Norris sends Just Stop Oil warning over protest risks

    The environmental group have conducted a number of protests disrupting sporting events in the UK.


    Lando Norris has warned Just Stop Oil protestors not to invade the British Grand Prix over what could be “extreme” consequences.

    The 2022 race saw a group of protestors enter the track, but disaster was luckily averted as the FIA threw a red flag for Zhou Guanyu’s crash at Turn 1. The protestors were removed from the track and arrested, but that has not slowed their efforts.

    Norris, who could be in with an outside chance of a podium on his home track, has highlighted the dangers of entering a live racetrack that could easily see people killed.

    “I’m a driver at the end of the day but you have to accept what people want to do in certain situations,” Norris told media, including, ahead of the British GP.

    “It’s just something that I don’t think can happen at a racing event. If it happens in the paddock or something then I guess it causes different scenarios. It just can’t happen on a racetrack because you put people’s lives in danger.

    “Not just the people who get on circuit, but they don’t realise the consequences of what can happen, they would be extreme.

    “It’s happening more and more it seems, they have the right to do it and so forth but there’s a time and a place and that needs to be understood.”

    Targetting the sporting world

    Just Stop Oil have decided that sporting events are where they want to focus their efforts recently.

    Earlier this week at Wimbledon, play had to be stopped twice on Court 18 when people ran onto the grass and dropped orange confetti, with players even helping to clear up the debris.

    The second Ashes test match at Lord’s was also interrupted by protestors with orange powder, which saw Jonny Bairstow carry one person off single-handedly before security pinned them down.

    They even went to the World Snooker Championships and halted play on one table with more powder. The recent spurt of protests has put Silverstone on high alert after the events of 12 months ago.


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