Red Bull admit misunderstanding Sergio Perez needs for 2023 F1 car

Red Bull’s technical director said the team may have not got the best out of Perez in 2023.


Red Bull’s technical director, Pierre Wache, has said that in their pursuit of developing a faster car the team possibly misunderstood what Sergio Perez needed to be at his best in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

The Mexican began the season brightly, taking two wins in the opening five races at the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP and Azerbaijan GP but he soon suffered a loss of form and pace that saw him fail to reach the final stage of qualifying for three successive races.

For the remainder of the season he failed to win again as he would score just five podiums in 17 races, during which Red Bull won all but one, as he had to fend off Lewis Hamilton for second in the drivers’ championship despite the Brit possessing a far slower Mercedes car.

Now the team has admitted that Red Bull failed Perez and failed in delivering the best car possible to both of their drivers as Max Verstappen proved to be the only one of the pair able to consistently maximise the package.

“A fast car is a car that allows the driver to perform at his best,” Wache said to Formule 1. “We failed in that sense because only one driver, Max Verstappen in this case, was able to handle it well.

“That’s Max’s talent, that he knew how to use the car well throughout the season and in different conditions. On the other hand, it is possible that we, in turn, have not understood well what Checo [Perez] needs to take advantage of the RB19‘s potential.”

Sainz Singapore win annoyance

Red Bull won 21 out of 22 races in the 2023 Formula 1 season, in what proved to be a record-breaking campaign in so many areas. However, even they couldn’t clean-sweep the board as their car seemed unable to perform in Marina Bay, allowing Ferrari to win.

In their quest to be the best, that has annoyed Wache and his team and he said that they’re now striving to find every extra percentage that they left on the table in 2023.

“At Red Bull we basically have all the resources, so there are no excuses to lose,” Wache said. “At least for me, the pressure is much greater. I’m a perfectionist. The technicians are strict.

“At our level, the important thing is not perfection that is never achieved. But attention to detail, that’s how we make a difference. In our profession, a car that’s 1% slower is a bad car, which is odd if you think about it.”


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