Perez slams Verstappen: He has two championships thanks to me

Max Verstappen refused to let Sergio Perez past at the 2022 Brazilian GP, with the Mexican fighting for second in the F1 Drivers' Championship

Sergio Perez of Red Bull Racing talks with his engineers before 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix | Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

Sergio Perez was feeling quite aggrieved after Max Verstappen refused to let the Mexican into sixth place at the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, calling into question his Red Bull teammate’s attitude. 

With Verstappen having wrapped up the 2022 Drivers’ Championship and Red Bull already proclaimed Constructors’ Champions, all that’s left for the team to play for is second place in the Driver Standings, with Perez battling Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc

At the end of the race, Perez was asked about Verstappen not letting him through. 

“I don’t know what happened, after what I’ve done for him. If he has two championships, it is thanks to me,” Perez told F1 TV after the Brazilian GP.

Meanwhile on team radio, Perez took aim at Verstappen immediately:  “Thanks for that, guys. [Verstappen] really showed who he is.”

Why didn’t Verstappen let Perez past?

Rumours circulated after the race as to Verstappen’s reasons for not giving up the place to Perez, especially since the Dutchman has nothing left to fight for and his Red Bull teammate is desperate to cement second position. 

Verstappen indicated he had his reasons for not letting Perez by, but was elusive when asked what exactly they are. 

However, F1 reporter for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf Erik van Haren confirmed that Perez deliberately crashed in Monaco, and admitted that to Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.

And it’s been suggested that Verstappen was not happy with the Mexican for the move, which meant nobody, including Verstappen, could improve their lap time so Perez started third, ahead of his teammate who was fourth.

Perez went on to win the race after taking advantage of a strategy blunder from Ferrari, whilst Verstappen was third.

In addition, during Verstappen’s post-race interview with Sky Sports F1, he was asked if Monaco was the reason, and the Dutchman replied: “I’ll let you decide that.”



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