Pirelli snap back at Alonso after new tyre complaints

    Aston Martin are not pleased to be the fifth-fastest team after fighting for podiums earlier in the year


    Pirelli have changed the construction of their Formula 1 tyres and Fernando Alonso is not pleased.

    The Aston Martin driver lashed out at the change in regulations, which was done mid-season rather than traditionally in between campaigns.

    Ever since the new construction has been in use, the British team have struggled immensely compared to where they were beforehand.

    Alonso also pointed out the difficulties Red Bull faced with the new tyres as qualifying got a lot closer than anyone expected in Budapest.

    Red Bull went from dominating and finishing first and second in all the races to not even taking pole position anymore and Checo struggled to qualify in Q3,” Alonso said, as per Formula Passion.

    “We at Aston Martin have had a drop in performance out of nowhere. Alfa Romeo is strong, McLaren is strong. When you change the rules in the middle of the championship it’s never nice”

    Pirelli respond

    Pirelli chief Mario Isola was not pleased with Alonso’s comments, defending the company and claiming that little to nothing has really changed with the tyres or the performance that comes from them.

    “Nothing has changed,” Isola said. “The profile, the rolling radius, the footprint on the ground: everything has remained unchanged.”

    Ninth was Alonso’s worst result of the year in Hungary and Aston Martin are falling away from Mercedes in the fight for second. Luckily for them, Ferrari are equally troubled at the moment and only scored a handful more points on the day.

    The big threat could come from McLaren, who have come from nowhere to arguably be the second-fastest car on the grid.


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