Norris: Ricciardo made me a better person

    Ricciardo left McLaren before the end of his contract after consistently being outpaced by his teammate.


    Lando Norris has revealed that Daniel Ricciardo helped the British driver develop into a better person during their time as teammates.

    Since replacing Ricciardo with compatriot Oscar Piastri, McLaren has found that the younger driver is much closer to the pace of Norris, feeling like they made the right decision to buy Ricciardo out of his contract.

    Despite Ricciardo not being able to help Norris develop his speed, he did help him develop his approach to leading a team.

    “I think his experience and mentality, to me, was always crucial in helping me become a better person, a better driver.” Norris said to the media ahead of the Monaco GP.

    Mutual admiration

    Norris comprehensively beat the Australian driver over their two years together, as Ricciardo could only sporadically find speed in the McLaren cars.

    Ricciardo’s driving style changed so much, attempting to adapt, that Red Bull noted that they did not recognise him when he returned to the team in 2023.

    Norris said that he does not really know how Ricciardo is coping with being out of F1, but this is a trait he admires.

    “Daniel [Ricciardo] has always done a good job at hiding or just dealing with tough times.” Norris said.

    “That’s something I really admired with what he’s done. I probably wouldn’t be able to look back and really be as happy as what he’s been in the past if I was in a similar position.

    “So that’s something I really do admire and try to be more like when I go through tough times.”


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