Perez hits out after Verstappen ignores Red Bull team orders: Shows who he is

Max Verstappen refused to let Sergio Perez move back into sixth place at the 2022 Brazilian GP as he fights for second in the Driver Standings


Sergio Perez has hit out at Max Verstappen for ignoring team orders at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix after a heated exchange between the drivers and pit wall.

Verstappen was told by engineer Gianpiero Lambiase to let Perez through on the final lap after Turn 12 to help the Mexican in his battle for second place in the championship.

Despite being told three more times to let his teammate by, Verstappen didn’t listen and finished sixth, four seconds ahead of Perez at Interlagos.

“Let Checo through, let Checo through, let Checo through please,” said Lambiase to Verstappen.

When Verstappen crossed the finishing line his engineer asked: “Max, what happened?

The two-time world champion’s responded by saying: “I told you already last time, don’t ask that again to me. Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons, and I stuck by it.”

What was Perez told?

Perez believed Verstappen would let him through and made his feelings clear on the team radio. Here’s how the conversation went.

Perez: “Yeah, thank you for that guys” (sarcasm).

Christian Horner: “I’m sorry about that Checo.”

Hugh Bird: “We’ll debrief everything afterwards.”

Perez concluded: “Yeah, it shows who he really is!”

Going into the final round in Abu Dhabi, Perez is tied on points with Leclerc in second place for the championship, but is behind due to having one less race win.

Whoever finishes ahead of each other next Sunday, providing they score points, will be the 2022 runner-up to Verstappen.

Why did Verstappen not let Perez by?

Red Bull and Verstappen have been tight-lipped on the reason for the Dutchman’s actions.

One reason could go back all the way to qualifying at the Monaco GP when Perez caused a red flag in Q3 by spinning and hitting the wall.

It meant nobody, including Verstappen, could improve their lap time so Perez started third, ahead of his teammate who was fourth.

Perez went on to win the race after taking advantage of a strategy blunder from Ferrari, whilst Verstappen was third.


  1. I think he should be dropped for the next race and let a test driver have a chance. Has to be consequences for ignoring team orders. Financial ones won’t matter to him.

  2. Id like Horner to stop sucking up to Verstappen, Its no use saying he doesent, Its All About Team Racing, Max is World Champion thanks to Checo obeying Team orders and letting him through, The Favour SHOULD have been returned, Max has proved to Millions of F1 Fans what a spoilt kid he is.

  3. Max has no justification whatsoever for disobeying team orders and not helping Perez. If he indeed has a personal stand against letting a teammate pass him on team orders then he should not ask the same from his teammate. He should not pass a teammate on team orders too.

  4. Verstappen is a champion ! A Champion making sure he gets those 2 points he needs to remain Champion. Forget about helping his teammate possibly take 2nd place. A Champion C**T ! Pure and simple.

  5. Verstappen had little to gain by refusing to allow his team mate pass. The benefit would have been for the team and almost guarantee first and second places this season. He is not a team player his arrogance is beyond belief. Horner should stand up to him!!


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