in the car has changed so much. That’s why we’ve been late delivering this car.

“I think there is a big push for 2026, it feels like there is such a gear up to get everything in place and these next two years are where the foundations of that are laid.

“We are trying to gear up for the regulation changes as everyone is – there are building sites as you drive into Silverstone, as everyone gets ready.”

Leclerc’s grim instinct on Red Bull

Leclerc, who isn’t participating in the afternoon session, feels that whilst things are better for Ferrari they’re still not capable of landing a glove on Red Bull.

“My initial feeling is that Red Bull are still quite far ahead,” Leclerc said to Sky Sports F1. “I think our drivability will help us, in terms of race runs and tyre degradation, I think we are in a better place.”

Perez up to 4th

The problem on his Red Bull is definitely a thing of the past at the moment as Perez improves his position to fourth overall, behind Leclerc, Norris and Sainz.

He’s 1.85 seconds down on Carlos Sainz’s fastest time, although the Ferrari is going for push laps and just set a 1:29.921.

Perez back on track

Whatever caused Sergio Perez’s Red Bull to almost come to a grinding halt appears to have been resolved in a matter of minute as the Mexican heads back out on track.

Norris goes faster… But Sainz responds!

Lando Norris improves to set a 1:32.256 on the medium tyres after 24 laps but Carlos Sainz quickly responds to restore the gap to 0.832 by laying down a 1:30.424 on the soft tyre.

The ex-McLaren teammates are 1-2 at the moment.

Problem for Perez! The Red Bull limps back to the pits!

Disaster for Sergio Perez as his Red Bull car appears to have broken down as he pulls off the racing line and goes very slowly.

He has just enough power to crawl back to the pit lane to allow Red Bull to take a look at whatever the problem is, there are two hours and 50 minutes to go!

Standings update: Three hours to go!

An update of your afternoon session at Formula 1 testing. Sainz leads overall whilst Leclerc will be limited to third fastest at best as he won’t take part in the afternoon session.

Sainz set his quickest time on the C4 red-walled tyre, commonly known as softs, which offer fast laps at greater degradation.

The C4 is softer than the race tyre for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Pos.Driver. TeamLap timeLaps total
4StrollAston Martin+1.34326
9PerezRed Bull+2.19379
10AlonsoAston Martin+2.36731
18VerstappenRed BullNo TimeN/A
19AlbonWilliamsNo TimeN/A
20RussellMercedesNo TimeN/A

*Refresh page for latest updates from Day 2 of F1 testing 2024

Huge lock-up for Esteban Ocon

The French driver gets his braking all wrong and his Alpine goes straight on at Turn 1, in fact, it’s so bad that he’s still unloading the wheel even when he’s off-track.

It’s like turning the anti-lock braking assist off for the first time on the F1 game.

He’s 14th overall on the C1 compound.

Carlos Sainz goes second fastest, close to his teammate

It hasn’t taken Carlos Sainz long to get up to speed as he goes second fastest overall, just 0.106 slower than his teammate on the same tyre. That’s impressive considering he jumped into the car around half an hour ago.

The Ferraris lead Hamilton’s Mercedes by around four tenths of a second.

Russell rules out Red Bull fight

The question on many peoples’ minds is just exactly when will Red Bull be challenged this season?

With Mercedes debuting a new concept they had everything to gain and despite early optimism, George Russell doesn’t think they will be giving Max Verstappen a headache anytime soon.

“It does feel step in the right direction but there is no hiding the fact that our competitors have done a really great job,” said Russell to media. “We knew we had a mountain to climb with the performance Red Bull showed last year.

“The car is feeling nice to drive. Red Bull seem to have done a really great job. They are favourite and definitely a step ahead of everyone else here in Bahrain.”

Sainz finally on track

With just under four hours to go, Carlos Sainz finally gets to drive the Ferrari today and he sets a first-lap time of a

The Ferrari is still struggling with bumps on the track which will affect visibility.

Sainz sets a 1:33.414 to go eighth-fastest, 1.664 seconds down on his teammate on the same tyre compound. Fuel unknown.

Hamilton second fastest

The Mercedes driver is on a mammoth effort today as he does both the morning and afternoon sessions but he’s finally got a chance to unleash his new Mercedes a bit more as he goes second fastest.

The Briton is 0.523 down on Charles Leclerc’s fastest time whilst they’re both on the same tyre compound, but we don’t know any fuel loads and precise run plans.

A couple of scary moments for Sargeant

The young American firstly locks up heading into the downhill left-hander at Turn Nine and then he almost loses his car as he attempts to get the power down on a corner exit.

It’s a big year for the Williams driver and he possesses the fourth-best time overall, although he can’t afford scruffy moments like that.

Current conditions not representative

Of course, it’s testing so nothing is really representative but in the middle of the day in the Bahrain desert, these are the polar opposite conditions to the Grand Prix on March 2.

The race is a night race meaning that it’s going to be far cooler impacting the behaviour of the tyres, engine and physical conditioning of the drivers.

The Bahrain GP takes place on Saturday in 2024 due to Ramadan a week later in Saudi Arabia, which will also take place on Saturday.#

Lance Stroll sticks his Aston Martin in fourth

The Canadian moves up into fourth-place behind Logan Sargeant, Oscar Piastri and Charles Leclerc (leader).

He is 0.848 down on the Monegasque Ferrari driver’s time and the Aston Martin is looking pretty stable and well-balanced in the early stages of the afternoon.

Stroll was on the C3 (yellow/medium) tyre.

Confirmation of the afternoon line-up

Here’s the line-up for the afternoon session:

Lando Norris – McLaren

Kevin Magnussen – Haas

Valtteri Bottas – Sauber

Esteban Ocon – Alpine

Carlos Sainz – Ferrari

Sergio Perez – Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo – RB

Lance Stroll – Aston Martin

Lewis Hamilton and Logan Sargeant will continue on from the morning session.

Red Bull almost twice as good on tyres than Ferrari

In the early stages of the afternoon session, Sergio Perez has been doing race runs for his Red Bull team as they investigate how good their RB20 is.

A 10-lap analysis shows that he maintained 1:38s for nine laps before dipping into 1:39s afterwards, showing a similar outright speed to the Ferrari but that isn’t just what racing is about.

Leclerc, meanwhile, showed considerable degradation after just six laps of running which saw him drop from 1:38s to 1:39s, showing the Ferrari is much harsher on its tyres.

Both cars ran the C3 (yellow/medium) compound.

Cars look more stable compared to previous years

An ex-F1 driver and current technical development driver has taken to the high-speed turns six and seven and has discovered that the cars appear to have more downforce than previous years.

“It’s one of the higher speed corners on the circuit,” Anthony Davidson, Mercedes simulator driver, said to Sky Sports F1. “And a place you need some agility in the car and also rely on the downforce of the car.

“What I’m seeing from all of the cars is there is a lot more downforce compared to last year. All of the cars look much more stable.”

Valtteri Bottas replaces Zhou Guanyu

The Sauber drivers have swapped seats and it’s the Finnish Valtteri Bottas who will conduct the mega stint of four and a half hours for the newly-branded team.

Due to the vibrant green livery from their sponsors, they’re having to use a red flow-vis paint to see how the air is moving over the chassis and how the aerodynamics are working.

Carlos Sainz on the broken drain cover

“I was actually standing right in front of the drain cover when it came out, because I went on track to see,” Sainz said to Sky Sports F1.

“And I was looking at it like, ‘yellow flag it, yellow flag it, yellow flag it – someone’s going to take it!’ Boom, my teammate came and took it.

“So I felt like it could have been avoided in a way, but I missed by one lap. Because I went to speak to the marshal, and just when I was speaking to him, it happened.”

McLaren swap drivers

Unfortunately for Oscar Piastri, McLaren has opted for a seat swap, with Lando Norris taking over driving duties for the team. As a result, Norris will have a full five hours behind the wheel, leaving Piastri with approximately two and a half hours of track time for the day.

Alpine, Sauber and RB have all done the same.

Don’t look at fastest times

Sky Sports’ Nigel Chiu: “You can’t read too much into the fastest lap times in testing because you don’t know about fuel levels, engine modes and the laps are done at different times of the day.

“However, if a driver does a race simulation and doesn’t come into the garage for 50+ laps (the Bahrain GP is 57 laps) then you know they started their run on a full tank of fuel.

“The teams are looking for fast, consistent times and it’s those stints which will tell us who really has the pace.”

Perez is on track for Red Bull

Sergio Perez is on track and was due to be replaced by Max Verstappen in the afternoon session, but the Mexican will continue for the rest of the day to make up some for the time lost this morning. 

And we are back….

The afternoon session of testing will be extended by an extra hour after issues with a drain cover. Charles Leclerc is first out in his Ferrari.

Ferrari change Leclerc’s floor

Ferrari has officially confirmed a required change to Charles Leclerc’s car floor following the morning incident. The team released a statement explaining that the floor was damaged after Leclerc drove over a drain cover during the session, necessitating the replacement.

Ferrari stated: “Following Charles’ accident this morning, when he drove over a drain cover, the floor was damaged and we have now changed it.”

Morning session final timesheet

1Charles LeclercFerrari1:31.75036
2Oscar PiastriMcLaren+0.57835
3Logan SargeantWilliams+0.82830
4Sergio PerezRed Bull+1.12920
5Fernando AlonsoAston Martin+1.30331
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes+1.47539
7Zhou GuanyuSauber+1.96538
8Pierre GaslyAlpine+2.05433
9Nico HulkenbergHaas+5.75931
10Yuki TsunodaRB+6.32440

Session will not be resumed

Race control has confirmed that the morning session will not be resumed.

The lunch break has been rescheduled, and the second session will now run for five hours, starting at 11 am UK time and continuing until the originally scheduled end at 4 pm.


The current red flag situation appears to be centered around the end of the straight at the approach to Turn 11. There is speculation that a drain cover may have come up on the edge of the curb approaching the corner. There are concerns about potential damage to Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. The session is expected to resume after a track inspection.

Hamilton putting the laps in

After completing an 11-lap run on his previous set of tires, Lewis Hamilton opts for a new set and clocks his fastest time of the day. However, his effort secures only the sixth position on the timesheet, and he still trails Leclerc by almost 1.5 seconds.

Jack Doohan, Alpine Reserve Driver on F1TV: “We all have junior careers to get us into this position. I’m very fortunate to be here at the track. Everyone is in a good place, there was lots of change [last year], lots of movement. We now have that consistency over the winter. It’s going good for us but the season is long. As we saw last year McLaren had a shocking start but wound up one of the strongest teams, so we know there is the potential for a team to do that.”

Latest timesheet after 2 hours

1Charles LeclercFerrari1:31.75029
2Oscar PiastriMcLaren+0.57823
3Logan SargeantWilliams+0.82830
4Fernando AlonsoAston Martin+1.30320
5Zhou GuanyuSauber+1.96537
6Pierre GaslyAlpine+2.05426
7Lewis HamiltonMercedes+2.47227
8Nico HulkenbergHaas+5.78421
9Yuki TsunodaRB+6.95625
10Sergio PerezRed Bull+8.57317

RB looking good

Sky Sports F1’s Anthony Davidson: “It’s a team that always goes well on this track.Yuki flies around here as well usually, so I’ve got high expectations for them here for next week’s race.”

Flow-vis for Piastri

Piastri is currently on the track with medium tires, and an interesting detail is the presence of green flow-vis paint covering more than half of his rear wing. This suggests that Piastri is engaged in data gathering, likely conducting a higher fuel run to analyze the air flow dynamics. The application of flow-vis paint helps teams assess and understand the aerodynamics of the car during different conditions.

Tough day for Perez 

Red Bull is encountering a few hiccups today, not quite as smooth as yesterday’s session. Sergio Perez, back on track after the earlier brake fire incident, just experienced a significant lock-up on his right rear tire. Presently, the Mexican driver sits at the bottom of the timesheet among today’s runners, indicating that Red Bull might be holding back the full pace of the RB20.

Fernando Alonso moves to fifth

Fernando Alonso, who has completed only eight laps this morning – the fewest among all drivers – experienced a tense moment. The 42-year-old skillfully utilized his vast experience to swiftly regain control and narrowly kept the car on track. After overcoming the incident, he pressed on, moving up to fifth on the timesheet. Alonso, piloting his Aston Martin, clocked a lap time of 1:34.027, currently more than two seconds behind Leclerc’s leading effort.

Perez back on track

The opening hour for Red Bull faced only a minor delay due to a brief brake fire on the RB20’s right front. Following repairs and checks on the other side, Sergio Perez is back on track, resuming his morning program. Currently, he has completed a single install lap before returning to the garage.

Latest timesheet

1Charles LeclercFerrari1:31.75017
2Oscar PiastriMcLaren+0.6968
3Logan SargeantWilliams+1.18618
4Pierre GaslyAlpine+2.05411
5Zhou GuanyuSauber+2.36519
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes+5.38513
7Nico HulkenbergHaas+5.78412
8Yuki TsunodaRB+8.5259
9Sergio PerezRed Bull+8.5737
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin4

Positive for Mercedes?

Anthony Davidson on Sky Sports F1: “The Mercedes still looks heavy to me and it still has the aero rakes behind the rear wheels.

“But the car through Turn 12, I remember how it looked last year, it looks so much better balanced this year. I think it’s quite a big step in terms of drivability. 

“I’m looking forward to later in the week when they will start to drop the fuel levels.”

Leclerc lays down a marker

Yesterday, we observed just one lap in the 1:31s range, but today, Charles Leclerc has promptly entered this territory with a time of 1:31.822 on the C3 tires. This achievement marks the second-fastest lap recorded during the ongoing testing, coming in approximately half a second shy of Max Verstappen’s performance in the evening session yesterday.

Red Bull brake problem

Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz: “As I understand it when the car came in after Sergio Perez’s last run there was a little brake fire. So we have a small overheating brake problem.

“It’s the kind of thing that can happen. I have seen it happen before when the brake material is new, as it will be today, and if the driver has been working it very hard, as he’s absolutely right to do, Checo has done nothing wrong, you can get a bit of overheating on the surface temperatures. The cooling wasn’t quite right or the brake wasn’t quite doing what it should.”

Track conditions

The current track temperature stands at 30 degrees Celsius, slightly cooler than the previous day, but still offering warm conditions for the ongoing F1 testing at the Bahrain International Circuit. Additionally, the air temperature is a few degrees lower compared to yesterday.

The unique aspect of the Bahrain Grand Prix, taking place at sunset, adds to the significance of the afternoon session, providing a more representative environment for teams to assess their cars’ performance under conditions similar to the actual race.

A reminder of the drivers on track this morning

Oscar Piastri – McLaren

Nico Hulkenberg – Haas

Zhou Guanyu – Sauber

Pierre Gasly – Alpine

Charles Leclerc – Ferrari

Sergio Perez – Red Bull

Yuki Tsunoda – RB

Fernando Alonso – Aston Martin

Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes (all day)

Logan Sargeant – Williams (all day)

Green light 

Day 2 of F1 testing is go!! Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton are the first drivers out on track.

Testing is not just about clocking the fastest times. With teams making significant changes over the winter break, the focus will be on reliability, aerodynamics, and getting a real sense of how the cars perform on the track compared to the wind tunnel and simulation predictions.

From the use of flow-vis paint and aero rakes to the strategic management of limited mileage, every aspect of testing is geared towards optimizing performance for the 2024 season opener, also in Bahrain, on March 2.

As we dive into the heart of F1 pre-season testing, keep an eye out for innovative design tweaks, watch for the teams’ ability to adapt and overcome challenges, and listen for whispers of sandbagging as teams may hold back their full potential until the races begin.

Fastest times from Day 1

1.Max VerstappenRed Bull1:31.662143
2.Lando NorrisMcLaren+1.14073
3.Carlos SainzFerrari+1.24069
4.Daniel RicciardoRB+1.25552
5.Pierre GaslyAlpine+1.46161
6.Lance StrollAston Martin+1.66354
7.Charles LeclercFerrari+1.90364
8.Fernando AlonsoAston Martin+2.04177
9.Oscar PiastriMcLaren+2.31457
10.Zhou GuanyuSauber+2.52763
11.Logan SargeantWilliams+2.53821
12.George RussellMercedes+2.765122
13.Yuki TsunodaRB+2.79264
14.Valtteri BottasSauber+3.08768
15.Alex AlbonWilliams+3.24340
16.Esteban OconAlpine+3.33360
17.Kevin MagnussenHaas+4.34866
18.Nico HulkenbergHaas+4.56282

Day 1 Afternoon Session Highlights

As the day transitioned into night, Verstappen continued to dominate, showcasing consistent and impressive performance. McLaren and Ferrari also displayed strong showings in the afternoon session, with Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz taking over from their teammates and securing favorable positions on the timesheets.

Day 1 Morning Session Highlights

In the morning session, despite navigating challenges at Turns 5 and 8, Verstappen’s time of 1:32.548 stood out. Demonstrating remarkable endurance, he completed more than a race distance on Pirelli’s harder tire compounds. George Russell of Mercedes initiated the on-track action, leading a flurry of activity among teams exploring the capabilities of their new cars.

F1 Testing 2024 – Day 2 Driver Line-ups

TeamDriver (AM)Driver (PM)
Red BullSergio PerezMax Verstappen
FerrariCarlos SainzCharles Leclerc
MercedesLewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
AlpinePierre GaslyEsteban Ocon
McLarenOscar PiastriLando Norris
SauberZhou GuanyuValtteri Bottas
Aston MartinFernando AlonsoLance Stroll
HaasNico HulkenbergKevin Magnussen
RBYuki TsunodaDaniel Ricciardo
WilliamsLogan SargeantLogan Sargeant

F1 Pirelli tyre testing 2024

Pirelli provides 35 sets of slick tyres per team, and each team can select and fit 30 sets (including two sets of intermediate tyres and two sets of full wet tyres, if required).

When is F1 testing 2024?

F1 2024 pre-season testing will run for three days from February 21-23, before it’s lights out for the Bahrain GP on March 2.

The action each day will begin at 10:00 local time and finish at 19:00, so teams will get well over an hour on track after the sun sets to simulate grand prix conditions too.

For UK viewers, that means watching 7:00-16:00 from Wednesday to Friday, with an hour’s shutdown for lunch each day too.

Where is F1 pre-season testing 2024?

Since 2023, Sakhir is the only location used for F1 pre-season testing after F1 officials decided to move away from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and use the Bahrain International Circuit.

Recently, it has been used as a testing venue due to almost certain dry conditions and warmer weather in the winter, which is more representative than the conditions in Barcelona.

The sun sets at around 17:30 local time – Bahrain is three hours ahead of the UK – so teams will get around 90 minutes of night-time running that will best simulate conditions for the 2024 Bahrain GP.

How to watch F1 pre-season testing 2024?

Sky Sports F1 have secured the rights to show every minute of testing from Bahrain as part of their exclusive coverage agreement, which runs until 2029 in the UK.

As has often been the case in previous years, Sky’s commentary will combine with F1 Media for commentating and reporting duties due to the long-running sessions.

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